Thursday, May 21, 2009

because you want to know: american idol finale pt 2

Ohhh man! What. A. Finale!!! First of all, THANK GOD KRIS WON!!!! Your American Idol= Kris Allen!

The show was pretty great, and definitely packed... And also definitely aiming towards middle-aged women, who probably helped Kris win big time. TONS of duets from famous singers with people from the Top 13. Here are some of them:

Kris Allen, Adam Lambert/Queen--> We Are the Champions

WOW! What a performance for the top 2 to do. It's crazy how they have such different voices, but they both sound good with Queen. [Of course, Adam stands out quite a bit..] And how precious of a song. ;)

Adam Lambert/Kiss--> Beth

Absolutely incredible performance, for sure. [And of course, the song is uber-fabulous!] When's the last time anyone saw KISS perform?! But what is Adam wearing? Metal, rhinestoned, wings? Or are they shoulder pads? And why did he call up the Spice Girls to ask to borrow their shoes? Yikes. Wardrobe change, please.

Allison Iraheta/Cyndi Lauper--> Time After Time

This girl is so incredibly talented, holy S. I can't wait to hear what kind of album she puts out. Cyndi sounded rough, but the idea behind it all was really awesome. I love this... A lot.

Danny Gokey/Lionel Richie--> Medley

I wish I could say "Danny should have been in the finale." He should have been.. But who should he have replaced? I'm not sure that he should have won in place of Kris, but maybe. Actually, probably. But who knows! All I know is he is an amazing singer, and did great with Lionel.

Top 13/Jason Mraz--> I'm Yours

I think this is a cool performance, but I wish it would have only been a couple of them, not everyone.

Top 13/Carlos Santana--> Medley

Again, I love this performance, but I wish it had only been Matt Giraud with him... And maybe Kris and if they had to come up with a girl, Alexis. Sometimes all 13 of them is just too much, duh.

The girls/Fergie--> Medley

Why do the girls sound way better than Fergie? And what is this look of hers?! My GOD she looks MISERABLE!! Seriously awful. Also, they had to dump her during Boom Boom Pow because apparently she forgot you can't say the S word on national TV. Idiot.

Kris Allen/Keith Urban--> Kiss a Girl

Absolutely amazing. This shows why he won! He sounds GREAT alongside of Keith. He's almost like a mini-me to him.

Honestly.. The highlight of the whole show, was when Bikini Girl got her award. No wait, that wasn't the best part. It was right after that:

OMG. Katrina's face is PRICELESS when Kara comes out there on the stage. I really don't think she knew ahead of time. She was not trying to give her a hug! AND!! When Kara ripped off her dress!! You go girl! I'm so sick of Bikini Girl's 15 minutes of fame! Kara took over the moment!!

As for the performances, that's about it it. Steve Martin performed a song on the banjo.... Weird. And they gave a duet to Lil... With Queen Latifah. Also random..

Everyone's really freaking out about the "upset." I guess I agree because I said from the beginning that Kris was the guy I liked that never had a chance in winning. I thought he was forgettable. Apparently not.

The best part about it is that when he was about to hear the results, he wasn't worried or anything. You could tell that he "knew" he wasn't going to win and that Adam had it hands down. When they called his name, this is the face he made:

Pure shock. He has got to be the most "boy next door" or down to Earth Idol ever, and I am so excited about it! Congrats, Kris Allen! I can't wait to write much more about you, and maybe even get an interview in the future. :)

American Idol, RIP... For now. Until I see you at auditions with my BFF C-ton, that is.


PS: Here are some pictures! Check out the band-aids Carrie is ROCKIN'! And Kim Caldwell looks great! Also, it's kinda crazy how Glambert is just proportionately a lot bigger than Kris.

PPS: To see the "Top 10 Reaction Videos".. Click here. Some of them are pretty funny.

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