Tuesday, May 26, 2009

someone's a copy cat

I'm mad. Or maybe I should be flattered, who knows. But right now... I'm sticking with mad.

Check out this column that "AMP 97.1" in LA does... It's called "Dear Orlando," and this is the picture they put at the top of every post:

Look familiar? Maybe vaguely like THE TOP OF MY PAGE?!

Sure, I'm no huge blogging star, and it's not hard to write on a piece of paper... And theirs is the beginning of a letter, and mine is the end... But seriously.... Seeeeeriously.... It's odd how similar it is.

Oh, and if you thought I copied them, THINK AGAIN! Their first post was February of this year. I've clearly had that header since September.

Let's revolt!! I don't know how to go about doing it, but like I said.. I'm MAD!

Could you please stop copying my ideas? Or... If you want to.. Could you please tell your wonderful LA readers how amazing I am?

Thanks to my Twitter BFF who I've never met Mister @djgoofywhitekid for showing me this.



Anonymous said...

This is NOT a very original idea. You seem to think you're all that and a bag of chips for coming up with this BRILLIANT idea but really, its probably one of many, many blogs/websites with similar headers or themes. You don't have a right to be mad OR flattered over this.

A/C said...

Who says "All that and a bag of chips" anymore?? I thought that phrase died out in the early 90's along with hightop fades, the delorean, and fanny packs? Are you trying to bring it back or just sound cool? Either way, you proved that you're an idiot, a hater, and a copycat to the entire world..... Elizabethany keep doing your thing, the site is great and I read it everyday. No imitator sites can match you.

Unknown said...

The bigger question who names their kid ORLANDO, and better yet... if and when starting a blog why would you keep that name? i mean i don't know wether or not you are a "blogger" or a puero rican cross dresser that does hair in your mom's basement, watching episodes of "set it off" saying how you think queen latifa is a strong black woman!!! YOU GO GIRL!... pause... but seriously she's got legitimate evidence declaring you a biter... go get some original ideas ORLANDO!!!

Anonymous said...

A/C, I'm not hating at all - I read the blog every day too. It is, for the most part, relatively well-done, besides the occasional glaring grammatical error and material identical to other, more popular blogs. I was simply pointing out that she really has no right to be angry over the "Dear Orlando" header, nor should she be flattered as it is entirely unlikely this Orlando character got his idea from her.