Wednesday, May 21, 2014

wearing: pretty and gray

Not safe: Going on a shopping spree after looking at your bank account and thinking "wow, there's a lot of money in there." I'm well aware of the dangers, and yet... I did it over the weekend.

The first thing I get to show off: this floral cut-out/open back shirt from Forever21. I know it's going to become one of my go-to's.

-top from Forever21
-old gray zip-up jeans
-jelly sandals also from Forever21
-pink earrings from Charlotte Russe
-bracelet from BlueLans

Summertime is the best time, and colorful eyeliner or eyeshadow combinations are just part of the fun. I airbrushed the rest to make my eyes stand out but now I feel fake. Never again.

I stocked up on some dresses and staples... can't wait to share more!