Friday, May 22, 2009

lfo comes back from the dead like everyone else

Another boy band is reuniting!!!

YES!!! LFO!!! [Lyte, Funky Ones, if you didn't know]

They're the next band to get back together! And they're doing a show in NYC for only 35$!! It's going to be at the Highline Ballroom, and I'm going to need my sugar daddy to find me ASAP. Also, a certain rapper-friend who just moved to NY, make room please.

In order to celebrate, I shall break out my LFO CD's, put them in an old school boom box, and listen to it in the shower, just like the old days. [Who WOULDN'T want to listen to them in the shower?! It was my fave shower CD.] Then I'll wear my wannabe A&F clothes because I am and always was too cheap for that nonsense.

Rich Cronin made this video not too long ago. Kinda weird, really... How he starts off with "Summer Girls" then goes into the new song.. Which... Sounds a lot like the LFO mega-hit.

OMG. I can't wait to see how this show goes!! I don't know when it is, or when tix go on sale, but I am definitely going to find out.


PS: NSYNC!! WHERE YOU AT?!? All I need is you to reunite, and then my life will be complete. Please?

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