Wednesday, August 27, 2014

wearing: little red country dress

I don't this dress is meant to be "country," but when I paired it with my booties, I felt like a dressed up cowgirl for some reason. 

It came from the clearance rack at Forever21, and if you don't have a little red dress that's perfect for any occasion [you can dress it up or down], your closet is missing out. 

-F21 dress
-Charlotte Russe wraparound bracelet/watch
-Old Navy booties
-BlueLans earrings
-Urban Decay lipstick from Ipsy
-total outfit: about $30

I didn't realize how see-through the back was... luckily I wore a red bra. I'm sure all the new coworkers I met that day immediately thought "slut in red" though.

This baby is going to carry over into the fall/winter nicely. Pair it with a little black leather jacket? Yes please!

People are always complaining about how making their wardrobe "look expensive" is impossible on their budget. I don't think I necessarily look expensive, but I doubt anyone thinks I spend as little on my outfits as I do unless they follow my blog. It makes me proud, really. 


Thursday, August 21, 2014

show podcasts: dc things and books about exes

I really need to get better about saving/posting parts of my show. People have been asking, and I'm paying for a podcast service that I never use anymore!

SO... I had my interns put together a couple quick topics from this week.

LOVED this topic, especially online... If you were to write a book about your exes, what would it be called? There's a super secret thing about me in here that I've never told the Internet. It could make things real interesting.

Then there was this list about things DC people know to be true, that I thought was complete BS.. so I asked some peeps, duh.

And finally... a dude left $21,000 on his truck and drove away... making me feel better about losing my wallet [and beloved four leaf clover] the other week. Other people also helped me feel better.

I promise to be better about these!! Well, if you want me to be anyway. I should really start saving the whole show because sometimes what I say while "talking to myself" is just more outrageous than when people call.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

wearing: mixed patterns and a kimono

 All aboard the kimono train! I've definitely fallen for many of them, as long as they don't make me look too bohemian/straight out of Coachella. [Not that there's anything wrong with that... but like... that ain't me yo!]

I found this floral and plaid one during my clearance haul a couple weeks ago and immediately knew I wanted to wear it with stripes. I also knew it was perfect to go from summer to fall because of the flowers paired with the plaid.

-skirt from Forever21
-shoes from Charlotte Russe
-bracelet/watch from BlueLans
-total outfit cost: $35

Added a little braid to the opposite side of my hair to switch things up a bit. 

I feel a pretty big sense of pride when I mix up patterns. This one wasn't hard, but it was my big accomplishment of the day [and interviewing Rixton].

Also, it feels a little weird to have so many clothes from Charlotte lately.... but when their sales are good, I'm all over it.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

giveaway! exofab phone case

Welcome to 2014, where we have phone cases/covers that allow you to take hands-free selfies!

Exofab makes these stick-on covers that protect your phone, but more importantly- stick to hard surfaces so you can set a timer and take the best selfie possible!

When I first tried it, I was worried about it sticking to the inside of my pocket and being annoying, but it's really not doing that! It's just made to stick to smooth and hard surfaces like windows, TVs, cars, signs, whatever you can find! And BOTH sides can hold the phone up!

Some bonuses: it comes with a screen protector and a waterproof bag/case thing so you can take it to the beach or pool or whatever and not worry about it. Also: If you're attached the case you have, you could just stick this sucker to the back/front.

They have them for all the major phones in a bunch of different colors, and you can check them out right over here. 

AND... you can try one out for yourself if you enter my giveaway! They're being extra awesome and letting me give away TWO of these selfie game-changers, and you'll get to pick out which one! Enter below, and I'll pick winners Wednesday, August 20th at midnight. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, August 11, 2014

show podcast: calling out a bully

I did a big One Direction contest last week, and in case you were unaware- those fans get some kinda crazy trying to get tickets. E-mails, angry phone calls, begging tweets... all of it is to be expected, but I didn't think I'd have to fight off some bully kids who were pretending to be me/the station.

One girl was complaining about how the station called her at 11pm, told her she won tickets, but then didn't give them to her. Obviously the station isn't going to call at 11pm, so I asked for the number.... then I called it.

[There's actually a lot more to this, but I had to cut it down for on air purposes. They whined about how it wasn't them, tried to get another girl to admit to it... got mad when I hinted that they'd be punished for this forever, and were basically just terrible little teenagers.]

WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN NOWADAYS?!? I mean, prank calls happened back when I was growing up too, but all the online stuff that goes on with this is not okay. Ever since the Emblem 3 BS I haven't been able to let it go down, so I did one little thing to hopefully stop at least a few people from being a-holes.

Some may say I should stay out of it and leave 'em alone cuz they're just kids... but I'm not into just letting these humans grow up thinking it's okay to be a terrible person.


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