Wednesday, May 27, 2009

watch: ellen talks to glambert

Ugh... Ellen did it again. She talked to someone I don't like, and made me question how I feel about them.

She called Adam Lambert last week [I'm a couple of days behind on my Ellen.. It's pretty terrible, really] and everything she said was great, and everything he said was also fantastic. This time I actually felt like he was genuine and thankful and everything.

Thanks a lot, Ellen. Here I am supposed to call him Glambert, and you're making me think he's precious.

Precious or not, thankful or not on Ellen, he's still glam, though.. So Glambert it will remain.


PS: I showed you her commencement speech at Tulane last week [and Hoda's at WVU!], but her show showed a lot more HILARIOUS stuff. She even danced in the crowd! Ugh, SO jealous!

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