Thursday, October 19, 2017

interview: grace vanderwaal talks about overcoming mean girls

One thing I like to talk about with most artists: What they were teased for or the crap they had to go through growing up. It happens to all of us in one way or another, and I think it's good to hear about how these people that you may look up to have coped with it in their life.

Grace VanderWaal, who won America's Got Talent in 2016, is a girl WAY beyond her years. She's confident and sassy and crazy smart... so she's already got it figured out [mostly] at the age of 13. It wasn't always that way, though.

Grace said overcoming the things mean girls would say was the hardest thing she's ever accomplished... but that she thinks the word "bully" is overused. I think that's important to note. A lot of times people say they're being bullied, and it's a new synonym for teased. I still haven't figured out if it's the way people are raised now or if it's the Internet or what, but we're fast to cry "BULLYING!" That's not to say people AREN'T being hurt by what other people are saying or doing... there are just levels of it all, and somehow we need to be able to figure out a way to differentiate between them, AND how to teach people to deal with all the different levels.

Anyway, hear it all from a 13 year old who probably has plenty of it coming her way in the future, but it seems like she'll be able to handle it just fine:

Also, if you haven't listened to her music, you're missing out. It's really good, and there's no way you'd know it was a 13 year old if you had never heard of her. 


interview: playing urban dictionary with ne-yo

When smart people come into the studio... I could try to be as smart as them... or I could bring them down to my level. The level of Urban Dictionary terms.

That's what happened with Ne-Yo! I wanted to inspire him to write some songs with these new terms!

Do YOU know what ABC sex is? What about masturdating or hiberdating?! Jesus jeans and party socks?! We went over all of these things, and had way too many ADD thoughts/side convos in there as well.

Because we kept going on so many tangents, that's pretty edited down... but the full video from a live stream is here for you, too.

BTW... DO YOU SEE THAT FANCY iHEART WIDGET?!?!? THAT'S BECAUSE I HAVE MY OWN PODCAST CHANNEL ON THERE! FINALLY! Just search "elizabethany" and follow it so you never miss one! Plus, they'll think I'm cool and probably give me a hefty raise if people like me.*


*probably not

Friday, October 13, 2017

elizabethanytv: they made me go through another haunted house

You've seen before how much I HATE going through haunted houses..... and yet, I'll do it if there's a camera involved. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment, like I just defeated death, is kinda neat.

This time was Laurel's House of Horror in Maryland, where they also do an Escape Room that involves the same terrifying people coming into the room and effing with you as if you're not trying to use your damn brain to escape a damn room! [Still feeling very anxious about all of this, tbh.]

Here are some of the best moments of sheer terror, surrender, and also finally fighting back.

 I'm done for this year. Plus, it's Friday the 13th. That ain't right.


Friday, September 15, 2017

elizabethanyTV: making my coworkers smell my armpits

I've decided I'm sick of talking about these cool random products that I find on the internet... and I'm going to start buying them. Unless someone wants to send them to me but lol that's funny.

Native is an all natural deodorant company and they've made a pumpkin spice latte scented deodorant because they're smart and know how to capitalize on the basics.

When it came in, I did the only thing I know how to do: make other people uncomfortable.

I asked people in the office to smell my pits and guess what the scent was. It didn't go over well.

Fun fact: I also did gymnastics today. I made a video AND did gymnastics in one week. I feel so happy-EB right now and I just hope I can keep it up!


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

what i wore this wedding season 2017

Friends getting married > friends having babies. I'm all for the dancing and eating and the open bars and the reason to go shopping and get all dressed up and make personalized gifts [more on that later]. Sometimes I'm even all for the traveling it requires.

This year was a good year. THE best friend got married and so did some of his best friends and his brother. SO MUCH PRESSURE.

There has never once been a time that I felt like the best dressed guest at a wedding, but I learn each time... kinda. Still, I seem to think you care about what I wear to these events so here I am posting these terrible cell phone pics again. I'm such a professional.

WEDDING ONE, on the water in MD, in May: #darrlybeloved

I'm pretty obsessed with this dress from Forever 21 [and the Charlotte Russe shoes that I wear to every wedding every year], even though it seemed pretty out of my norm. It's the right amount of trendy and appropriate for a wedding. It may have been better for the more fall-season wedding, and maybe I shouldn't have looked like one of the bridesmaids in navy blue... but damn if my make-up wasn't on point...

For each wedding, I just did a blend of the NAKED3 palette and an awkward attempt at contouring.

WEDDING TWO: Maid of Honor in SC, in June. #partyharding

I've already posted all about this dress and all the dresses I tried on to pick it, but thanks to her photographer, I have better pics of my hair. 

Whenever I do an updo, I throw in some braids, then finish my make-up, then figure out how much time I have to create something with the rest that isn't in a braid. I had five minutes, so I did a quick topsy-tail, bobby pinned some pieces, and prayed it looked good because I never look at the back of my hair. After seeing these pics, I'm amazed by how good the rainbow looked! 

WEDDING THREE: Outside in upstate NY, in August. #hughesidos

Half the fun in getting dressed up is doing subtle matching, right?! Although, based on everyone's comments, I wasn't so subtle with the matching at this one. His $9 tie from TJ Maxx, $5 coral shirt from H&M, and my NastyGal dress were a match made in Heaven. The only issue was that my lady parts fell out when I walked until I put some safety pins near my hips to keep that wrap-over part together. Don't you hate the slutty girls at weddings??!? 

WEDDING FOUR: At Pinstripes in DC, in September. #yeswayjose

An Express dress that I thought was simple and fun enough for a wedding at a bowling alley, but with the amount of compliments I've gotten- I need to wear this more often! I finally switched up the shoes for blush wrap around heels from JustFab, and blush fringe earrings that I bought at Target 90 minutes before I went. I'm gonna need to update this post with a close-up of these things.

I normally allow myself an hour to get ready after a shower, and soon I'll need to admit to myself that's not enough time to do hair, make-up, put on the right jams, make some pre-wedding drinks, and gather my things before ordering an Uber. I did another version of a side braid then had to straighten the pony because I convinced myself that sleek was cute [and I was almost running late].

Maybe next year I'll re-wear some of these dresses for a wedding. lololol JK. A more realistic thing would be trying to find some friends who will trade with me. Isn't that a genius idea?! Swapping dresses you've worn for weddings?! WHO'S IN?!