Monday, August 7, 2017

interview: dan and shay explain country music's suggestions

Fun thing that's been happening: I've been filling in on WMZQ, DC's country station! My friends know how much I love country music, and some of the world knows that I'm also heard every night on 95.5 The Bull in Vegas, but it's something special to be able to talk to a new group of people in my hometown.

I've also been able to connect with some country artists that come through because of it! Dan and Shay are going to be coming through for WMZQ Fall Fest in October, so Dan called me to chat it up, then Shay jumped in too!

Their album "Obsessed" has been a staple in my car for the last couple months, so I was pumped up and ready to fangirl. Plus, I saw Dan at 5am the last time I was in Vegas. He knows how to have a good time.

There's one thing I needed to ask about because it's become a trend in country music: Hooking up with that wrong person one more time. Their song "How Not To" suggests it, and a dozen other recent ones, and it's a total bad influence on people [including me]!

We also touched on them picking each other's teeth and how far they'll go to help a bro out.... and more.

Hopefully you're a fan of country too.. but if not, I can change that for ya. Country artists are the best and they certainly know how to win people over... easily.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

exclusive interview: charles esten AKA nashville's deacon claybourne

Are you a #Nashie?! Because I'm OBSESSED with the show Nashville. There are so many likable characters and enough drama to make me crave the next episode but not drive me crazy during the week between.

From the beginning, I've always loved Deacon. He's one of those characters that goes through a lot of s#!*, and makes some really bad decisions, but you still root for him. You see YOUR soulmate in him.

FINALLY... I got to meet him. In my head, we've already been best friends for a long time, and I told him that. He found it pretty funny. Then I told him my name and he had some difficulty with it so I guess maybe the friendship was one sided... UNTIL TODAY.

He was just as awesome as I've always imagined/hoped. Sounded great, was humble, appreciative, friendly, warm, and funny. I was smitten... and also freaking out.

I only had two minutes with him on selfie-cam, so I had just a few very important things to bring up:
  • What he does when he comes home to NoVA
  • If he and Chris Carmack have a battle of the DMV territories on set
  • How incredible Lennon and Maisey Stella are in real life


Here's to a lifelong friendship!


Monday, July 24, 2017

exclusive interview: lfo plays truth or dare AND their new song!

A couple months ago I got an email from a "Brad" saying he was a fellow 90s loving and fanny pack wearing freak. Turns out, it was BRAD FROM FREAKING LFO.

LFO= one of the few albums that I'd say defined my life. I know every word to it. I was effing pumped to get this email.

He said he was coming to town and wanted to come in to the studio and all I could say was HELL YES.

Fast forward to today and they came! Brad and Devin joined me in our Southwest Soundstage to chat, play Truth or Dare Jenga, and play their new song. Then they surprised me by challenging me to sing every word to "Summer Girls.." IN THE MIDDLE OF THEM. I immediately turned 14 again, blushed the whole time, and freaked the freak out.

The full video is below, but here are some highlights:
  • 2:50 - What they've been up to since we last heard from them [hint: family time and Devin crashing in Brad's house]
  • 4:35 - How they continue on without Rich and honor him on their tour [Rich In Love]
  • 14:15 - Brad prank calls a girl who was on her way, but running late
  • 16:10 - The main thing that's different this time around... they have important things to say
  • 19:25 - Their new song Perfect 10
  • 23:00 - They make me prove that I know all the words to Summer Girls, which I.... well... I TRIED OKAY!

Talking to people that I never even DREAMED of having the chance to meet will never get old... or normal. I kept telling them that it felt surreal, even if "the main guy" wasn't there. Now I can forgive my mom for not paying hundreds of dollars for me to see them way back when. She thanks you for that, LFO.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

photo diary: camp eb, my 30th birthday party

*this is going to be such a braggy post and ya know what- I deserve to brag about this so here we go, haters.*

Guys.. I have news. I'm 30 years old. 

So many people have been like "damn, you're 30..." with a scary face, but I've been looking forward to this for a few years. There have been so many boring birthdays and milestones, I've been waiting to do something epic to celebrate my existence on this earth. 

[Also, this is gonna seem really morbid... but for whatever reason, from a young age, maybe 14 or 15, I have fully believed that I would not make it to 30. I've told everyone I know that, assuming it would be a helpful thing to know at my funeral. When I was walking home alone from the bar 20 minutes before turning 30, I thought "this is it. This is when it happens."]


My birthdays are normally full of blacked out people, via bar golf, party buses, etc... this time I rented out an entire campground that slept 200 people, and had a homemade adult summer camp all weekend. I planned it all myself, starting in October of last year, with helpful ideas from everyone attending. Anyone who wanted to come pitched in $70, and checked in to CampEB. 

Here's what we had: 

There was food. I ordered catering from Moe's and Famous Dave's for dinner, then we cooked our own basic brunches and lunches. 

There was a relay race. Four teams of 12 competed in flipper races, sack races, Drunk Waiter, and finding paper clips in a pool of pudding.

There was a "photo booth" made with balloons I ordered from China, a painted thrift store frame, and my green screen base. 

An insulated fanny pack and color changing cup for everyone at the check-in table!

A Snapchat filter that they said was "promoting excess drinking" so it only worked for a night, and a convenient camp map. 

A birthday cake that I didn't wait to eat. 

A pinata I was really good at

Essential camp activities like tug o' war and crafts like tie dye and friendship bracelets.

Some Bubble Ball battles

Of course, there was alcohol. We ended up going through five kegs, countless bottles of vodka, and over 500 Jello shots that my mom made. 

A Lip Sync Battle, which was my favorite part of the whole thing. Watching people perform without worrying about talent is so much fun and the perfect way to boost energy and confidence. FIVE STARS, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. [We also had the FANTASTIC DJ Image on Friday night!]

Dad's dance moves were in full effect. 

And finally, there was a final pic that perfectly captured the weekend. Not everyone made it late night, but we the few made the most of CampEB.

Okay, fine. I'll show you the video my brother made. We had set up a geofilter Snap story, and at the end of the weekend there were 45 minutes worth of snaps that he edited into this work of art, full of my best looking self: 

As someone who loves the outdoors, it was my perfect weekend, only missing some sort of water activity. Some of my friends were way out of their comfort zone, others took a plane to get there, one even took a plane and a $100 Uber ride. Goodness, I'm really not deserving of all of that... which is exactly why I made it a thing that anyone would want to do, birthday or not. Now they're wanting to do it again, and we just might have to.

Also, there needs to be some sort of therapy for after events like this or weddings happen. After months of planning and the event over in what feels like minutes, it's hard to cope with! Luckily there's a chance we can do this all again. Start sucking up now if you want to be invited.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

video: playing the floor is lava with kip moore

Confession: "The Floor Is Lava" is my favorite game since beer pong. It's hilarious, even when you play it virtually.

So I knew I had a couple seconds to talk to Kip Moore [after watching him be SO ADD during his performance that it made me feel normal] and decided to see if he played the game.

Answer: he doesn't. While he refused to play, he did have a response that made it absolutely perfect and further proof that country artists live like normal ass people.

Another normal person story: He took an Uber to the station, and then another Uber all the way to his Baltimore hotel.

If you ever get the chance to see him, do it. He's hilarious and crazy talented.