Tuesday, May 26, 2009

watch: the news guys love the cavs

Sometimes I do indeed watch basketball. [Normally only if I'm at the bar and everyone I'm with is watching it, so I try and look cool by watching it as if I'm really involved with the whole thing.] Most of the time I just hear about great shots or whatever, and then look at them on YouTube.

This incident I will talk about first, is a great example of such times.

LeBron James made the game winning shot the other night and had EVERYONE freaking out, standing up, jumping up and down... You get the idea. Even live news anchors did! Check out this amazing video [If you haven't already on SportsCenter..]

I love how everyone just jumps up... One guy even leaves the set... And no one gets mad about it! THAT is a news team that LOVES its sports team. I love real, spirited fans. I love them even more when they do crazy things on live TV that is normally pretty serious.

As for the shot that was made, if you haven't seen it... Here it is:

One shot that I DID see happen live, was when Billups bounced it off of Kobe Bryant's back and then shot. I saw it, didn't realize what had happened, and watched again.

What the h. Does this happen often?! If not, it needs to, because it was fabulously hilarious, genius, and downright great.

So, basketball fans... I DO watch the sport.... On occasion... When necessary..... Go Wizards?!?


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George said...

that's Cleveland baby. The people are championship-starved and live and die with sports. The Cavs are the best chance to bring home a title. And channel 5 is usually the calmest of the tv stations in CLE.