Tuesday, October 28, 2014

listen to full show podcasts!

My show has been feeling really good lately. There have been some good calls and stories, and my stuttering has been down at least 10%.  Sooo.. coming soon!: My own channel on iHeartRadio! You'll be able to save my "station" on the app and listen to podcasts from the show every day! Neat, right?!

In the meantime, I uploaded some recent shows.

This show is full of all sorts of random stories and information and people making me feel like a slutty idiot.

Back on the 16th, we talked about who you'd haunt after dying and signs that you're officially getting old.

On this day we talked about getting "the birds and the bees" talk. Some people had to live through far too much awkward.

And since we've all heard ridiculous stories of what we did the night before, I decided to hear what everyone else has gotten themselves into.

I don't think that girl with the professor actually knew what I was asking... but that's okay because what she said was perfection.

They're all going to be uploaded to this here page, and I will let ya know as soon as we're officially on iHeart! You can also download them to listen in your car or wherever you please.


Monday, October 27, 2014

i spy: guy is doing some "sensual twerking" for the highway

I was having a really rough couple of days... where I couldn't even escape my thoughts in the studio, which is my happy place. Then... something magical happened. I was driving in and saw this guy putting on a show in front of a pretty major roadway.

Headphones in, ass up. Slow motion. Snap, head flip. and go.

I honestly don't think he knew anyone was watching him. He was just doing his thing! and what a beautiful thing it was for five minutes.

Thank you, Mr Flawless... you turned my week around.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

nails: making music with jamberry

Anyone else's nails only look good for a couple weeks at a time before they go to $#!t again?! I don't know why, but I only get my nails long enough to paint for about a month, before I work on growing them out again for another three to four. I need more biotin in my life. 

When the time comes, I do a lot of playing. This time I had to use one of my favorite Jamberry sheets... it had boomboxes or tapes and other fun stuff on it!

To match it, I added an orange polish I got from Five Below [it's nice and thin and rarely chips] and Selena Gomez's "Pretty in Plum" by OPI. The glitter is Essie's "Set in Stones." [I got the Essie and OPI in previous Ipsy bags!]

The Essie glitter chips the easiest. I had to switch out the pinky nail to just purple after 36 hours... but it's still looking fabulous!

Also... be on the lookout for a Jamberry giveaway coming within the next 7 days!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

pinspired outfit: fall is for flannel

Remember when I used to do a bunch of Pinspired things?! That seems like a lifetime ago. Let's do it again. Sorta. 

I saw this pin and even though the jeans she's wearing are a very light blue, I decided that white jeans and flannel is a great idea.

I definitely like the light colored boots better, but with my flannel, black was the way to go.

-flannel from Target
-jeans from JustFab
-booties from Forever21

I don't wear watches that often because I normally end up taking them off while working. They just get in the way! This one is the exception, though.. and I'm not just saying that because it was given to me. The silicon is soft and flexible, and the watch is waterproof! PLUS... they're totally unisex. 

Check them out! They're offering you 10% off with code "elizabethany" ! 

Now... I want to get more flannels. Does that make me basic?


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

what i'm wearing: end of summer catch up

It's time for another catch up with outfit pics on my phone from the end of the summer. 

I feel like I can wear shorts longer than I can wear tank tops. My arms get so much more cold than these meaty lower limbs. The cutout booties are perfect for transitioning too, I feel.

-green shirt jacket from Kohl's
-shorts from Kohl's
-floral tank from Forever21
-booties from Charlotte Russe

Wore this out to host one of my club nights [which I'll be hosting at Ultrabar again on October 24th, BTW]. Rocked the fanny, and became obsessed with the "scuba" material of the skirt. 

-open back top from Forever21
-neon skirt from Forever21
-shoes from Charlotte Russe
-fanny pack from Charlotte Russe
-bandeau from H&M

This is one of my new favorite outfits. It's a high neck tank, but it's sheer and has an open back. I feel like I can get away with it at work with a tank underneath [really I can get away with anything, but I like to look 50% presentable] and then I switch to a bandeau when heading out. 

-top from GoJane
-Express jeans
-wedges from Charlotte Russe

Now begins fall fashion. *sigh* I love the ease of scarf and boot season, but feeling hott when heading out is a lot more difficult, don't ya think?! Plus it's a lot more laundry and articles of clothing to match together. SO MUCH WORK.


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