Monday, September 19, 2016


Eight years ago I gave birth to this beloved child of mine. I put in a ton of work hoping it would grow [it didn't] and totally used it for selfish purposes [to get me jobs and opportunities and free stuff]. While it's been a little deprived lately, it's still an accomplishment I wanna celebrate!

So for its birthday, I got love, EB a makeover! Simple and quick, but it'll do for now! It's just enough to remotivate me to really focus on doing things for myself and posting more about my real life, how I'm feeling, what I'm going through, and what I need help with.

Thanks for checking in and joining in on the celebration! Have one for the blog! I had more than one...


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

elizabethanytv: the scariest moment of my life with vw's rallycross team

Volkswagen and me: We go together pretty well. I grew up on them, I raced them, and then I bought my dream one a year ago. My friend Patrick knew this about me, and since he works at VW, he gave me some pretty awesome opportunities.

Some of them were with the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross racers champs, Tanner Foust and Scott Speed. It's actually a pretty big deal [which I found out once I started telling some friends and they were unexpectedly excited for me]. I was just excited to play some Minute to Win It games and talk ish to some racers.

A dozen oranges, a box of cookies, a cheating attempt, and a very messy face later- we got the ultimate loser.

Yeah I got real comfortable with the guys real quick, which made it fun. Plus- they're both hella fun which made it easy.

...but I'm embarrassed that I can't even try and cheat [during the cups game] and win. Idiot Elizabethany.

The day after filming this, they invited me to do a HOT lap with Tanner Foust, which promptly made my dad and a lot of my Snapchatters very jealous. I was pumped to go around the track twice in this car that drifts and goes over jumps. Fear wasn't really a factor; I knew I'd be safe. I mean, they strapped and buckled my helmet to the back of the seat and everything.

Then, we took off. We hit 130 mph as we went straight for a sharp turn.

I. WAS. F#@%ING TERRIFIED. I tried to open my eyes. I tried to laugh off the terror. I tried to hold on, but there was nothing to grab. I accepted the fact that at least if we flip and crash, I'll be totally safe in here.

Luckily, they caught it on video. Be sure to catch the moments of my eyes being ALL THE WAY OPEN.

Seriously, it was the scariest and coolest thing I think I've ever done... and I'd like to think I try a lot.

When I went to the race, I took my very excited dad. I don't think I've ever seen him walk with such a pep in his step, and he's definitely never brought up getting a picture with someone like he did Tanner and Scott.

We were able to watch some of the other rounds with the guys, which was super neat to see the comments they had to say to each other, and celebrated as Scott took 1st and Tanner slid in front to get 3rd in the finals! WOO! Papa Plog did point out that I appeared to have PTSD, though. As the cars raced around, I was feeling some intense emotions and flashbacks to the ride!

Now I will watch who I throw out my "former racer" credentials to, though.....


PS here's a good look at the whole race event at RFK! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

video diary: my trip to jamboree in the hills, a country festival

After last year's quick trip to Big Barrel, and then it being canceled, I knew I had to get a new country festival to go to. A TON of them kept getting canceled, but Jamboree in the Hills claimed to be the oldest and the easiest to get to so BAM. I was going.

I looked for an RV, found a bunch of Mountaineer friends, bought way too much food and just enough alcohol, and hit the road for Belmont, Ohio. AKA Bumf***.

We got lucky and parked near some horse friends, and with a quick walk down the parking lots, found families with a legit pool setup. That's what's so fun about these things! You meet interesting people [who try to jump into a pool and totally fail].

First order of business upon arrival: A beer bong. Obviously while wearing something America and overalls.

That pool had a filter AND a heater! And he claims it was $80. 

It was a rainy night... but being in the rain, without caring about how wet you get, is one of the most freeing feelings. 

Essentials for Jambo: A fancy DIY cooler [you can actually bring in your drinks and food!!!!] and some good ol' redneck clothing.

Only time to sleep: Between artists. [Actually, I felt pretty good about the amount of sleep I got. Most of the time everyone was out around midnight, up at 8am. Plenty of snoozing!]

My roommates for the weekend! So proud of us for putting it together and having faith in it being awesome! 

There's another detail that I've been telling everyone- how much we all spent. After designating one person as the bank to front the money for the tickets, RV, gas, food, alcohol, EVERYTHING... then splitting it up, we each only spent $430! Considering that's all the alcohol and food FOR FOUR DAYS, I'll call that a bargain of a trip! We even had way too much food left over and could have spent $30 less. 

So who's in for next year?! Mark your calendars for the third weekend in July and we'll see you there!


Tuesday, July 19, 2016

a tribute for the truly inspiring chief zee

Sometimes you come across people, and you know you love them, but maybe you don't realize how inspiring they really are until they're gone.

As I sit here reminiscing on every Redskins tailgate last year, when I got the chance to meet the great Chief Zee, I'm realizing how much of an idol, role model, hero he truly is. Sure, he was "the biggest Redskins super fan ever," but he was so much more than that, and these are the things I'm going to write down and keep at my desk thanks to him:
  • He found something he loved, and stuck with it forever. Through the [very little] good and the [lots of] bad, no matter what. 
  • He was proud, SO proud, of what he loved. That's such a great characteristic to have.
  • Most importantly: He was friendly. For DECADES he'd go to the games and take a picture with every fan he could. He'd talk to them. He'd experience things with them. He didn't have to do any of that, but he did, without hesitation. Maybe he wanted everyone to love the games the way he did, or maybe he was as interested in everyone as they were him... either way, it was always a pleasant meeting that I experienced. 
One of the last games, not only did he take another picture with me, but we had a little dance party for a solid 30 seconds. He was jumping and spinning with me before whispering in my ear "you're gonna kill me girl!" I'm not gonna lie, I got hella nervous and then realized I was dancing with a 70-something year old man and cherished all of it even more. Still, it wasn't until tonight that I started looking more into everything he's done. I'm checking everyone's tweets, what he's accomplished, etc. He's leaving the most positive legacy. 

He may be "just a superfan," but did you know there's a Chief Zee Day in DC on November 7? That happened in 1985. How about the fact he lived on Social Security, and relied on fans to help him pay rent, while receiving his motorized scooter from Dan Snyder? He may not have been an "official mascot," but he had the support of every Redskins fan and player. 

I also learned tonight that he was beat up by Eagles fans back in the day, leaving him with a broken leg. Someone later stole his tomahawk, but got it back with the help of Chris Cooley. None of that stopped him from going to the games and being such a kind and friendly soul to everyone he encountered. 

Sometimes people piss me the hell off and sometimes I just want my own space, but ultimately, meeting new people is my favorite thing to do... and Chief Zee is motivation for brushing off the annoyances and staying kind and genuine all the time [but like, I'll still tease people and give honest opinions, of course]. 

So thank you Chief Zee for the memories and the thoughts I'm having tonight. I guarantee you no Redskins family will ever forget you, and we'll tell our kids about you, like my family always did to me before I met you. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

interview: jay sean is really freaking cool

You remember that bomb song from Jay Sean, "Down," right?! Duh.

Well after a couple years of being quiet, he's back with a new song with Sean Paul, which means he's willing to do some radio interviews. He came all the way to DC, JUST to talk to me on my birthday. Real life. I felt really effing special.

As soon as Jay walked in, it felt comfortable and fun and vibey, and that makes for a really genuine chat. We talked about the risks he's taken and the ridiculous things people post on Instagram. We shared stories about Sean Paul and did you know he has an accent?! Turns out there's an explanation for that too.

Then the REAL fun came, and it's all thanks to my mom for sending me this Urban Dictionary game for my birthday!

It was educational and ridiculous as we learned what different terms meant.

Seriously, Mother Teresa sex.... that's a game changer.

I'm so thankful for artists who come in to have a good time and just wanna be two people hangin' out for a bit. Jay Sean, you da bomb. And so is this song of yours.