Tuesday, October 8, 2013

halloween costumes for the 90s lovers

Now that 90s fashion is, like, totally back... it's super easy to be just about anyone from the 90s for Halloween. BUT! We don't wanna be just anyone. We wanna look good. We want people to know exactly who we are....

..We probably wanna be one of these:

Darkwing Duck!


Blues Clues! ..before Steve got creepy.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast! Bonus: Ladies get to buy red leather pants.

Might take some extra work, but Robbie from Dinosars is amazing.

Super easy, but if you have the hair everyone will know you're Corey from Empire Records.

Why have I never seen this costume idea for Forrest Gump!? So good.

If you're going to be Will, you best have a Carlton.

Gwen Stefani on the right... excellent.

Hey Arnold's Helga. Sexy unibrow required.

Say YES to Hocus Pocus if you can go all out like this.

The bandits from Home Alone! 

Also fantastic if you do it right: Romy and Michelle!

I'm into tutus on Halloween, so Sailor Moon is a no brainer!

Who doesn't love "Something About Mary?!"

Guys. STICK. STICKLY. So easy, but so okay.

This is the one I almost tried to do this year... Zenon! Complete with Protozoa, of course.

Easy Care Bears costume! [Adding the right color pants makes it even better... and no, I don't care that they've been around much longer than just the 90s.]

There's only about three weeks left til Halloween, so hopefully this will help you decide what to wear! If not, check out any of my Halloween costume guides from over the years!


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