Thursday, August 27, 2015

wearing: black and white jacquard curtains

Okay, so maybe I'm not wearing curtains, but this dress matches my bedroom so it feels like it.

It's ironic that I'm posting this outfit because I have had this dress for two years and never once worn it. I always thought it was way too big, but I guess that's the beauty in gaining some weight. [which to be honest- is why I haven't been posting. Sigh]

Someone was finally around to take a couple pictures, in an empty mall parking lot, and now here we are.
Because I never know how to pose.... [Don't even bother blowing it up looking for my underwear. I already did, sucka.]

It's a little wide, but it's really so comfortable. There are cinches right under the boobs and right above the butt to create "shape," but I felt like I was swimming in it before. Now I'm just confused about how I should accessorize this pattern. 
-dress from Forever21
-booties from Marshalls
-Kendra Scott earrings [c/o]
-necklace from Forever21
-total cost: $40ish

Funny thing is, I wore the same earrings and booties with another outfit last time I got a new dress, this one from Express [clearance, holla!]

[NOT "HOLLA" for phone mirror selfies as good outfit pics. I need a roommate... or a trainer for Slutty so she can take the pics and not try to be in all of them.]

Real talk about something I really don't wanna hear any response to unless it's motivation to get my ass in the gym- as much as people say it doesn't matter what we look like when we're in radio, I've been suffering in Struggle City with my weight this summer, yet not doing a damn thing about it. For a couple months I felt like I was busting my ass in the gym, eating healthy, and still gaining weight. I decided to just give up on the effort. What I've come to accept is that I think I'm hitting my "woman body" and it's going to be harder to work off this weight than in the past. I need to stop eating free food just because it's free, and stop believing people when they say I look fine because I don't feel fine. That's ultimately what's important. It's also important to get back to posting and hustling and making dreams come true so if you see me eating 3700+ calories in a night, kick my ass. Thanks, love ya, bye.


PS: Working all the angles works all the wonders.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

video: artists interview each other, episode 2

Toby Knapp, afternoons in DC, is a stickler for not asking celebs all the same questions as everyone else, but sometimes it's a bit hard to get things out of them! I decided it was best to have THEM ask the questions! How you gonna hate on another one of your kind asking you something?!

You're not.

So this time we had a pretty solid line-up. Tori Kelly -- Adam Lambert -- Max [Schneider] -- ZZ Ward -- MKTO -- Leona Lewis.

FYI ALL of these people are some of my faves to have in this studio. NOTHING bad to say about any of them.

More interviews coming next week, scouts honor. Finally getting time to catch up.


PS EPISODE 1-- right here!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

videos/pics: crashing a backyard with mkto

By now it should be pretty obvious how much I love Malcolm and Tony of MKTO. We have allll the fun together whenever they come, which seems to be pretty often.

This time we switched it up AGAIN by crashing the backyard of one of their biggest fans instead of just doing something here in the studio.

It was pretty awesome being able to make it so intimate for such a big fan, and they're so fun that it was easy. How many people get to say they sat down in their backyard and just chatted in the grass with their favorite band?!?

I love being opinionated and ridiculous, but it's even more fun seeing someone's eyes light up when dreams come true. It's incredible to know I was a part of a moment she is definitely going to remember for the rest of her life. She'll be telling her grandkids that some chic from the machine that played music in your vehicle had purple hair and brought her dreamboats to her home. That's neat.

More pics:

Our amazing team!

Thanks again to MKTO for always being the best, and CONGRATS to them for being the latest "Swift Squad" members and joining her on stage in Boston!


PS Some outfit details [with this damn skirt that WON'T STAY DOWN... I didn't realize it looked so short.]:

-crop tank from Charlotte Russe
-basic black skirt from F21
-flannel from Target
-fake me out Keds also from Target
-amazing hair from Ruby Devine at Frizzles in Alexandria, VA

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

poll: what should I do with my living room?

Decisions are my enemy, and you're my best friend... so I'm glad we have developed this fantastic relationship where you can help me decide REALLY EXTRA LIFE CHANGING decisions.... like which dining room table/chairs I should get. 

Every night for at least two months, I lay in my bed [during my only "me time"] and try to find the perfect set and I don't think "perfect" is going to happen in my budget. So here's what we're looking at. 

You know my living room is purple and turquoise, but my kitchen is green, and the dining room is inbetween. I've decided I definitely want a black table of some sort and green chairs, but I can't decide which shade or which height. This is where you come in. [I put a vase that is similar to one I just got so you can see how the colors will hopefully flow, along with other artwork etc.]

This is your typical dining height table [this one expands to get longer] with a really light "celery green" leather chair or a lime green microfiber one.

This is "counter height" which is really only a couple inches higher, but to me it seems cooler. Again, a cloth true-green option, and leather lighter option. 

In my head, the lighter colors would be an easier, more fun transition with colors, but now that I put these together I'm not sure if that's entirely true. Also, it's impossible to find a green chair with black legs. The C option is the only one I wouldn't have to paint to match the table. 

I'm trying to class up my apartment so which option do you think best does that? 

I know the tables are plain, but a girl's gotta save SOME kind of money! I figure the chairs make more of an impact... right or wrong?

Have I told you lately that I love you?


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

watch etv: mom learns to whip and nae nae, silento learns the white girl

By now you know how to Whip and Nae Nae [and in a couple weeks the song will disappear for a while until we're reminiscing]. He came into the studio one night to host the countdown with me and do some dancing.

Yes, of course we did the full dance together, but more importantly- I taught him how to do THE White Girl. [I should probably trademark that ish and come up with a song so I'm rich, bitch.]

[If no one on the Internet finds this funny, at least someone from his entourage who was filming did! Win.]

The face on his producer/friend on the left is priceless the entire time. That 16 year old is so not impressed with me.

Silento was awesome, by the way. Typical high school kid-hustler who said he knew this song was going to be a hit right away, even though everyone else in the room disagreed. He's also hella attractive, but I probably shouldn't say that in public since it'd be illegal.

Maybe they'd be impressed with Mama Plog, though. Each year we try to teach her a new dance [until one time she told me it felt like she was trying to achieve an O, which made me immediately run, cry, and hide for a couple years]. This year it was all about the "Watch Me" dance and a side of Stanky Leg.

[For the record, we could barely hear the music which is why I seem confused. Somehow it was loud enough on this here video.]

Now you know why it's so easy for me to get my White Girl on. Thanks, Mom. Your Stanky Leg is spot on.


PS She can't be mad at me for this... it's still nothing compared to Papa Plog's dance moves.

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