Monday, May 25, 2009

what do these texting acronyms mean?

A list came out of the top 50 texting acronyms that parents need to know about, because kids are using them all types of crazy while sexting.

Some of them are really well known, and not a big deal. Examples: LOL, 420, ASL, and POS.

Others, you may not know... But they're not a big deal. Examples: PAW [Parents Are Watching], S2R [Send 2 Receive], P911 [Parent alert], LMIRL [Let's Meet In Real Life], FOL [Fond Of Leather], 182 [I Hate You], and 143 [I Love You].

But then there are some... I have never seen, nor would I ever be able to figure out if someone sent it to me. I want to make it a game though.

I want you guys to come up with what these acronyms could mean, WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP! [That's cheating, duh!] It'll be fun, and hopefully lots of you will take part! Give answers to as little or as many as you want, just give some answers via the comment option below!
  1. 1174
  2. Code 9
  4. GNOC
  5. IAYM
  8. NIFOC
  9. Q2C
  10. TDTM
Okay, that's all I'll give ya! Expect to get the answers within the next couple of days, depending on how many answers I get! I'm excited! Get creative!


PS: The point here is.. If you know it, cool, you can share... But the FUN will be in coming u with your own. I'm not amazing at this but #5 could be "I'm a Yummy Mama."


Milfypoo said...

#6 is ovbiously "I am easy, are you?"....and that's all I know.

Courtney said...

#3 if F*** me like the whore I am
and #10 could be too drunk to masturbate! haha