Tuesday, May 27, 2014

my kick-off to the wedding season

You know you're getting old when your entire summer is planned around weddings all over the country. That's my life this summer.

The first one was Jared, part of my gymnastics family, and his beautiful bride Tara.

I wore one of the dresses I got during my giving-zero-effs shopping spree last weekend. It's from H&M and was a whopping $13. [Unfortunately I can't find it online for you.]

Kept it pretty simple everywhere else, since the dress is so busy. Black open toed pumps, pink lipstick, and a pink purse I got from my clothing swap. [It was perfect for holding a pair of shorts and shoes inside.

I keep it classy with a hair tie on my finger instead of wrist...... 

And if you're wondering why I would need to bring a pair of shorts to a wedding, it's because gymnasts like doing handstands. 
I'm the one with my knees bent about to get taken out by a tall guy. I love that everyone is so disappointed in the groom just falling in the middle.

And of course, we had to do a team picture of sorts. 

BUT... none of this is even close to the best part of the night. You know how much I love surprise dances or skits or plans or whatever... and the entire bridal party & more did an entire scene from Pitch Perfect.

HOW GOOD IS THAT?! The bride is former Miss Virginia, host of a morning news show, and basically one of the most all-around talented people you'll ever meet, so it's no surprise that happened and was so fantastic.

It's always good to be reunited with people I haven't seen in forever, but it's even more special to look at a couple and have zero doubt that they'll last forever. SO many smiles while watching them all night. So CONGRATS to Jared and Tara!


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