Monday, May 2, 2016

jeff timmons told me an nsync reunion is in the works!

It may have been 13 years ago since 98 Degrees took their hiatus, but it's been three years since they reunited, and now they're going on their first headlining tour in over a decade.
Coming with them: O-Town, Ryan Cabrera, and DREAM.

Normally I hear about these shows, I geek out, I try to get tickets, and then I sit far away and still love every second. This time I realized I could contact Jeff Timmons myself and get him on the show. [PS the fact that I can do that will ALWAYS be INSANE to me!]

Of course we talked about the tour and the Dead 7 movie and other exciting stuff, but I also mentioned an NSYNC reunion, AND SOMETHING MAGIC HAPPENED, Y'ALL.

"It's in the works," he said. IT'S IN THE WORKS.
"....With Christina, Backstreet Boys.... what do you think about Brandy and Monica? Would you fly to Minneapolis for something like that?!"

Details may be unknown, but we do know for sure that he's at least WORKING ON ALL OF THESE THINGS HAPPENING. So start saving your money now. I'm gonna invest in diapers and tissues for extra wetness.

I also delivered props for canceling shows in NC, despite fans being upset.

It's a good time to not live in North Carolina.

For more on Dead 7, the tour, and if he ever thought this is what he'd be doing 15 years ago, listen to the full chat below.

Thank you Jeff, for being awesome and funny and cooperative and getting me excited in more ways than one.


Monday, April 25, 2016

elizabethanytv: learning magic from the naked magic show

A couple months ago I found out I was giving away tickets to some Naked Magic Show with Australian men. I did a quick search and decided one thing needed to happen: An interview/video with Chris and Mike.

After a lot of trying and drive to Baltimore, we made it happen. Now I'm in love and moving to Australia once their tour is done.

That last part may or may not be true.

We had a lot of inappropriate jokes and they told me I suck at spanking, AND I guess I was distracted by them because I called them musicians instead of magicians in my video... but it's still a good one.

Now that I've seen the show allow me to confirm that it is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I don't wanna ruin anything, but you will be impressed by the magic AND their humor [and their entire package, if you will]. If they're coming to you this summer, SEE THEM.

I swear I'm not being persuaded by this naked picture OR the fact we got to hang with them for a while afterwards....

Follow Chris and Mike and the whole show! And enjoy. 


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

podcasts: ex attack ads are now a thing

With all this political nonsense, I decided to have some fun with it and make some ads attacking exes.

I've had several people already tell me their stories, wanting to air their issues, and I'm SO excited to do two new ones a week [on Tuesdays and Thursdays]!

In case you missed them, here are the first two.

First, calling out my ex who was THE WORST. I can't believe I haven't gotten a "how dare you do that when I'm in the car with my new girlfriend" text yet.

Then there's Trevor, who wanted to call out Kelly. Turns out she went a little nuts after finding out he had hooked up with someone else [when they weren't together].

I can't wait til someone is casually listening, didn't hear the warning before the song, and is mortified. Serves ya right!

If you wanna get back at your ex, contact me ASAP! This is one of those ideas I had while trying to fall asleep and am actually executing now.


Friday, April 8, 2016

let's start an eboot camp together!

This is a partly selfish post, but also one that I hope will help a lot of others.

Confession: When it comes to losing weight [or getting anything done, really], it's not going to happen unless there's some kind of competition or real motivation involved. I try to say I'll lose it before Jingle Ball- nope. How about before another important trip? Absolutely not.

I'll binge diet for MAYBE two weeks before but get real- that ish doesn't work.

SO. Today I propose a friendly weightloss competition with ANYONE on the Internet who would like to join in on the #EBootCamp.

Just like any internet challenge, we can declare that we're in on such a thing, and share our inspirations and progress with each other via hashtag! At the end, I'll have a prize pack that I will send to a couple winners [me not included obvi].

Right now we're looking at 7 weeks 'til Memorial Day, when summer REALLY kicks off. If we officially start this thing on Monday, April 18, that'll give us six weeks to get a hott bod for the summer. PLENTY of time!

If we all vow to post a variety of inspiration, tips, recipe ideas, progress, and workout ideas throughout the weeks, we'll motivate each other and end up feeling REALLY good come May 31, when winners will be crowned.

I will pick two winners to receive packages of goodies: The person who loses the biggest percentage of their body weight, and the person who was the most active online with the entire competition.

If you're interested, or even if you just want more info, let me know! I will contact you with all the rules and such ASAP.

If you'd like to offer help in the form of online training, diet tips, or donating items for the gift baskets, I'd ABSOLUTELY appreciate it and will give you all the love I can.

If you have any suggestions to make this better, I always welcome constructive criticism. This idea literally came to me in a dream last night and I decided to jump on it and see what happens.

I'm REALLY excited about what this could be, so please help me spread this even if you have the perfect body. Four years ago we did something similar with my station and I was my skinniest ever. I've since gained almost 30 pounds and it KILLS me. Everyone else who did that competition lost at least 10% of their weight, on their own! This could really work, NATIONALLY! I have high hopes.


Thursday, March 17, 2016

the time my dreams came true and i played with a monkey

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to play with a monkey. Preferably a chimp, but I've become so in love with them it's borderline crazy. If I go to the zoo, the families hold their kids back from me because I'm right on the glass giggling like a four year old on shrooms. Seriously.

My mom tried to get me one for my sweet sixteenth, but couldn't. I saw a guy with one at a bar on Halloween and immediately went home to research breeders, but never really got to hold it or anything. And for the past two years, The Monkey Man has been teasing me with a visit. They say he's coming, I shed tears of excitement, then something happens and I'm left here heartbroken.

Well, they finally came through!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea what kind of monkey it was going to be; I wanted to be surprised [but obviously hoped for the ultimate].

Meet Django. And look at how freaking excited I am.

They came because they're going to be at the Super Pet Expo as usual. The ironic thing about that is.... he wants to show people that monkeys are NOT good pets. They're illegal in a lot of places [we had to get a permit to shoot this video in this county], and they live 35-45 years. That's way too much of a commitment, yo.

Also, she was a little unpredictable. She ABSOLUTELY listened to her daddy, but she attacked me after I did some spirit fingers because apparently that's a sign for "let's rough house" to monkeys. If you watch the video from Facebook live at the end of this post, you can see it go down around the 4 minute mark.

For now, let's just admire the pictures of me being in Heaven.

She prefers french kissing. 

And isn't very ladylike.

Mama Plog said her face was ugly. BLASPHEMY. She's adorbs.

We played patty cake, catch, and even got some tickling in. Django's laughing was the best. What a cute little cackle.

This is my favorite pic of me and my new BFF. I'm so excited and she's all "WTF this B is so excited, calm the bleep down."

Obviously had to take a selfie to wrap up the playdate. I didn't get the duckface memo and I'm very sad about it.

"The Monkey Man" has been an entertainer all his life, which makes sense. I can only imagine how much he and Django get paid to show up at some kid's birthday party, do some magic, freak the kids out, and make sure he's the only Monkey Man around.

If you wanna experience most of it with me, here's what went down on Facebook.

Posted by Elizabethany Hot on Friday, March 11, 2016
Django, I'll miss you... but I wish you'd at least introduce me to one of your Chimp friends sometime... in return for the "love scratches" on my face. Geez.


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