Tuesday, May 26, 2009

watch: one of pretty ricky gets awkward

In case you didn't know [which I didn't until last summer.. woops] Pretty Ricky is a group, not one pretty boy.

Spectacular is one of the guys in the group, and apparently he has a challenge for Chris Brown, Omarion, Day26, Trey Songz, and I guess every guy out there. A YouTube grinding contest... To see who's #1.

What. In. The. H. Who is this guy, and why does he think it's okay to put on red whitey-tighties and gyrate his hips like that? He looks like a girl, straight up.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to get their new single out there, or get him out of the closet, but either way, I feel very awkward watching it. It's like a porn, minus a second person.

I don't think that's helping them any... Now everyone is laughing at him.. Including Willie of Day26. Wow wow wow.


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