Thursday, May 22, 2014

wearing: graphic skating

I'm just so glad it's finally nice enough to break out the skirts and dresses. They make getting dressed for work so much easier and more fun.

We had Magic! in the studio yesterday [they sing the "Rude" song... interview and videos coming soon!], but I woke up late and had to throw something together. Insert go-to skater skirt and a graphic tee.

-tee from New York and Co. 
-skirt from ASOS
-old gold t-strap sandals
-gold chain bling from Charlotte Russe
[estimated total: under $30]

I feel like skater skirts don't do much for the figure. There's not much being shown off when you're wearing a tee with them, but they sure are comfortable and easy... and SO versatile. 

AKA... get one if you haven't yet. Duh.


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Panty Buns said...

You look fabulous in that outfit! It's gorgeous! Your colourful New York and Co. tee is beautiful and I love the blue Asos skater skirt you paired it with. Your hair looks pretty too. You must be kidding me about the cost of that outfit. I really love it. You look very pretty in a skater skirt.