Tuesday, April 18, 2017

what i wore: coachella 2017

I've been to plenty music festivals before, but Coachella is different than most of them. I'm typically worried about how much I drink and how silly I get... but at Coachella, it's about how you look and who you're with.

Before I share all of the things that I saw, let's get to the important stuff, shall we?!

I ordered these pieces while drunkenly going through ASOS clearance one night... knowing they were "Coachella-y" but having no idea what I'd do with them. The night I was packing I accidentally threw them on together and was real into it.

-velvet crop top: ASOS
-lace tie skirt: ASOS
-combat boots: JustFab
-shapers undies: Target
-peekaboo tat: Amazon
-necklace: F21
-heart sunglasses from Santa "Because love, elizabethany!"

For my make-up, I wanted to go real metallic-y. I found the eyeshadow with the most glitter and did a silver/blue smokey eye, with silver and black liquid eyeliner, and blue shadow on the bottom lash. I saw on Pinterest that "everyone at Coachella would have the lip line" and thought it was ridiculous, but ended up loving it. That's the same eyeliner that is on my eyes. 

-eyeshadow: Urban Decay
-eyeliners: NYX
-mascara I swear by: Stila Extreme Lash
-lipstick: NYX Liquid Suede in Amethyst

This was my "basic Coachella" outfit, but I loved it. It's a little bit sexy, a little bit grunge, and another excuse to not wear a bra.

-bodysuit: ASOS
-jorts: Express [I had to order two sizes up from my usual jean size]
-belt: Boohoo
-booties: I forget. Probably JustFab or Target
-necklaces: F21 and Amazon

My make-up was a lot darker than Friday because in my mind it made sense for Saturday to be for the sultry. Also, rhinestones were a must each night. I thought I would like putting more on... over my eyebrows, in a design, who knows... but ended up keeping them simple.

-Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes
-NYX lingerie in Embellishment 

I planned all of my outfits ahead of time, but brought a few extras just in case. This top was an extra, but I liked it with the bandana, which I learned by day two that unless you want painful lungs the next morning, you should have a bandana handy. 

-patched jorts from Forever21
-top from F21
-combat boots from JustFab
-bandana from Amazon

No matter what, I wanted a LOT of color for Sunday. We'd only be there during the day, it was Easter... color was needed. I used my Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay palette for a teal and purple eyeball, and eventually did a semi-ombre lip with two different Liquid Suedes from NYX. 

A lot of people ask me how I do my eye make-up, and honestly, it's ALWAYS the same formula... normally 3-4 colors... I put a dark one above the crease, a bright one inside the corners of my eyes, a medium shade on the outside corners, and then one final color to blend it all. No real science to it... and most of the time I use my fingers until the blending color.

After MONTHS of looking for ideas on Pinterest and shopping and ordering and returning, I'm pretty proud to say I only copied one outfit, and I probably only spent about... $150ish on everything. I also gained a new love of bandanas.... it's gonna become a regular thing for me, I think.


Friday, April 7, 2017

what ya wearin: my vegas acm outfits

So, I went to Vegas again...... 13 months ago, I was terrified of Vegas. I thought if I ever went, I'd never come out alive. Somehow.... I'm alive... or something like that. 

It was ACM weekend again, with Nashville taking over Vegas... but we still got to live the Vegas nightlife. More on everything that happened later. Right now, it's all about what I wore because I spent ENTIRELY too long and too much last-minute-shipping money for me to not show you. 

Of course, I didn't get pictures while there because that'd be silly.... so we're checking out high quality mirror selfies, y'all.

Believe it or not, we actually got out of the hotel by 11am one day. We hit brunch then the neon sign museum! Turns out it was 48 degrees and I was not at all prepared for this, but I enjoyed this outfit too much to buy a souvenir hoody to be warm.

-Express jeans, always
-Target sandals that I destroyed on day one $24
-choker from Amazon

NIGHT ONE: The station event/concert All Star Guitar Pull
I knew I needed to be a little toned down, but wanted to mix in some trendy, and brought a few options out there. Then our power went out because of a wind storm so I had to pick the dress that didn't require ironing.... just required shaving in the sink with a bottled water. 
If I were getting married any time soon, this would have been purchased for any one of those events leading up to it but lolololol that's not happening. I'll just wear a white dress for the hell of it.

-dress from F21 last year's clearance $25
-shoes from DSW clearance $20
-earrings with a fake pearl and gem from H&M $1

I threw half my hair up for an added *angelic* touch. Is that the vibe you get from that style like me?! 

NIGHT TWO: A concert, a bar, and a sleep walk
[Side note let's not ask about the sleep walking thing... if you're lucky you heard about it on the air.]
I've never in my life worn anything like this.... never felt confident to do so. Like a lot of girls ladies [WTF DO I EVEN CALL MYSELF] I don't like my boobs, so why show them?! Well, why the hell not?! These bodysuits have a way of bringing out your sexy, inside and out. Add in some lace up jeans and vodka and I was on my way to be the queen of Vegas for the night.

-bodysuit from ASOS $9
-Express jeans [sale $40]
-heels from Charlotte Russe ~$20
-F21 necklace $11

-you can't see make-up details, but I mixed a purple that matches my hair and black sparkles, because Vegas

NIGHT THREE: A beach concert and a club
How the hell do you dress for so many different kinds of places in one night?! Well, a dress. And another night of not wearing a bra has me questioning if I have changed into a completely different person and when it happened..
This is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. 

-dress from Boohoo $15
-same shoes from DSW
-I had some big ol' gem earrings but they broke that night while racking up a $20k bar tab... but like I said, more on that stuff later. *sparking your curiosity*

It's silly that I can't find so much of that stuff on the websites anymore... but that's what happens when you shop clearance and I am not sorry for that. If you like something, lemme know, and I'll keep an eye out for similar things and let ya know. ;) 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

photo diary: 8 florida towns in 3 days

My ADD-ness has spread into the way I travel.... and I don't mind it at all. Why visit ONE place, when you could rent a car and make it an adventure/road trip?

This time it was all about Florida. I only had three days to work with, not a lot of money, and I booked it less than 3 weeks before I left. Luckily, flights to Florida are pretty damn cheap most of the time.

The first decision I had to make: Atlantic Coast or Gulf Coast? Thanks to pictures of Siesta Key, the Gulf Coast was the winner, and Tampa would be the starting point.

With a bunch of friends in Tampa, it makes it an easy starting point. My first gamble was on the rental company. Sixt had an incredible deal on a convertible, and reviews that were either awful or fantastic. I'll take a gamble on saving $200 and not getting the car I want. Luckily, even though they told me they didn't have what I reserved, I saw it in the parking lot. A beautiful VW Beetle convertible. [LOL at making him think it'd be something like a Mustang then being all HAHA SUCKA I'M DRIVING EXCEPT FOR WHEN I WANNA TAKE PICS!]

There was some solid people watching in SoHo Tampa [and a huge, nice hotel that did not get enough use] before it was on to the next stop: Siesta Key.

It's America's #1 Beach, so I kind of expected it to be a little crowded, but man I was wrong in that expectation. Even at one of the main public parking entrances, there was barely anyone around. Maybe it was because it was so huge and flat that it felt empty, or maybe people hate little waves, clear water, and searching for sand dollars. When is the last time you've seen this much beach and only three people in the frame?!

I remember going to Sarasota as a kid and searching for sand dollars for hours with my mom... we'd wake up really early and go before everyone else found them. Now I know the real trick is to look when the tide is changing. Suddenly I was finding ALL OF THE BEAUTIES, and also a lot of really ugly rejects. I left those for the lazy people who didn't wanna find them in the water. 

Finding good food has surprisingly become one of my favorite things about traveling. Okay... I say surprisingly but really, I've loved food my whole life... I'm totally fine with eating gas station food most of the time, though.. just NOT WHILE TRAVELING. 

Ask people who have been... check Yelp... do research. The meal could be the best thing about a trip. [I still can't stop thinking about the meal I had in Key West and it's almost been two years!]

Shut up Elizabethany and show the damn food.

Thanks to my boss and his wife, I knew I should skip the oceanside restaurants and head a little north for The Columbia Restaurant. Cuban food, delicious sangria, and so many options. What you see on my delicious plate is Mahi Mahi topped with crab and hot damn- I'm glad I saved some so I could have it for a second meal.

This is when I made my first mistake. Even though I purposely didn't book a hotel for night 2 ahead of time, I stuck to the plan of going to Ft Myers instead of staying in Siesta Key/Sarasota. As we were driving away, the town was picking up, the old people were going to sleep, the people who were hungover from the night before were coming out, and I love a good beach bar... but we headed south to check out another city. 

The problem was.... there was no exploring of Ft Myers. Maybe because it was Sunday night and there were no bodies to be seen walking around, or maybe it was because I had probably the worst sunburn of my life. I don't get sunburnt. That's something silly that white folk have to deal with while I put on SPF 8 and get a slow brown. I learned a valuable lesson that day in Florida: DO NOT DRIVE A CONVERTIBLE, IN THE MORNING, WITHOUT SUNSCREEN ON. YOU WILL GET VERY BURNED IN LESS THAN AN HOUR.

Okay, there may be some dramatics coming into my whining, but think back to your first/worst sunburn. You were crying and complaining for days too, RIGHT?!? 

The lesson was learned, sunscreen was on, and Naples was the next stop. I don't think I've ever seen a cuter town in my entire life. So much green, and vibrant colors in general.

There were also these huge trees, that I've now learned are "banyon trees." If you've never seen a huge one of these in person, you're missing out. You're also missing out on an old person yelling at you with their half-voice if you don't climb it. 

The pier was just as beautiful... and full of gray [hair]. People were fishing, then throwing their fish back into the water where dolphins and pelicans would get them. The dolphins were SO close to the pier and even the swimmers, but of course I don't have pictures to capture that.

You don't really need more than a few hours in Naples, I don't think... unless Grandma June is there or something. 

It was time to take on the Everglades. I had done some research on all of the different airboat rides, but in the end- unless you're paying the big bucks for a private boat, they're all highly rated and about the same price. Wooten's had an animal sanctuary and a late final-boat time, so that was the winner. They had a white tiger, lots of crocs, otters... all kinds of babes... but we were there for the ride. 

I was a little discouraged when we got on this big ass boat... I was so rudely thinking the big guy can't do tricks... but it did. All the spins, all the coasting over mud, and quite a bit of fear tbh. It's only about 45 minutes long, but that's all I needed. Here's a quick clip:

And the third stop in one day: Miami.

There was a restaurant that I went to by myself the last time I was in Miami, and I was determined to find it again. It was so cute, the vibe was great, live cuban music was playing.... It's called Moreno's, and it's hiding in an alley attached to a hotel.

The service was worse than I remember, but it was still such a good vibe with neat drink options that I wouldn't write it off.

Now is when I should say Miami brought the crazy party, there was so much bar hopping and fancy drinks, and dancing next to rich people... but I've been having to severely limit my drinking lately. [If this is the first time you've heard this, it could be quite shocking.... but I've been sharing on the show and some on social about my migraines. Something about drinking is triggering cluster migraines and it is totally life changing in all the awful ways.]

Instead of partying the night away, we walked along the beach/strip of hotel pools that are probably full of rage on the weekend. Then I found a patch of green in the middle of downtown Miami Beach and decided to lay down and look up for a while.

When's the last time you've done that? Put your phone away, shut the bleep up, and just relax and observe.... It was foreign to me, but hot damn did it feel good. So good, this picture of my view over here gives me happy feels and it's not even a good picture.

The final day was all about Ft. Lauderdale... specifically Ft. Lauderdale Beach Park. Who's gonna turn down a bunch of picnic tables, an outdoor gym [lolz not that I'm gonna use it on vaca but it was fun to watch the babes on it], and nearby restaurants?! No one smart, that's who. 

It was another huge, flat beach, that was pretty empty on a Tuesday. There was also a huge chair so *cue photoshoot.*

I had been looking for a good place to get fish tacos all week and finally found a dive bar celebrating Taco Tuesday! Perfect! ...except that their Taco Tuesday was strictly chicken and beef since they pump out a bunch of them. They were $1 each and hella good.

Somehow the entire trip was a combination of adventure and relaxation. Sure, there was a lot of moving around city to city, but it was only 3.5 hours total driving, and a lot of laying around once we got to each place. If you're looking to do the most amount of traveling and sight seeing along the Gulf Coast in 66 hours, here's where I'd go again:
  • Tampa
  • Siesta Key/Sarasota
  • Naples
  • Everglades
  • Miami
  • Ft Lauderdale
I had hoped to get to Sanibel Island and also this coral castle in Miami, but it would have messed with timing more than I'd liked. You can save a lot of time by getting sandwiches to eat at the beach and only eating dinner out. Drive in the morning or at night, and soak up the daylight hours away from the car. Just like when I went to California, I starred places I wanted to see on Google Maps, then picked the best route/timing to see as much of it as I could.

66 hours.... that's literally all we had to do all of this. Make the most of your time, always.


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

my weekend at the presidential inauguration and women's march

Honestly... where does one begin when they start writing about the experiences that were the Trump Inauguration and Women's March?

I'm not one who likes history or politics. In fact- I've hated the two things my whole life. This election certainly changed that, at least in some capacity. I used to keep my mouth shut about politics because I wasn't sure if I knew what I was talking about and I didn't wanna turn anyone away from me... now I'm speaking out. There are too many things that we KNOW will negatively affect so many people that I have no problem speaking my mind. That being said- there are still a lot of unknowns. I have no idea what the best way to get rid of the debt is. I don't know what will actually bring jobs back for people who have no modern skills without hurting people who do. So... I will absolutely fight to keep EVERYONE happy when I know what's right, and hope for the best when I don't know what's going to happen.

I've written up some thoughts and a lot of pictures on both the Inauguration and the Women's March on my station blog, but this has always been a place where I share my true, unfiltered thoughts... so here we go.

The Inauguration

I was doing call ins for our sister station WMZQ, and while walking down there- was looking for anything to say. There were so few people on the streets, I literally talked about almost stepping in horse poop, the fact that Secret Service was complimenting protest signs, and assuming I was the only one late to a party. Aly Jacobs seemed to want me to talk about all the Trump supporters [because country listeners love Trump probably], but I could tell that the real story would be how empty the city was on a day we all expected insanity.

Even when I got inside, there was so much room. Like I could do cartwheels FO' DAYYZZZZ. [That's how I measure the amount of space somewhere, obviously.]

I wasn't that far away... I was in the first "square" of unticketed people... it should have been packed.

There was also a relatively even amount of pro- and anti- Trump people. I'd say the end total was maybe... 65/35 with majority being for him, but I definitely expected more supporters to be there.

It was so quiet. Chants would start.. U-S-A! U-S-A! Or a variety of others, but they'd never get very loud or last very long. For the most part, people were silent. Unless, of course, someone wanted to speak up to the protesters.

The protesters that I saw were all quiet, simply holding signs. Supporters couldn't handle it. They'd walk up screaming "GROW UP! GET A JOB!" Completely ignoring the fact that these people were dressed in fairly nice clothing and simply/calmly using their right to protest. There were also some mostly-healthy debates happening between supporters and protestors after the Inauguration, which was entertaining. It was refreshing to see a group of Millennials, who get accused for not being involved, for being lazy, all being one way, etc.... speaking their thoughts without losing their minds. I thought for sure a video would go viral from it, but I can't find it.

As for the actual swearing in, etc.... Man, that was weird. I'm still in shock this is all happening. I walked around and just looked at people. Saw some people feeling the same as me, and others with tremendous pride. It wasn't until the moment the Obamas took off in the helicopter and I watched it fly over that I lost it.

I mean, really lost it. Full on cry at the National Mall, desperately looking for someone who was having the same moment as me so we could hug each other. The weird thing is, it wasn't only because the future is...... iffy. I couldn't stop imagining this family, who lived in a crazy bubble with the biggest magnifying glass, being thrown back into the wild in an instant. It's the same feeling I get when I watch Real World or something and they have this amazing experience with each other, then have to say goodbye to it all. It's emotional. Bittersweet.

People filed out pretty quickly. They didn't stick around for the parade or anything. I guess some went to the small but scary protest that happened on Franklin Square... but most got food and took their asses home. It was as if this massive event hadn't just happened.

The Women's March

There was no doubt this would be a bigger day than the Inauguration, but it wasn't until someone sent me a picture of the super-packed Metro stations that I realized the possibility of what I was getting into. I always knew I wanted to go down and experience this, but for one of the first times in my life- I wasn't fully prepared in the spirit department. No sign, no pussy hat... just a pink sweater and a desire to be American.

The Metro was packed. The streets were packed. The moment I saw the Capitol Building and the thousands of people on the streets in front of it, I couldn't shake the goosebumps. It was surreal.

I thought this was a solid amount of people... I hadn't turned the corner yet.
Once I got to a huge crowd, I just kept reading signs and taking pictures. I had a goal of making it to the rally, but I was so amazed by everything I was seeing, I didn't feel the need to walk. Everyone else around me was moving, the March was starting two hours early because of so many people, and I just wanted to observe. I saw a group of people on a trailer roof who offered to help me up. After taking some quick pictures, I sat down with a man from Argentina.

This man came to the US for this event. He said he couldn't miss it. Sure, he'd explore more afterwards, but he came over to witness this history. It was another moment of putting it into perspective for me.

We sat down for a couple hours, just watching all the signs go by. Looking at the variety of people. Old, young, male, female, gay straight, every color under the rainbow... and the LOUD chants. Most of which included "This is what democracy looks like."

There was such a variety of signs, too. It wasn't only about women's rights... It was about climate change. It was about creepy tweets. It was also just a straight up hate-fest on Trump.

Because I'm being unfiltered here, I'll say it did bother me that some signs and people were so hate-filled for Trump. As much as I hate the fact he's in that office and about to make decisions for us, there's nothing we can do about it now. I mean, we might be able to get him impeached, but then we have Pence in the big chair and for the love of this country, we really can not let that happen. Maybe people wanted to bully the bully, but there were much more productive ways of speaking your mind on what you want than just calling out his idiocy.

I still don't know how to really explain what I saw or felt. The worst part- I don't have a picture that really captures it all, either.... but here are some that I will always remember.

People were climbing trees, traffic lights, anything to get a good view.
A few ambulances had to make their way through the masses... I was amazed by not only their ability to part the sea, but get through rather quickly.
An entire street, several blocks away from the rally, crowded in to watch the speakers on a screen.
As I'm leaving.... I've walked four blocks or so AWAY from the official March, and there are still this many people.
So the girl who hates history was a part of it. The girl who hates history also hates the idea of seeing all of this in my kids' history books later. Well, lemme rephrase that. I'll be hella proud to talk about the March and show that even in a world of social media and such, we got off our asses, headed into crowds, and spoke our minds. I won't be proud of the actual news coverage of the events, and the Inauguration/election as a whole. Heyzeus, what will the historians even say in the books?!?!

And to the people who live in DC and didn't witness any of this first hand- what the hell is wrong with you? I was kinda nice about saying that to some of my friends, but seriously- why would you ever sit at home when you could witness this in your backyard? When you do have kids, are you gonna tell them the truth of being too cool to go down and at least see what was going on, or will you be like "OMG YEAH I LIVED IN DC BACK THEN IT WAS CRAZY!"? You don't wanna be a liar to your kids... Plus- haven't I said this enough?: Never turn down the opportunity to experience something.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

video: truth or dare with sabrina carpenter

It seems like it was a year ago that we found out Girl Meets World was a thing and I started a very enthusiastic countdown... but now it's coming to an end after three too short seasons.

I'm glad that before it comes to an end, I was able to talk to Sabrina Carpenter about the impact of the original show, and the truths of the new cast.

In the best version of Truth or Dare, she has to answer questions about her cast, and if she doesn't- complete a dare.

To be honest, I'm surprised it was such a simple, silly question that made her go for the dare! Maybe she was just intrigued.

And as for Sabrina herself- she's a star... and just like all the current Disney stars, she has multiple talents and is an incredible singer. Beyond talent, she's humble, smart, genuine, and basically everything great that I can say about an artist besides "knows how to drink" because she's too young for that. She's not gonna disappear, that's for sure.

If you wanna see more of a formal interview, she sat down with Toby Knapp in the studio. 

Now.... can we maybe stop with all of the shows coming back? GMW did it right, but now we're all heartbroken again. Fuller House is good.... but we don't need to be doing all this other nonsense.

Whoa, never thought I'd say all that.