Tuesday, July 19, 2016

a tribute for the truly inspiring chief zee

Sometimes you come across people, and you know you love them, but maybe you don't realize how inspiring they really are until they're gone.

As I sit here reminiscing on every Redskins tailgate last year, when I got the chance to meet the great Chief Zee, I'm realizing how much of an idol, role model, hero he truly is. Sure, he was "the biggest Redskins super fan ever," but he was so much more than that, and these are the things I'm going to write down and keep at my desk thanks to him:
  • He found something he loved, and stuck with it forever. Through the [very little] good and the [lots of] bad, no matter what. 
  • He was proud, SO proud, of what he loved. That's such a great characteristic to have.
  • Most importantly: He was friendly. For DECADES he'd go to the games and take a picture with every fan he could. He'd talk to them. He'd experience things with them. He didn't have to do any of that, but he did, without hesitation. Maybe he wanted everyone to love the games the way he did, or maybe he was as interested in everyone as they were him... either way, it was always a pleasant meeting that I experienced. 
One of the last games, not only did he take another picture with me, but we had a little dance party for a solid 30 seconds. He was jumping and spinning with me before whispering in my ear "you're gonna kill me girl!" I'm not gonna lie, I got hella nervous and then realized I was dancing with a 70-something year old man and cherished all of it even more. Still, it wasn't until tonight that I started looking more into everything he's done. I'm checking everyone's tweets, what he's accomplished, etc. He's leaving the most positive legacy. 

He may be "just a superfan," but did you know there's a Chief Zee Day in DC on November 7? That happened in 1985. How about the fact he lived on Social Security, and relied on fans to help him pay rent, while receiving his motorized scooter from Dan Snyder? He may not have been an "official mascot," but he had the support of every Redskins fan and player. 

I also learned tonight that he was beat up by Eagles fans back in the day, leaving him with a broken leg. Someone later stole his tomahawk, but got it back with the help of Chris Cooley. None of that stopped him from going to the games and being such a kind and friendly soul to everyone he encountered. 

Sometimes people piss me the hell off and sometimes I just want my own space, but ultimately, meeting new people is my favorite thing to do... and Chief Zee is motivation for brushing off the annoyances and staying kind and genuine all the time [but like, I'll still tease people and give honest opinions, of course]. 

So thank you Chief Zee for the memories and the thoughts I'm having tonight. I guarantee you no Redskins family will ever forget you, and we'll tell our kids about you, like my family always did to me before I met you. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

interview: jay sean is really freaking cool

You remember that bomb song from Jay Sean, "Down," right?! Duh.

Well after a couple years of being quiet, he's back with a new song with Sean Paul, which means he's willing to do some radio interviews. He came all the way to DC, JUST to talk to me on my birthday. Real life. I felt really effing special.

As soon as Jay walked in, it felt comfortable and fun and vibey, and that makes for a really genuine chat. We talked about the risks he's taken and the ridiculous things people post on Instagram. We shared stories about Sean Paul and did you know he has an accent?! Turns out there's an explanation for that too.

Then the REAL fun came, and it's all thanks to my mom for sending me this Urban Dictionary game for my birthday!

It was educational and ridiculous as we learned what different terms meant.

Seriously, Mother Teresa sex.... that's a game changer.

I'm so thankful for artists who come in to have a good time and just wanna be two people hangin' out for a bit. Jay Sean, you da bomb. And so is this song of yours.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

how to play: bar golf in dc

Have you ever played bar golf? When I did it the first time years ago in Texas, they made me feel like I was so late to such a popular game. When I planned it for my birthday party last weekend, no one really understood it. They kept asking if it was mini golf, a bar with a golf course, and more shockingly: If they needed to bring their own clubs.

Fun fact about me: I'm terrible at ball sports. I'll never celebrate my birthday with balls. Well, the kinds that you have to be skilled to play with, anyway. Assuming I would do golf on my birthday is like believing I'm pregnant. 

Bar golf is a bar crawl in which you go to nine bars, and earn points based on what you drink. The simplest way to play it is saying no matter which bar it is, a birdie = beer + shot. Par = shot. Bogey = beer.... or whatever variation you'd like.

I don't believe in the easy or typical way of doing things, so I personalized it based on the bars we went to. I figured out who had happy hour and what was a good deal. I figured out what the bars were known for, what was strong, what had a lot of sugar, etc... and most importantly: which bars had beautiful rooftops. From there, I came up with other ways to earn points and made this here score card.

[you can click on that, make it bigger, and print it out for yourself! You're welcome.]

Everyone's immediate reaction: "This looks easy, I'll do all birdies AND a ton of extra drinks! 
SPOILER ALERT: No one finished. We didn't even make it to El Centro. So, if you play this version, and you wanna win, don't do the extras. Trust me.

If you wanna really up the ante, get some trophies. [Told ya they're my new thing!] You can even add a Snapchat filter to the bars you're going to for $5/hour. Worth it. 

Who's gonna get the trophy? I haven't decided yet. I remember a couple people going balls to the wall from the beginning, but we need to make sure no vomiting happened! [I'm also gonna need to get the trophies back because... well.... I left them and my entire backpack at bar #5. because of course I did.]

All in all, it's a damn fun game, and it doesn't have to be so aggressive. You could do teams of four, that might make it easier, or take away the points for extra beers. I tried to make it not worth it for half a point, but that excited people.

Some snaps from my frands since my story failed to save *insert extremely frustrated face here.*

[I changed up the font after bar 5 to look a little more drunk, teehee]

And that's a wrap on another birthday celebration! My 30th is already in the works and if it doesn't go as planned, know that I will blow the world up if Trump hasn't already.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

i presented meghan trainor with a really important award

This business is one where you always gotta be doing new things. Sure, people want some sort of constant, but if you're too constant, people are gonna stop paying attention. That said, I'm always looking for something new to do.

I haven't been getting a lot of opportunities for interviews lately, so when I discovered that you can order trophies online for the cheapness, I decided to make it my new thing.

If you've ever heard me play a Meghan Trainor song, you've probably heard me call her the Queen of Sass. That's what she is. She's got the confidence and swagger to give any woman [or human in general] a little extra confidence, and she deserves recognition for that.

SO... I made her a pink trophy, of course. With a diamond on it. I gave it to her during my quick meet and greet at Pride.

I was afraid that SHE'D be afraid I was "presenting her with something," given the events of the weekend... but I'd like to think I'm pretty harmless while wearing a rainbow tutu.

Meghan cherished the award and moment even more than I'd hoped she would. Not only did she post it on her instagram, but she also Snapped a video of her carrying it through the airport. It wasn't in her bag or with her managers or anything, she was carrying it with pride.

Bout to put this next to the Grammy 😉 thank you @luvelizabethany I'm honored 💘😂

A photo posted by Meghan Trainor (@meghan_trainor) on

queen of sassMeghan Trainor trophy

And yeah, my Instagram skyrocketed... Since this blog has turned into more of a personal look at all the things I do, I'm gonna keep it really real and say that was obviously a big motive behind it, along with trying to make a connection with an artist beyond "another radio DJ who wants a quick interview that no one will watch."

So please excuse me while I pay myself on the back, send more love to Meghan and all of her fans, and plan out the next award to give out. I can't just give silly ones to anyone and everyone; they've gotta be good.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ebootcamp: that's a wrap!

It's been a week since #eBootCamp officially ended, and it's also been a week of looking back on the last six weeks. I'm kinda mindblown, to be honest.

When I first announced this challenge, I had no idea who would join in and if they'd keep up. It could have been two of us, five of us, hundreds of us... I had no clue if it'd be successful or not.

I had 40-50 people who were interested, and 16 people who committed until the end! To all of you- thank you. Thanks for joining me, making me feel special, and holding me accountable. It was the motivation I needed and I can only hope that you got the same in return. According to your emails [that I have printed out and will no doubt keep forever], you're grateful for it all too!

First things first, the winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to MIKE who lost over 30 pounds [holy wow] and STEVEN who had the most social posts!

And since everyone had their own way of doing it, here's his: 

[Is it wrong to say I really didn't think BOTH winners would be dudes?!? All da ladies gonna want them!] They're both gonna be getting some sweet stuff to keep the workouts/diets going! I'll post a pic of them once they're all together!

As for me... [it's MY blog after all, duh]

When this started, I prepared myself for a lot of things. People thinking differently of me because all of the sudden I'm trying to be healthy when I'm typically all OMG LET'S DRINK AND PARTY AND EVERYTHING'S GREAT. I also prepared myself for some hate. Beyond that I knew I'd have to stick to my diet and workouts with no excuses because people were counting on me to do that. What I didn't expect, is so many people hating me for being "the skinny girl who thinks she's fat."

Before I go any further, I really wanna address that. I thought about putting up a whole blog about it at the time, but ended up avoiding all of that and instead responded to people individually. In no way did I say I was some large, super fat person. What I said was that I feel uncomfortable in my own skin, which is a really unfortunate feeling. It sucks to hate every picture you take. It sucks to go up a flight of stairs and think you're having an asthma attack, especially when you've been a gymnast for most of your life. It sucked even more to have someone tell me I shouldn't feel the way I did. When someone feels this gross about themselves, no matter what size they are, they should do something about it [without harming yourself, of course]. If you don't feel good about yourself, everything else in your life will suffer. That is what had happened to me and I couldn't let it keep going. Still, I needed a little more motivation than living a better life. Crazy, right?!

Six weeks later, I am so much happier. Sure, I sacrificed a lot of time and beers, but I'm ready to conquer more than I was ready for before. I've officially lost 8 pounds [only about half of what I'd like to lose], but I think it's pretty noticeable physically and mentally/emotionally.

[a nice beginning of summer tan helps too :)]

How the hell does one lose that stupid tire right below the belly button?! It's such a cruel thing to do to a body. Also cruel: losing some booty when everyone is showing off their big ones. And all I really did when working out was cardio and booty exercises. Sigh.

What DID I do?! In case you're looking for help or new ways of doing things, here's an overall look at my workout/food plans.

  • First of all, I just had to get there every day. I've always made excuses for why I didn't have time, but I can't do that anymore. There's a gym in my building. If I had 15 minutes, I'd go for 15 minutes. Or for a mile. OR... I'd even force myself to do 1am workouts. 
  •  My goal was to burn at least 500 calories a workout. I've always done the elliptical, but I started doing fast walks at an incline for at least 30 minutes [while watching Empire on Hulu cuz ya girl needs a distraction]. Turns out- that burns more! Sometimes I'd add ankle weights, but that ended in a pulled calf muscle, so maybe don't do that... or just stretch more than I do. 
  • I do a lot of body weight workouts. As a gymnast, that's what I grew up on. It's what makes me the most sore and what feels the most *right* to me. I have a bunch saved on my Pinterest page over here. Like I said, I concentrated on my booty the most, abs second. Arms if I was bored.
  • Keep some ankle weights or resistance bands in your office. I walked around with the weights all the time and when I was standing in the studio, I'd do squats with the bands. It's easy, it gets you moving when you're bored, and it burns a couple extra calories!

  • My GOD it was hard to stop eating so many sweets. I couldn't give them up, so I let myself have one kind of sweet a day, normally after lunch. No more than 40 calories worth, just enough to satisfy the craving. Though this may not seem that important to some people, I have a serious chocolate craving, so this was my most important. 
  • I'm already a fairly healthy eater, but I had to stick to some core rules:
    -Only one meal out a week. Even if you think you're ordering the healthy salad, I learned after working in a restaurant that there is a lot more butter/ingredients going into things that you can't account for. Just don't eat at restaurants unless you have to.
    -Limit the carb intake after breakfast.
    -Drink 2-3x more water than usual
    -Absolutely no carbonated beverages. [No beer was tough... luckily I'm a big fan of blueberry vodka and water. As for caffeine: I'm really dependent on Mio Energy. It has become my Mountain Dew replacement and I'm in heart with it. 
  • BREAKFAST: Was always one of two things. A protein english muffin with PB&J plus extra cinnamon, or overnight oats- which I just discovered to be very lovely. 
  • LUNCH: Typically something with egg whites. Extra protein, not extra calories. It may sound ridiculous, but I really liked having an egg, turkey, and guac on rice cakes, with some fruit. OR I'd do eggs with tons of peppers, onions, and veggies in general with salsa and/or avocado on top.
  • DINNER: Salmon and chicken are my go-to's, and always have been. On busy days, I'd just put a chicken breast in my favorite Lawry's marinade and cook it in the toaster oven at work with microwavable veggies, or I'd pick up a salmon from Giant that's already got some marinade on it. Some of my *fancy* Sunday dinners are pictured right over there if you wanna click them for the recipe! [The spaghetti squash discovery could be a real life changer.]
  • SNACKS: Again, I became a bit reliant on rice cakes. I'd smoosh bananas and cinnamon onto them for "dessert," or spicy guacamole. Almonds are also the quickest way to satisfy the hunger with a quick couple bites. 
  • METABOLISM: I have no idea if any of these things actually helped speed it up, but I once read it on the Internet so I tried them. I chugged warm lemon water as soon as I woke up, took one cayenne pepper pill every day, and drank one cup of blueberry green tea. I also added a lot of cinnamon and spices in general to all my foods.
I really am proud of myself for sticking to it all and being able to smile when I look in the mirror as soon as I wake up... but I will absolutely be continuing on! I found a paper on my fridge while moving that reminded me I was 138 two years ago when I first started gaining the weight... but damnit I better step up my squat game some more.

There are no words for how things like this make me feel. It's more than gracious, and I'm beyond amazed. It's cool what the Internet can do to bring people together after a 3am idea.

I wonder what the next random idea will be.....


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