Saturday, May 30, 2009

watch: cartoon version of spectacular's dance

So I showed you the incredibly awkward video from Spectacular of Pretty Ricky.. Now you can check out this hilarious cartoon version:

SO great. I wish it had been longer at the end or shown more "reactions" from the guys, but it's still funny.

"Too many people to draw." "I'm not gay."

Normally I don't even like cartoons, but this is fabulous!


Friday, May 29, 2009

watch: most amazing trickster ever

If the first couple of seconds of this video don't amaze you, you're not human.

This guy takes gymnastics to an entirely new level... literally. He's on top of cars, buildings, walls, moving objects... Flipping onto or off of them all. I couldn't even blink I was so amazed. Just watch.

SERIOUSLY dude?!? Wow. I can't even imagine how he came up with half of the things he did. For a while I thought "I know this one guy who I used to beat in flip-offs that could now do all of this stuff." Then I changed my mind. This dude is one of a kind. He's also easily one of the strongest guys in the country, and maybe even the world... And no, I'm not kidding.

I'm going to go watch it again.


some kids are seriously special

Somethin' about yesterday had almost every conversation leading into giving birth, kids, or something of the sort. First I had a dream that my mom had twins that were born from different sacs/wombs/whatever [How my brain came up with that in dreamworld I'll never know], then the oldest mom in Britain had a kid, my coworkers were talking about having threesomes with conjoined twins [Don't ask], and then I found all sorts of crazy, one in a million births.

Basically... What I take from all of it.. Is that I should share some of these births from around the world. They amazed me, now you can be amazed.

These are the biggest twins ever to be born in NC. One was 10 pounds, 14 ounces the other was 12 pounds, 3 ounces. Wowzers. I'd never have another child again.

This lady gave birth to her 12th kid when she was 62. She already had 20 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. That's just wrong. There IS a time to stop.

Britain's oldest mom... She's 66. So she probably won't live to see her kid graduate high school. Awesome.

These two twins were born a year apart! Well, 26 minutes, to be exact... But one in 2008, and one in 2009. That's just cool. They don't have to share a birthday cake!

They had two sets of twins, and both times they came out as 2 different races. That's awesome, too.

This is almost one whole family. That lady is holding her 18th child, while 16 of its siblings look at it like "not another one." They have their own show, but they should just go ahead and take over Jon and Kate's hour too, probably.

70 years old, and just gave birth to her first child. What the heck.. C'mon now....

I'll tell you what... Some of these, would be awesome to say happened to you. But if I wait 'til I'm 70 then decide to have a kid, someone throw me off a cliff. And if there is any chance I'm having 2 kids both over 10 pounds [Which unfortunately could be possible seeing as my brother was 10-6 and I was something around that, too.], we better pull out those babies a couple months in advance.


watch: playing the giant piano

Forget DDR. Forget playing the piano the regular way, or even backwards like some little girl on Ellen. THIS is what is cool to me.

I have seen these big floor piano things and always said "When I'm rich, I'm going to have one of those on the floor of my party room. [I'm going to have a club in my basement, duh.] Now I know that I need to step up my music skills and learn how to do play it like this, though.

Seriously, that's awesome. And if they tried even harder, they could totally turn it into an amazingly choreographed dance too. Ah, the possibilities.

BTW... Whoever made this XXXXL piano-- I heart you. It's just so cool.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

on the racks: cameron diaz does vogue

Maybe it's because I don't think anyone can live up to Britney, but for some reason I haven't liked any of Justin Timberlake's girlfriends in the past however many years... And Cameron Diaz is no exception.

I never had a reason for disliking her, I don't think, and she's starting to grow on me. Now she has a photoshoot in Vogue Magazine, and she looks great!

I think this is the first time that I've thought she's gorgeous. Maybe it's all of the editing to make it look like a painting, but she really looks great.

And with J. Biel's attitude lately, I'm going to say JT did another downgrade. Way to go.


ellen catch-up 052809

So I finally caught up on Ellen... Thank goodness. There was some good stuff!! And, to my advantage, there was a re-run yesterday which made it even easier.

Anyways, two of my FAVORITE guests came back to do somethin' for my girl. Ephraim Salaam and Chester Pitts [who used to both play for the Texans, but now Ephraim's with the Lions..] went to the set of "Wipeout" and did the course for Ellen.

No matter what these guys do, it's absolutely hilarious, and this lives up to all expectations...

I so need to start watching this show. [Wipeout] I wouldn't mind being on it, either. I hate pain, but it'd be fun! I also need someone to give those two their own show.

She also showed this "unlikely pair" of an orangutan and a dog who are both at a rescue shelter right now. Their names are Suryia and Roscoe, and they enjoy hangin' out, swimming, and going for walks. They also like to hang with their elephant friend.

Oh my goodness. I absolutely LOVE them. I want a monkey SO bad. Now!!!

Finally, Mandy Moore was on the show! [I know... I thought she was dead, too. Apparently she's got a new album out!] I don't remember her being so bubbly, perky, and really kind of annoying... But cute.

She said she looks back on her old songs and hates them because they're so Pop-y, but duh! It was the 90's! Best. Music. Ever. And when you listen to her perform her new song, tell me if you think it's less Pop than before....

Hmmm.. I'm going to go with NO... But she is a really good singer. I'm not sure if I knew that before, but she is! I'm curious to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.

Alright, that's your dose of Ellen for now! Ahh, I love her... And want to be her.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

watch: kanye's new video with rihanna

It's out!! Kanye's video for "Paranoid" is here for your viewing! Your viewing of Rihanna, that is. She's the only thing you'll see in just about the whole video.

She looks good [minus the fact I still miss her longer hair], the video is interesting, I guess. I mean it's literally ONLY her. What a new concept for Kanye "I'm-the-best" West.

But good to see ya, Rihanna.. Lookin' all pretty and sexual and stuff.


va is for boring people

Alright, Virginia... If we can't smile, how can we be lovers?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, there's a new policy that 4 states put in effect, and VA, of course, is one of them... No smiling on drivers licenses. [Arkansas, Nevada and Indiana are the others.]

No, I'm not kidding.

Apparently some new face recognition technology that prevents people from making fake ID's is being used, but it doesn't work if you smile. So basically... All of those people you made fun of for having a mug shot on their ID, is going to be you. Fabulous.

My question is... Even though smiling doesn't work, do silly faces? What about gangster faces? I'm pretty much a pro at all of those...

Yeah.. I'm pretty sure the officials will love any of these, so when I go in to [finally] get my sideways ID, I'm doin' it.

Screw you VA. I always said NoVA needs to be its own state... We're more fun than this new rule.


PS: There is SOME good news for the DMV... DC is apparently the skinniest metropolitan city in the country! Wow! That doesn't say a lot for this country, that's for sure...

anchorman 2: yes, you read right

So normally, I'm not a big fan of sequels.. At least not lately. But some can be redone, I think.

Anchorman is one of them... Especially when it would be about Mr. Ron Burgundy making the transition into the 1980's world of news.

Oh wait... This isn't just a dream or idea... This is really going to happen! [Probably.]

They've been saying for about a year than Ferrell and director Adam McKay have been talking about it, and it's even on, but Ferrell never really commented much on it... Until now.

He talked to radio hosts in Australia about how he was going to be talking to Steve Carell and Paul Rudd about it all, including salaries and ideas, next week!!

I'm even more excited about it because though I always thought it was funny, after actually working within the TV news world, i found it even funnier. I can't wait to watch a new version of it. Woohoo!

And there are SO many GREAT 80's songs that I can imagine them all singing. Oh my.. What would be the best? It's impossible to pick!


watch: chris ain't a monster

Holy Hell it's Chris Brown! He's alive!!! Did you know that?

I mean, I always had faith, but shoot... He sure hasn't been outside of any caves he's been livin' in. Apparently his hideout spot is Soulja Boi's bowling alley.

When they went live on JustinTV [I ALWAYS watch SB.. WHY didn't I this time?!], Chris actually addressed the camera, and his future real quick.

New album soon!! Single THIS SUMMER?!? Look, I'm no fighter-lover or anything, but I love Chris... And I'm effing PUMPED!

Welcome back, Chris! [I hope.]


on the racks: lady gaga does rolling stone

The latest issue of Rolling Stone is about to hit the racks, and Lady GaGa is on the cover! ...Although, if you're like me, you wouldn't know it unless you could read.

She seriously looks different to me every time I have seen her, and normally I'm a little freaked out by it, but it has grown on me. This cover though... What the heck?! Who thought this was attractive?

And it's not like they didn't have a lot to choose from that was probably way better. Check out this video from the shoot:

Seriously, I think there was way better of pictures, but hopefully they'll be on the inside! She's got a good butt! [Yeah, so I like commenting on people's butts.. Whatever.] It's all very scandalous but it shall be interesting, for sure.

Next time, GaGa.. Just make sure they pick a more flattering cover. Yikes.


watch: ellen talks to glambert

Ugh... Ellen did it again. She talked to someone I don't like, and made me question how I feel about them.

She called Adam Lambert last week [I'm a couple of days behind on my Ellen.. It's pretty terrible, really] and everything she said was great, and everything he said was also fantastic. This time I actually felt like he was genuine and thankful and everything.

Thanks a lot, Ellen. Here I am supposed to call him Glambert, and you're making me think he's precious.

Precious or not, thankful or not on Ellen, he's still glam, though.. So Glambert it will remain.


PS: I showed you her commencement speech at Tulane last week [and Hoda's at WVU!], but her show showed a lot more HILARIOUS stuff. She even danced in the crowd! Ugh, SO jealous!

top 9 girls not to hook up with

Ohh, this is good. It's been a while since I have posted any type of top 10 list, whether it's original or not, and this one is a good one to come back with, I think.

It's geared towards the guys mainly... But girls can definitely learn a lil some'n some'n too.

It's the 9 Girls You'll Regret Hooking Up With In a Bar
[AKA Ladies-- The 9 girls you DON'T wanna be!]

9. The girl you meet after your third Jager-bomb. Let's be honest... Either she's only in it for your fist pumping, or you have really bad judgment after those shots.

8. The girl that's there with her boyfriend. Unless you like that black eye you now have, I don't think you'll be bragging about this any time soon.

7. The bachelorette. She may seem like she's all about having a good time and doing everything she possibly can on her "last night of singleness," but she's nowhere near single, and she knows it. You're not getting any.

6. The girl who wants to hook up with you. First of all, it's all about the chase, isn't it? If she's just as easy as you are after a couple of drinks, it's probably safe to say you're not the first... And definitely not the last.

5. The girl singing karaoke. Sure, it might be a fun, crazy, up-to-trying-new-things, good time, but she's probably going to turn out even more crazy in the end.

4. The girl whose friends are all about you two hooking up. If they hate you, she can do better. [So obvi she's a catch.] If they think you're the best thing to ever happen to her... Well, that's not a good look on your part.

3. The shooter girl. In order for her to like you, you have to buy a LOT of those shooters. And in order to get drunk and like her back, you need to drink a lot. It may seem like a nice agreement, but as they put it, "you won't be able to get your own shooter up."

2. Tara Reid. [Or one just like her.] You don't want to be one more tally mark on the chart of "been there, done that" with the girl, do you?

1. The girl you think is not like any of the others. First of all, if she says she isn't [this goes for guys too], then she definitely is. Plus, your judgment is skewed at the bar, and quite possibly the opposite. She's totally one of those girls.

Read, learn, make good decisions. I'm only here to help and give out warnings, people.

You're welcome.


watch: part basketball, part soccer, part gymnastics

I love watching videos of people making crazy beer pong shots, or even crazy tricks with dominos. But this video trumps all.

It's a couple of people making ridiculous basketball shots, by means of kicking and flipping. Just watch. Now.

Shut. The eff. Up. I can't believe my eyes!!! This is absolutely incredible. I always tried to be the cartwheel goalie when I was little [Block the goals by doing cartwheels.. duh.] but it certainly never worked as well as the flipping is for these guys.

I've never seen the Harlem Globetrotters... But I'm pretty sure these guys need to form their own team and become the next big name.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sex of the day 052609

Two funny news stories having to sex need to be shared, so that's what I shall do with this post. Young eyes--> Keep on movin' down the page.

First-- Lorena Bobbitt has a twin! Kind of. A woman bit off her boss's penis. Woops! [Warning: This is a little gruesome.]

How'd it happen? Well, they were sneaking away from the office for a little rendezvous in the car. She was doin' her thing when suddenly, they were struck by a van. The impact caused her to chomp down and when her head came back up, the investigator caught her with blood all over her mouth.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... Her husband had hired a private investigator to follow her around because he suspected something was up. What a PERFECT time the investigator picked to follow her! WOOO boy!

Second-- What's a fun record to break? Well, I'd like to break the record for most flips in a row, or most shots of Burnetts Cherry Vodka without throwing up... But a porn star, well, they'd like to suck the most *youknowwhats*.

200 men lined up to get BJ's from Cora the porn star so that she could break a record. [BTW, Cora is on probation right now for shooting a porn scene in a public park so obviously she's not very smart about her plans..]

Welp, she definitely didn't make it to #200. She stopped at #75, when she started choking, and had to be rushed to the hospital.

First of all, I think I just barfed in my mouth a little bit. Second, I don't even want to think about how many STD's were lined up, aiming right at her. Third, I guess she needs more practice before she tries to become a pro.

Ohh how I wish this stuff could be reported on the live local news. THAT would be something I'd love to do... If I was able to keep a straight face.


update: mike tyson's babygirl is in danger

As I reported to y'all last night, Mike Tysons 4 year old daughter, Exodus, was found hanging by a cord on her mom's treadmill. She was placed in intensive care on life support. She has now died. :(

Keep the family in your prayers... I have them in mine.


eat a cheeseburger from a can

What's worse than fast food? How about even faster food.... That comes in a can.

I've shown you the absolutely repulsive idea of a whole chicken in a can, and now I will show you an entire cheeseburger... In a can.

It literally comes in a can.. Bun, cheese, meat, pickles, and maybe even lettuce, already put together for you. All you have to do is put the entire can in boiling water for about 10 minutes, and you're golden. It will even stay "fresh" for about a year.

If you like it cold, you can even eat it straight out of the can... No harm done.

Did I mention it only costs about $6?!

I haven't seen it, nor had the balls to try it, yet. BUT.. THIS guy did:

Ahh... He eats it with barely any pain! He said it has a "crunchy, gristly kind of feeling to it." I don't know what gristly means, but it doesn't sound good.

Honestly, I'll eat Spam [On days I'm not worried about the 125% of your fat for the day thing...], I love eating Spaghetti-o's cold, and I live off of frozen meals... But a chicken or an ENTIRE CHEESEBURGER in a can? No thanks.


tunes on tuesday 052609

Woohoo! It's my favorite day! And I'm getting the post done early!!!
[I almost didn't at all, though! I kept thinking it was Monday. Darn those 3 day weekends.]

Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne--> Down

So he's some British pop star and has had multiple hits or something... Is it bad that I kinda like this song? It's definitely cheesy, but who cares?! And apparently Wayne is all about helpin' people lately.

Flo Rida--> Sugar

In case ya'll forgot, I totally debuted this song months ago, and I have absolutely loved it from the second I heard it. Question, though... Why does this video look like something a small-town amateur would do?

Black Eyed Peas--> Alive

Hmmm... Maybe it's good that they came out with "Boom Boom Pow" first so that they got a bunch of people wanting to hear more, but I have yet to be uber impressed since that song. I don't know.. This one is OK I guess...

Esmee Denters--> Outta Here

So this girl was discovered after covering Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around" and now he's producing this song. You'd never be able to tell by this video, but she's veryyyy Spanish. Or Hispanic, or Latina or whatever it is. I like the song though... I can hang with it.

Black Eyed Peas--> I Got a Feelin'

Okay, I take back what I said before, I think. This is actually the new official single being released to all the stations, and I'm glad. I still don't like as much as BBP, but I like it... It's funny, and has a decent beat. Phew.

Beyonce--> Sweet Dreams

Woah. Could this be.... A different sound from B? No... It's almost like... I've never heard something like this from her! It has a different beat! I'm not CRAZY about it, but I like it.. And it gets 10 points for being different than the usual. BUT! Will she wear a leotard and have 2 dancers???

Lovesick Radio--> Loser of the Year

Consider me a big fan of them now, after hanging with them for a day. [Elaborate post coming ASAP.] So I'm pretty sure this is going to be their next single and I think you need to listen. Also, listen to more of them... Especially when they do covers at live performances. They're fab.

Shea Fisher--> Don't Chase Me

She reminds me of a brunette Julianne Hough or something. She also has the potential to pull a Carrie or Taylor and do pop and country. The weird cheer in the beginning and middle needs to go, though.

Jason Aldean--> Big Green Tractor

I fully enjoy Jason Aldean, and this song is alright, but it's not fabulous. Probably something I'll play on the random, but not something I'll be excited to hear.

And as for a hopefuly "big comeback," AQUA has come out with a new single! [Yes, the group that did "Barbie Girl"]

"Back to the 80's"

I mean... Cool idea, I guess. Lyrics that you hear a lot in the country world but uh... These people were never talented, they just had a good voice for a funny song about Barbie. Why do they think it's a good idea to try and come back into the music world? Bad, bad idea.

That is all for today, folks! Enjoy, and break out the iTunes!!

Also, for Idol lovers, Brandon Rogers and Ruben Studdard have had albums released lately... I should have some of those songs on here next week. I need to listen first!


watch: one of pretty ricky gets awkward

In case you didn't know [which I didn't until last summer.. woops] Pretty Ricky is a group, not one pretty boy.

Spectacular is one of the guys in the group, and apparently he has a challenge for Chris Brown, Omarion, Day26, Trey Songz, and I guess every guy out there. A YouTube grinding contest... To see who's #1.

What. In. The. H. Who is this guy, and why does he think it's okay to put on red whitey-tighties and gyrate his hips like that? He looks like a girl, straight up.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to get their new single out there, or get him out of the closet, but either way, I feel very awkward watching it. It's like a porn, minus a second person.

I don't think that's helping them any... Now everyone is laughing at him.. Including Willie of Day26. Wow wow wow.


someone's a copy cat

I'm mad. Or maybe I should be flattered, who knows. But right now... I'm sticking with mad.

Check out this column that "AMP 97.1" in LA does... It's called "Dear Orlando," and this is the picture they put at the top of every post:

Look familiar? Maybe vaguely like THE TOP OF MY PAGE?!

Sure, I'm no huge blogging star, and it's not hard to write on a piece of paper... And theirs is the beginning of a letter, and mine is the end... But seriously.... Seeeeeriously.... It's odd how similar it is.

Oh, and if you thought I copied them, THINK AGAIN! Their first post was February of this year. I've clearly had that header since September.

Let's revolt!! I don't know how to go about doing it, but like I said.. I'm MAD!

Could you please stop copying my ideas? Or... If you want to.. Could you please tell your wonderful LA readers how amazing I am?

Thanks to my Twitter BFF who I've never met Mister @djgoofywhitekid for showing me this.


word on the street: rihanna's got a boo!


Rihanna is totally in a relationship, and it's NOT with Drake! He was just the distraction. She's "starting" a relationship with her "BFF" that she was caught making out with while she was with Chris....


True story. They're taking things slow, but they're taking them places.

I'm sure she'll end up cheating on Kanye, then getting in a fight with him, re-ruining her career, and demolishing his. Perfect. I'm sick of him. [Well, I really just never liked him.]


watch: the news guys love the cavs

Sometimes I do indeed watch basketball. [Normally only if I'm at the bar and everyone I'm with is watching it, so I try and look cool by watching it as if I'm really involved with the whole thing.] Most of the time I just hear about great shots or whatever, and then look at them on YouTube.

This incident I will talk about first, is a great example of such times.

LeBron James made the game winning shot the other night and had EVERYONE freaking out, standing up, jumping up and down... You get the idea. Even live news anchors did! Check out this amazing video [If you haven't already on SportsCenter..]

I love how everyone just jumps up... One guy even leaves the set... And no one gets mad about it! THAT is a news team that LOVES its sports team. I love real, spirited fans. I love them even more when they do crazy things on live TV that is normally pretty serious.

As for the shot that was made, if you haven't seen it... Here it is:

One shot that I DID see happen live, was when Billups bounced it off of Kobe Bryant's back and then shot. I saw it, didn't realize what had happened, and watched again.

What the h. Does this happen often?! If not, it needs to, because it was fabulously hilarious, genius, and downright great.

So, basketball fans... I DO watch the sport.... On occasion... When necessary..... Go Wizards?!?


Monday, May 25, 2009

what do these texting acronyms mean?

A list came out of the top 50 texting acronyms that parents need to know about, because kids are using them all types of crazy while sexting.

Some of them are really well known, and not a big deal. Examples: LOL, 420, ASL, and POS.

Others, you may not know... But they're not a big deal. Examples: PAW [Parents Are Watching], S2R [Send 2 Receive], P911 [Parent alert], LMIRL [Let's Meet In Real Life], FOL [Fond Of Leather], 182 [I Hate You], and 143 [I Love You].

But then there are some... I have never seen, nor would I ever be able to figure out if someone sent it to me. I want to make it a game though.

I want you guys to come up with what these acronyms could mean, WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP! [That's cheating, duh!] It'll be fun, and hopefully lots of you will take part! Give answers to as little or as many as you want, just give some answers via the comment option below!
  1. 1174
  2. Code 9
  4. GNOC
  5. IAYM
  8. NIFOC
  9. Q2C
  10. TDTM
Okay, that's all I'll give ya! Expect to get the answers within the next couple of days, depending on how many answers I get! I'm excited! Get creative!


PS: The point here is.. If you know it, cool, you can share... But the FUN will be in coming u with your own. I'm not amazing at this but #5 could be "I'm a Yummy Mama."

watch: karma's a b

Karma's a B. It's a known fact. Whether it bites you 3 seconds later, or decades later, it comes back to haunt you, for sure.

This kid gets bit less than a second after beating up his skateboard. [Yes, they have feelings too! Never hurt your most prized possessions. Trust me.. The camera and cell phone gods have it out for me big time.]

OOOHH! OUCH! BAHAHA! Why is it so funny? Beats me... But that was great.

This kind of karma is pretty usual, but it never gets old. Seriously, people... If you're going to pull a prank on your friend, at least remember what you did to them 3 seconds later...

Idiot. Serves you right! I was waitin' for the hammock to fall, but that works too!

So lessons of the night: Don't hurt objects, they have the power to hurt you back.. And always run the opposite way of the spot where you just pranked you friend.


is that a torch or a joint?

Have you seen the torch for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver? No? Great... Let me show it to you:

So it probably looks relatively normal, with a crazy futuristic look to you right now. [At least, that was MY first impression.] But what if I turn it sideways, and take away the girl?

Looks a little bit like a... I don't know... Maybe a joint?! I mean doesn't it look like this could go right into someone's mouth? Yes, it does. And apparently Canada is all about the mary-jane, so that makes it even more obvious, even though they deny it.

It also reminds me a bit of a dental tool of some sort. Or maybe something for your nails. A certain biggest fan of mine had an even stranger idea:

luv elizabethany: ya that def looks like.. somethin awkward.
biggest fan: or a pregnancy test from someone with herpes

He never fails to come up with ridiculous things... And I must say, I whole-heartedly agree! The flame gives the answer clear and simple for the prego woman, eh?!

Ohh, the Olympics. I love every ounce of them. I wonder what the mascot will be.... Any bets?


watch: can you guess the song?

Watch this video, and see if you can guess the song before halfway through. I think I'm giving one of the easier ones to figure out because I definitely didn't get the first one I saw right away, but maybe you will!

CRAZY right?!? I mean he really memorized it all like that! That's incredible!

Here are some more... See if you can get them before the big reveal, of course!

I mean... He probably needs to figure out why he has so much extra time on his hands, but it IS entertaining! I love watching things backwards, too!

Ah, they're great. I hope there's a part 5 soon!


mike tyson's babygirl is in danger

This morning, Mike Tyson's baby girl [she's 4] was playing by herself around a treadmill. Her 7 year old brother was in another room... Then he went to look for his little sister.

When he found her, she was "in distress," so he went to tell his mom. When Mike's baby mama checked on their daughter, she was hanging from a cable on the treadmill!

She's now in critical condition on life support.

Everyone keep the family in your prayers! I can't even imagine what this would be like. Ah, I don't even want to imagine it.


Friday, May 22, 2009

best wedding thanks ever

Oh. Em. Gee.

So it's this guy's wedding day, he's at the reception, and it's time for the toast. He thanks everyone, especially the families, and then tells everyone that he has a present for them as a thanks. It's taped under all of the chairs.

Everyone reaches under the chairs and opens the envelope. What is it?

A picture of his new wife and best man having sex!! 8x10 and glossy for everyone.

Apparently he wondered about it a couple of weeks before the ceremony, and hired a private detective, who took the picture.

So as everyone is dumbfounded looking at the picture, he looks at his best man and says "F YOU!" Then to his wife: "F YOU!" To the crowd: "I'm outta here!" He went and had the marriage annulled first thing in the morning.

I mean seriously... How genius is this?! He could have called off the wedding, or went through with it all as if nothing was going on. But instead, her family dished out THOUSANDS of dollars for the wedding, and everyone got to SEE what happened.

Absolutely genius. I can only imagine what was going through everyone's minds.

"Elegant wedding reception For 300 family members and Friends: $32,000. Wedding photographs commemorating the Occasion: $3,000
Deluxe two-week Honeymoon accommodations In Maui : $8,500.
The look on everyone's face When they see the 8x10 glossy Of the bride humping the best Man: Priceless.
There are some things money Can't buy, for everything else there's MASTERCARD."



celebrity juice: 052209

I SO wish I had a decent audio recording program on this computer so I could bang out all of these stories but my cheap self has the free Audacity which crashes every time I try and record something. Convenient.

So, there's tons of stories I'm going to bang out with pictures, videos, or quick blurbs... And links to check out more.

Chrianna have comebacks planned!

Rihanna's comeback= Being in Kanye's next video for "Paranoid." Hmmm.. Since when does being a "video girl" launch your career back into existance? Also, remember when her and Kanye made out? Oh snap! Maybe this is more of a romantic comeback?!

Oh wait, that might not be true because apparently she's been bunned up with DRAKE! [Who I just realized is Jimmy in the wheelchair on Degrassi! I'm late.. whatever.] They were kissin', huggin', feelin', and touchin outside of a bar the other night. Maybe that's why she was all smiles?

Chris is... Going country...?!

No really.... He might be. He's even got a song picked out ["Trapped in a Dream"] and someone to be on the single with him [Carrie Underwood?]!

I'm not sure how I feel about this. He's a southern boy [VA WHAT WHATTT] so maybe he likes country.. And maybe he can sing it. But I don't see the country world taking this lightly. They're going to hate on him more than anyone for what "happened."

Britney's preparing for Europe

Her US tour is over, now she's gettin' ready to head over to Europe! [Where hopefully she will still do the same amount of ridiculous things.] She's in the Bahamas with her family [K-Fed not included, but the kids are] and her body is still looking GREAT!

Comeback= Check!

Heidi is looking for attention... Imagine that.

This time she's moved on to bikinis! And no, I don't necessarily mean on her... That's nothing new. She's designing them! They'll be debuted on June 1st alongside her co-designer Ashley Paige. [Just in time for the debut of "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Outta Here!"] The runway will feature all blonde models, of course.

Grey's Anatomy is becoming reality.

Okay, not the actual show, but the concept. The CW is trying to come up with a show about residents in a World-Class hospital. It will follow them around, show their hardwork, drama, everything. Maybe they'll even do surgery on each other! Now THAT'D be cool!.....

Robert Pattinson's kisses are really expensive.

I don't understand the fascination with this guy. What is attractive about him? His hair constantly looks like he just got out of a really bad sex session, and I've never really heard him talk or say anything great. Why are MULTIPLE people paying $20,000 for a kiss on the cheek from him?!

They didn't even get the REAL DEAL! I mean c'mon... If you're going to pay that much, at least be the reason for his hairdo.

Whitney Port is all alone.

Her boyfriend Jay Lyon is peacing out on her. He said he can't handle reality TV and is quitting the show. Apparently it's that easy to break up with the girl you love. I wonder who she'll have to love next season, and if they'll be okay with it all?

On the random: Nikki McKibbin got huge.

She was my favorite from AI Season 1. Had an INCREDIBLE voice. Then she had to go to rehab with Dr. Drew, and now... Well... It's hard to believe she's even the same person, really. Yikes.

Alright, that's a lot, right?! Good stuff, too! Enjoy, and have a WONDERFUL weekend!


this guy is amazing on the acoustics

I was just surfing around for American Idol stuff last night and found this guy, and I'm really glad I did.

I don't know much about him besides the fact that he's from Boyce Avenue and his name is Alejandro Manzano and he sings a bunch of popular songs with the acoustic guitar. And oh yeah, they're amazing.

This one is my favorite so far... He mixed Alicia Keys, Jordin Sparks and Black Eyed Peas/Justin Timberlake into one song, that sounds GREAT! How he came up with it, I'll never know, but it's remarkable [Woah! New word for me!] and you need to watch/listen.

I have officially started to follow them on Twitter so hopefully I'll get plenty more things to share with you! Also, Ellen needs to have this guy on her show PRONTO.


lfo comes back from the dead like everyone else

Another boy band is reuniting!!!

YES!!! LFO!!! [Lyte, Funky Ones, if you didn't know]

They're the next band to get back together! And they're doing a show in NYC for only 35$!! It's going to be at the Highline Ballroom, and I'm going to need my sugar daddy to find me ASAP. Also, a certain rapper-friend who just moved to NY, make room please.

In order to celebrate, I shall break out my LFO CD's, put them in an old school boom box, and listen to it in the shower, just like the old days. [Who WOULDN'T want to listen to them in the shower?! It was my fave shower CD.] Then I'll wear my wannabe A&F clothes because I am and always was too cheap for that nonsense.

Rich Cronin made this video not too long ago. Kinda weird, really... How he starts off with "Summer Girls" then goes into the new song.. Which... Sounds a lot like the LFO mega-hit.

OMG. I can't wait to see how this show goes!! I don't know when it is, or when tix go on sale, but I am definitely going to find out.


PS: NSYNC!! WHERE YOU AT?!? All I need is you to reunite, and then my life will be complete. Please?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

because you want to know: american idol finale pt 2

Ohhh man! What. A. Finale!!! First of all, THANK GOD KRIS WON!!!! Your American Idol= Kris Allen!

The show was pretty great, and definitely packed... And also definitely aiming towards middle-aged women, who probably helped Kris win big time. TONS of duets from famous singers with people from the Top 13. Here are some of them:

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert/Queen--> We Are the Champions

WOW! What a performance for the top 2 to do. It's crazy how they have such different voices, but they both sound good with Queen. [Of course, Adam stands out quite a bit..] And how precious of a song. ;)

Adam Lambert/Kiss--> Beth

Absolutely incredible performance, for sure. [And of course, the song is uber-fabulous!] When's the last time anyone saw KISS perform?! But what is Adam wearing? Metal, rhinestoned, wings? Or are they shoulder pads? And why did he call up the Spice Girls to ask to borrow their shoes? Yikes. Wardrobe change, please.

Allison Iraheta/Cyndi Lauper--> Time After Time

This girl is so incredibly talented, holy S. I can't wait to hear what kind of album she puts out. Cyndi sounded rough, but the idea behind it all was really awesome. I love this... A lot.

Danny Gokey/Lionel Richie--> Medley

I wish I could say "Danny should have been in the finale." He should have been.. But who should he have replaced? I'm not sure that he should have won in place of Kris, but maybe. Actually, probably. But who knows! All I know is he is an amazing singer, and did great with Lionel.

Top 13/Jason Mraz--> I'm Yours

I think this is a cool performance, but I wish it would have only been a couple of them, not everyone.

Top 13/Carlos Santana--> Medley

Again, I love this performance, but I wish it had only been Matt Giraud with him... And maybe Kris and if they had to come up with a girl, Alexis. Sometimes all 13 of them is just too much, duh.

The girls/Fergie--> Medley

Why do the girls sound way better than Fergie? And what is this look of hers?! My GOD she looks MISERABLE!! Seriously awful. Also, they had to dump her during Boom Boom Pow because apparently she forgot you can't say the S word on national TV. Idiot.

Kris Allen/Keith Urban--> Kiss a Girl

Absolutely amazing. This shows why he won! He sounds GREAT alongside of Keith. He's almost like a mini-me to him.

Honestly.. The highlight of the whole show, was when Bikini Girl got her award. No wait, that wasn't the best part. It was right after that:

OMG. Katrina's face is PRICELESS when Kara comes out there on the stage. I really don't think she knew ahead of time. She was not trying to give her a hug! AND!! When Kara ripped off her dress!! You go girl! I'm so sick of Bikini Girl's 15 minutes of fame! Kara took over the moment!!

As for the performances, that's about it it. Steve Martin performed a song on the banjo.... Weird. And they gave a duet to Lil... With Queen Latifah. Also random..

Everyone's really freaking out about the "upset." I guess I agree because I said from the beginning that Kris was the guy I liked that never had a chance in winning. I thought he was forgettable. Apparently not.

The best part about it is that when he was about to hear the results, he wasn't worried or anything. You could tell that he "knew" he wasn't going to win and that Adam had it hands down. When they called his name, this is the face he made:

Pure shock. He has got to be the most "boy next door" or down to Earth Idol ever, and I am so excited about it! Congrats, Kris Allen! I can't wait to write much more about you, and maybe even get an interview in the future. :)

American Idol, RIP... For now. Until I see you at auditions with my BFF C-ton, that is.


PS: Here are some pictures! Check out the band-aids Carrie is ROCKIN'! And Kim Caldwell looks great! Also, it's kinda crazy how Glambert is just proportionately a lot bigger than Kris.

PPS: To see the "Top 10 Reaction Videos".. Click here. Some of them are pretty funny.