Thursday, May 28, 2009

ellen catch-up 052809

So I finally caught up on Ellen... Thank goodness. There was some good stuff!! And, to my advantage, there was a re-run yesterday which made it even easier.

Anyways, two of my FAVORITE guests came back to do somethin' for my girl. Ephraim Salaam and Chester Pitts [who used to both play for the Texans, but now Ephraim's with the Lions..] went to the set of "Wipeout" and did the course for Ellen.

No matter what these guys do, it's absolutely hilarious, and this lives up to all expectations...

I so need to start watching this show. [Wipeout] I wouldn't mind being on it, either. I hate pain, but it'd be fun! I also need someone to give those two their own show.

She also showed this "unlikely pair" of an orangutan and a dog who are both at a rescue shelter right now. Their names are Suryia and Roscoe, and they enjoy hangin' out, swimming, and going for walks. They also like to hang with their elephant friend.

Oh my goodness. I absolutely LOVE them. I want a monkey SO bad. Now!!!

Finally, Mandy Moore was on the show! [I know... I thought she was dead, too. Apparently she's got a new album out!] I don't remember her being so bubbly, perky, and really kind of annoying... But cute.

She said she looks back on her old songs and hates them because they're so Pop-y, but duh! It was the 90's! Best. Music. Ever. And when you listen to her perform her new song, tell me if you think it's less Pop than before....

Hmmm.. I'm going to go with NO... But she is a really good singer. I'm not sure if I knew that before, but she is! I'm curious to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.

Alright, that's your dose of Ellen for now! Ahh, I love her... And want to be her.


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