Wednesday, May 27, 2009

top 9 girls not to hook up with

Ohh, this is good. It's been a while since I have posted any type of top 10 list, whether it's original or not, and this one is a good one to come back with, I think.

It's geared towards the guys mainly... But girls can definitely learn a lil some'n some'n too.

It's the 9 Girls You'll Regret Hooking Up With In a Bar
[AKA Ladies-- The 9 girls you DON'T wanna be!]

9. The girl you meet after your third Jager-bomb. Let's be honest... Either she's only in it for your fist pumping, or you have really bad judgment after those shots.

8. The girl that's there with her boyfriend. Unless you like that black eye you now have, I don't think you'll be bragging about this any time soon.

7. The bachelorette. She may seem like she's all about having a good time and doing everything she possibly can on her "last night of singleness," but she's nowhere near single, and she knows it. You're not getting any.

6. The girl who wants to hook up with you. First of all, it's all about the chase, isn't it? If she's just as easy as you are after a couple of drinks, it's probably safe to say you're not the first... And definitely not the last.

5. The girl singing karaoke. Sure, it might be a fun, crazy, up-to-trying-new-things, good time, but she's probably going to turn out even more crazy in the end.

4. The girl whose friends are all about you two hooking up. If they hate you, she can do better. [So obvi she's a catch.] If they think you're the best thing to ever happen to her... Well, that's not a good look on your part.

3. The shooter girl. In order for her to like you, you have to buy a LOT of those shooters. And in order to get drunk and like her back, you need to drink a lot. It may seem like a nice agreement, but as they put it, "you won't be able to get your own shooter up."

2. Tara Reid. [Or one just like her.] You don't want to be one more tally mark on the chart of "been there, done that" with the girl, do you?

1. The girl you think is not like any of the others. First of all, if she says she isn't [this goes for guys too], then she definitely is. Plus, your judgment is skewed at the bar, and quite possibly the opposite. She's totally one of those girls.

Read, learn, make good decisions. I'm only here to help and give out warnings, people.

You're welcome.


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