Friday, December 19, 2014

photo diary: jingle ball 2014

Last year, Jingle Ball was kind of a "welcome home and to your dream job" event for me. I had only been back a couple months and Kane introduced me on stage. This year, it was truly a year end celebration. We had the biggest artists of the year and a team that is truly my family. I took the stage alone [and damn near wet myself over it] but also felt very comfortable.

Though I don't get to see much of the show that everyone else sees, there's a whole other show happening backstage... and that's what I'm here to share.

There's meet and greet rooms, a press room that we hang in, a thousand hallways to run through where you could run into any one of the artists and/or their significant others, and a bunch of crazy radio people also trying to steal the show.

First of all... in case you're clueless, let's meet some important people.
The man, the legend... Kane. Host of our morning show, the guy I interned for that ultimately made me decide to get into radio, and the person who got me through a bit of a hiccup that night that I'm beyond grateful for.

Toby Knapp. Afternoons on our station and a big brother type mentor through my entire career. We typically tag team.... the interviews, duh.

Rose and Danni, the ladies of the Kane Show, making us the ladies of HOT 99.5 and Z104.3! They're beautiful people inside and out.

Now, for the stuff you probably care about.

You may have heard me talking about telling Calvin Harris about my sex dream I had of him, and that I did! This is the moment it happened. I'm pretty sure he's undressing me with his eyes. 

Heyzeus, he's fun to look at and smell.

Another funny interview moment was the near-fight between Lil Jon and Kane.

There were some surprises for us, as well. 5 Seconds of Summer showed up as a bunch of old people and were hilarious and quirky as usual.

And Rixton brought us the most amazing onesies from their company OnePiece. You best believe this is going to be my Christmas morning outfit.

I was able to sit in or conduct just about every interview. The only people I missed [which I'm really sad about] were Iggy Azalea, Demi Lovato, and Meghan Trainor. Not bad considering a 16-act line-up!


Jessie J... right after I shocked her with how loud my "radio voice" is. Mah bad, gurl!

There are also some pictures that make me laugh. 
Why is Kane so jealous of my hand-shaking with some of the guys?! I can't even tell if he's my overprotective boyfriend or theirs, but he's not about it.

Also, Danni and I clearly hate each other and are going to fight. 

And if you were there, you miiiiight have noticed me awkwardly carrying my phone on stage with me. I didn't wanna stop down and take a picture or video, so I just recorded as I went out. It's a mess, but that's pretty accurate. My memory/brain at the time was just as blurry and cluster-effed. 

Yeah, that's really just a terrible video. Here's another shot.

It was a sold out show with 15,000 of our friends. [Well, maybe like 1,000 of those people pretend to hate us.] Insanely incredible.

Thank you to everyone who came, to my coworkers who help me out every step of the way in this business, to my family and friends who came to support, and every single person who tuned in or called in or did anything to interact with my show to make it #1 for the year. I love you for allowing me to have these "best days of my life." 


PS thanks to Getty for some of those pictures! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

show podcasts! crazy people, awkward families, and more!

My favorite part of my job has always been talking to people. Not just celebrities, but people who call in with ridiculous stories. It's like my private reality TV that I end up sharing with the world. If you ever wanna share something, DO IT! The show's direct number is 877-995-4681!

Some of my favorite story-producing topics are now podcasts in case you missed them [effing rude of you].

My MOST favorite: Awkward family stories. No intro needed, really. Everyone has at least one.

Then there are the moments when you're ridiculously heartbroken so you do something silly. A couple years later you look back and realize how nuts you were.

TINDER! My new obsession to talk about, duh. These stories should probably scare me away, though.

And finally, the moment you realized someone was crazy. If you've never had such an epiphany- you're a lucky human being.

I AM lucky I've never had anything close to as terrible as those stories, though. I'm so thankful for you all sometimes for coming up/calling with great stories.

I'm still working on getting that iHeart channel going for you to always catch up on the show, but for now, enjoy this page if you've missed anything. 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

elizabethanytv: another dance dare attempt for the ellen show

Ellen is doing another Dance Dare challenge and just like everything else she asks people to do, I'm jumping in to try and make dreams come true!

It didn't work last time, but they're doing it differently now. You upload a video to her ellentube site and they approve it to go public, then you get views, and... well, I actually have no idea how it eventually gets picked for the show.

In order to switch it up a bit, I had Nico and Vinz who were visiting to help me out around the office! They're the most chill guys, and even their dancing is chill... but we definitely got caught a couple of awkward times.

And for double the chances, I re-uploaded my original video. [Sorry if these auto-play.]

Now I shall watch every day as usual hoping my Christmas wish comes true. C'mon Ellen. Don't let me down. I'm starting to wonder if we're actually the best friends I thought we were.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

exclusive interview: b.o.b is my new favorite

When people ask me my favorite interview of all time, it's always been Trey Songz. Hands down. Duh.

There have been some solid interviews and games of Truth or Dare since then, but Trey Songz did something special to me.

Now... he may have been outdone. B.o.B came in last week. I've always liked his music and wish there was more... and after stalking his social media I knew we could be great friends if he let it happen.

All it took was a mention about bitches being crazy and I knew it was going to be a good time. [When he sits down at the :40 mark]

It was just a good time. It was like two immediate friends. I was really into it.

Then my favorite part of every interview: Truth or Dare. I've been waiting to dare a rapper to suck helium and spit something, and I knew he'd be down. Enter Spongebob and his "juices". [And enter my underwear that sluttily hangs out and looks gross.]

Honestly, I keep watching them because I think he's so funny. Hopefully I'm not just little schoolgirl giddy.

We talked even more about Thanksgiving, Black Friday and other random fun nonsense, so it's all down here if it's easier for you to download/listen in the car!


Thursday, November 20, 2014

wearing: winter reds and blues

After talking to Danni from the Kane Show, I realized I'm going through what most people who just had a baby go through: A need for change. Or maybe it's the fact that I'm single now... or the fact that I feel like my fun purple hair doesn't match my wardrobe, but I'm in need of an all new closet. Something with edge. Something with sex. What?

All that being said, Black Friday is still a week away so I'm left with the basics. At least scarves make getting dressed easy. Take a scarf, match the outfit to the colors. That's what I did yesterday while reminding myself how pretty a bright red and light blue are together in the winter.

-scarf from Charlotte Russe [they're typically $5 on Black Friday so jump on that!]
-tank from my clothing swap
-Express jeans from TJ Maxx
-cardigan also from Charlotte Russe
-booties from Target
-earrings from BlueLans

 I have a love/hate relationship with fall/winter weather. I'm glad I can bundle up/cover up the football season gut I've gained, but it really is not flattering for any figure. Do you ever feel like it just makes you look even bigger? Sigh. Is it summer again yet?


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