Monday, May 25, 2009

watch: karma's a b

Karma's a B. It's a known fact. Whether it bites you 3 seconds later, or decades later, it comes back to haunt you, for sure.

This kid gets bit less than a second after beating up his skateboard. [Yes, they have feelings too! Never hurt your most prized possessions. Trust me.. The camera and cell phone gods have it out for me big time.]

OOOHH! OUCH! BAHAHA! Why is it so funny? Beats me... But that was great.

This kind of karma is pretty usual, but it never gets old. Seriously, people... If you're going to pull a prank on your friend, at least remember what you did to them 3 seconds later...

Idiot. Serves you right! I was waitin' for the hammock to fall, but that works too!

So lessons of the night: Don't hurt objects, they have the power to hurt you back.. And always run the opposite way of the spot where you just pranked you friend.


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