Monday, February 23, 2015

diy chevron and jeweled nails

I've been really slacking on this here blog. I wish I had a good excuse beyond focusing on other things. This has always been my baby and it always will.... but a new bossman in the office has brought a couple changes around here that I'm getting used to. [Good changes. I'm very excited for this!]

Anyway, I may not have had time to blog, but I had time to do my nails... and I'm pretty obsessed with them. 

The pink was done in the salon and I wish I had remembered the color but I failed you and for that I am sorry.

I added some gold glitter to the one nail and then a chevron Jamberry applique. The triangle gems came from BlueLans! A whole pack of different ones for $2. Holla. 

As you can kinda see, I'm still not perfect at knowing how much glue to use for the gems, and my Jamberry could use some more smoothing out, but like... ADD. And they still look great. Also, lotion, Elizabethany. Ever heard of it?


Friday, February 13, 2015

watch etv: i was a terribly mean cupid to coworkers and shaggy

What do you do to celebrate the holidays at work? Hand out some cards? Bring in some goodies?
I choose to get mostly naked and shoot a Nerf bow and arrow gun thing at my coworkers.... and Shaggy. Like Mr Boombastic Shaggy. Who randomly walked in when I was dressed like a frickin weirdo. He loved it.

This is the real way to show love in 2015, duh.

I wish you coulda seen the whole run-in with Shaggy. Homeboy came through the door and I had no idea he was early. "Oh... heyyy Shaggyyyy....."

Side note: Do you see that huge dent in my thigh?! That's not cottage cheese, that's an actual dent I got when I fell down the stairs during Santacon a year and a half ago. Sexy.

Sorry I'm not sorry to my coworkers. There will be more of this coming.


Thursday, February 12, 2015

gasparilla 2015: a video and a costume

For five or more years, I've been hearing all about how fun it is to go down to Gasparilla in Tampa. The Kane Show and our iHeart station down there get a big ol' fancy float and it's like a pirate themed Mardi Gras. With my 2015 resolution being all about traveling, it was the perfect time to go down for it. 

I was hella obnoxious with a selfie stick/GoPro, and just put together a quick 15 second representation.

And some more screenshots:

That moment when Kane hijacks your camera....

A little look at my outfit

Just having a blasty up top with Kane and his wife.

Meet DJ Goofy Whitekid. The one who always told me about the epicness.

Watching a parade from a boat... Yes please!

Here's a better look at my outfit and the only other guy who got into it as much as me. [You can't see the skull fishnet, but they're legit.]
-corset from Amazon! $17, holla
-fishnet from a Halloween store when they were closing. You never know when you'll need skull fishnet!
-combat boots from Macy's on Black Friday
-skirt and bandana was made from $6 total worth of scrap fabric from JoAnn's. 

I picked out a bunch of black, white and red patterns, cut them into strips, and just tied them around a ribbon. Easy! 

And now I leave you with a gorgeous sunset in case you're stuck in a cold place like me. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

watch: i'm in this awesome george mason university documentary!

A couple months ago, I got to host a pep rally of sorts at George Mason University. Even though I felt hella awkward and nervous and everything along those lines, I was super excited and honored to be out on the court.

Now I'm finding out I was a part of this video/documentary about their Final Four team of 8 years ago, and where they are now. Once again, I'm honored and excited and mad that I can't remember a couple lines/titles/names. Idiot EB.

I'm in the beginning, but watch the whole thing. It's really well done.

I get to do really cool things for my job, and that Midnight Madness was one of them. Things that put me out of my comfort zone are always my worst and favorite moments. It's all about growing, right?!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

my inspirational gallery wall

I'm so excited about this!

Last Christmas, my aunt gave me a couple canvases after seeing this on my Pinterest. 

I'll be honest, I forgot what the original inspiration was, but I just wanted something for my huge, bare wall behind my TV. Once she finished making a couple more, I think my living room is complete. [Well, as soon as I get a real couch and not this futon....]

Fun, right?! I love the colors and the variety. And people either love or hate my vase of sticks on the side, but I dig 'em. 

That little gray one is the only one she didn't make.

These pictures are very frustrating because I used a level to hang them for once in my life, and some are clearly a bit crooked when you look that close. Sigh. They're gonna stay that way. 

If you're wondering how she made them, she has a Silhouette Cameo machine that cuts out the stickers to put on the canvas. Awesome, right?! I feel like I'm going to want to look out for more to expand the wall even more or con my mom into making some. 

It's a nice reminder on a lazy day when I'm watching TV to get my ass up because while I'm lounging, someone else is doing something great. We can't have that. 


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