Tuesday, May 20, 2014

how to: get a thick bohemian braid

Are you as obsessed with the thick, bohemian braids as I am?! If my hair isn't down [and even half of the time when it is], there's always a braid involved. I was always jealous of the girls with the thick hair because they had the most beautiful braids. THEN... I discovered the trick!

It's called "pancaking" and it made all my dreams come true. 

It's the easiest, simplest, most obvious thing ever! All you do is pull the outer part of the braid out a little bit before securing it with a rubber band or bobby pin! 

My new favorite hair girl Abby from "Twist Me Pretty" taught me the trick in this fab video.

So BAM! How awesome did your life become?! Mine was made, so I'm hoping you feel the same accomplishment.



Cynthia Hoyt said...

This is genius! I have thin hair too and I always look like an old german lady whenever I tried the boho braid!



Nathy F. said...

Haha, yes. So obvious, and I know this trick, yet I never do it! I forget it's an option. Definitely won't forget now.

Sara said...

FINALLY!!! My life is complete!! :)

Delaina said...

This is such an obvious trick! I don't know why I never tried it! I always end up looking like I have half a braid. I know what I'm doing to my hair tomorrow!


Nika said...

Wow that's a really good idea!

Seychelles mama said...

This is great! , such a simple idea and it works well!

Baby Rocket Dog and Hootie said...

I'm an old gal, so though my hair is long it isn't as thick as it once was. Thanks for the great idea!
(mama of BabyRocketDOG & Hootie), Cassie

alicat said...

Thank you girly!!!!! Appreciate this!

Leslie Lim said...

I just wanna say thank you for sharing the content and wish you all the best for your website and your whole team.


Beloved One said...

This was spectacular! I had not heard of "pancaking" before, and now finally all those pretty pictures that I could never seem to achieve for myself make so much sense! The video at the end was superb. Helped me understand the Dutch braid a little better as well. Thanks so much!

Sloane Beck said...

Thanks for sharing. Winter makes me lazy so I always prefer to do plane hairstyle. But this is awesome. I'll definitely try this. This is the perfect hairstyle for this winter.

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