Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tunes on tuesday 052609

Woohoo! It's my favorite day! And I'm getting the post done early!!!
[I almost didn't at all, though! I kept thinking it was Monday. Darn those 3 day weekends.]

Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne--> Down

So he's some British pop star and has had multiple hits or something... Is it bad that I kinda like this song? It's definitely cheesy, but who cares?! And apparently Wayne is all about helpin' people lately.

Flo Rida--> Sugar

In case ya'll forgot, I totally debuted this song months ago, and I have absolutely loved it from the second I heard it. Question, though... Why does this video look like something a small-town amateur would do?

Black Eyed Peas--> Alive

Hmmm... Maybe it's good that they came out with "Boom Boom Pow" first so that they got a bunch of people wanting to hear more, but I have yet to be uber impressed since that song. I don't know.. This one is OK I guess...

Esmee Denters--> Outta Here

So this girl was discovered after covering Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around" and now he's producing this song. You'd never be able to tell by this video, but she's veryyyy Spanish. Or Hispanic, or Latina or whatever it is. I like the song though... I can hang with it.

Black Eyed Peas--> I Got a Feelin'

Okay, I take back what I said before, I think. This is actually the new official single being released to all the stations, and I'm glad. I still don't like as much as BBP, but I like it... It's funny, and has a decent beat. Phew.

Beyonce--> Sweet Dreams

Woah. Could this be.... A different sound from B? No... It's almost like... I've never heard something like this from her! It has a different beat! I'm not CRAZY about it, but I like it.. And it gets 10 points for being different than the usual. BUT! Will she wear a leotard and have 2 dancers???

Lovesick Radio--> Loser of the Year

Consider me a big fan of them now, after hanging with them for a day. [Elaborate post coming ASAP.] So I'm pretty sure this is going to be their next single and I think you need to listen. Also, listen to more of them... Especially when they do covers at live performances. They're fab.

Shea Fisher--> Don't Chase Me

She reminds me of a brunette Julianne Hough or something. She also has the potential to pull a Carrie or Taylor and do pop and country. The weird cheer in the beginning and middle needs to go, though.

Jason Aldean--> Big Green Tractor

I fully enjoy Jason Aldean, and this song is alright, but it's not fabulous. Probably something I'll play on the random, but not something I'll be excited to hear.

And as for a hopefuly "big comeback," AQUA has come out with a new single! [Yes, the group that did "Barbie Girl"]

"Back to the 80's"

I mean... Cool idea, I guess. Lyrics that you hear a lot in the country world but uh... These people were never talented, they just had a good voice for a funny song about Barbie. Why do they think it's a good idea to try and come back into the music world? Bad, bad idea.

That is all for today, folks! Enjoy, and break out the iTunes!!

Also, for Idol lovers, Brandon Rogers and Ruben Studdard have had albums released lately... I should have some of those songs on here next week. I need to listen first!


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