Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tonight's real world new orleans

I'm sorry to say I won't be able to host a chat during tonight's Real World: New Orleans "Sh!t They Shoulda Shown!" I'm sure it'll be hilarious and I'll have a lot to say about it when I thank my DVR, but Travie McCoy is in town, and duty calls!

By duty, I mean hunting him down pro-stalker style. I'll be working the show and maybe even introducing him with Niblett, but I want a good squeeze and interview from him... so wish me luck!

Enjoy the show and I'll see ya next week for the PREMIERE of Cut Throat!


on the racks: bret michaels bares it all [almost] for billboard

It must be the kind of day where old-school musicians feel like being naked on my blog... Not that it's a regular occurrence or anything....

Not only is Seal gettin' jiggy with Heidi in his new music video, but now Bret Michaels is showing you everything but his goods on the cover of Billboard.

Their Maximum Exposure issue compiles a list of celebs who are accelerating their career in various ways. Bret Michaels is #30 thanks to cable TV- Rock of Love, winning The Apprentice, and now his new VH1 show- Life As I Know It.

"TV has absolutely made my sales go up, made my tour guarantees go up. TV has been a great addition to my career. But the key thing is knowing what to walk away from. I advise anyone-especially musicians-to be very careful not to just grab anything they throw your way."
-Bret, on how TV has affected his career.

Apparently he was also really close to being an Idol judge. He said he was in the "final four" and even in talks with being a judge on X-Factor. For some reason, he settled for his own show on VH1 that will probably make everyone roll their eyes, but still watch.

My question is: Is the cover too much for you?! Are you covering your eyes or wanting to take that oh-so-convenient circle away?!

I'm pretty shocked by his hott bod, not gonna lie. Keep on rockin', Bret!


watch: seal and heidi practically have sex for 3 minutes

I bet that title caught your eye, eh!?

Seal's got a new album coming out. He was on Dancing with the Stars last night, and now he's got a super hott and heavy music video that is going to have the WORLD talking about him at the perfect time.

I always tried to imagine him and Heidi doin' the dirty, but couldn't. Well... Now I don't have to imagine it, because I can watch it in his new music video for "Secret."
[Sorry about the auto-start. As soon as I find another version to embed, I'll change it!]

Seriously... How beautiful is Heidi?! Goodness. No makeup and still flawless. And Seal... dang boy.

I don't think I listened to the song, but boy did I watch every second of that. Don't judge me.


tunes on tuesday 092810

Thank you, Tuesday night TV for making it so I'm literally posting this in the nick of time. Goodness.

B.o.B.--> Don't Let Me Fall

Do you like B.o.B.? You'll like this. It's not the most talented song you'll ever hear, but I definitely dig it.

Katy Perry--> Firework

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's actually a little bit of a different sound for Katy! I almost didn't think it was really her for a little while. I like it. I won't even be mad if we play it a ton... Especially if it throws "California Gurls" in the trash.

La Roux--> In For The Kill

Eh... I'm not a fan. I think this is the one I want to hear from you about, though. Do YOU like it? Yay or nay?!

Nicki Minaj--> Right Through Me

I still can't fathom the fact that she's raunchy in duets, but normal and relatively cute as a solo artist. This is a good song. I enjoy.

Chris Brown--> Yeah 3x

Take a couple listens to that, let it sink in, and love it. It's the song that all the DJ's are talking about this week. I feel like it could be the next "Forever"... I'll absolutely be loving it when I hear it in the club.

Tim McGraw--> Felt Good on my Lips

Is that auto-tune?! It's typical Tim McGraw. It's good, but his songs never blow me away anymore.

Billy Currington--> Let Me Down Easy
I'm really starting to fall for this man's music. It's slow, but I really like it. The lyrics, the melody, everything.

Lady Antebellum--> Hello World
I get really freakin' pumped when they come out with new songs now. It's slow and different for them. It's mostly Charles singing. It's a pretty song. Definitely worth a listen.

Leah Seawright--> Country Girl 101

It's a girl power kinda rock-country song, and I'm diggin' it. It gets me pumped! It's these kinda songs that make me wanna be a full-fledged country girl.

And my favorite new discovery of the week that I can't stop listening to-
Rascal Flatts--> Why Wait

It's no surprise. I'm a huge Rascal fan. This song has been on repeat all week. L.O.V.E.

That's all for now! Enjoy!


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

exclusive interview: the ready set's jordan witzigreuter

It's a crazy interview week right now and I'm loving every second of it. EVERY DAY this week I have someone I am scheduled to talk to.

Today: The Ready Set's Jordan Witzigreuter.

I asked him to explain how he makes it all happen with just himself [he's a one man band], his biggest moment so far, and how he can guarantee more hits after "Love Like Woe."

I also did the usual "8 Questions with EB" and got some interesting answers. My favorite: If he could have any pet in the world, what would it be?

He seems like a cool guy and I'm totally not lying when I say I'm rooting for him!

...If only he'd follow me back on Twitter. Rude.

Thanks again, Jordan!


PS: Tomorrow I should be talking to Travie McCoy IN PERSON at Daisy Dukes! Gillian Jacobs of Community will be on the show Thursday!

the most infamous people on the internet

I feel like posting something random. Mostly because I'm having serious blogger's block between all these interviews. Also because this makes me chuckle and is so, so true.

The typical people you follow on Twitter and are friends with on Facebook... We all know em.

Oh, life on the Internet... how I love you.


daily podcast 092810

Today's "Would You Rather" shocked me for the first time, I think.

I asked: Would you rather have a big wedding, or a big ring if you're a girl or big bachelor party if you're a guy.

Also- If someone showers you with gifts, is that a bad sign?


watch: p-nut joins ellen

A couple weeks ago I introduced you to the new love of my life, the 7 year old rapper from Memphis, Lil P-Nut.

I love him then, but leave it to Ellen to make me head over heels for this kid.

He talked about how he got his name, how old his fans are, and how we can't tell his Moms about his girlfriend. Then he performed a song and got the perfect gift from Ellen.

You. Must. Watch.

He made my day. I want him for myself.


Monday, September 27, 2010

watch: ref needs a moment on the field

I love my football. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever need a husband as long as I have football in my life. It gives me the emotional roller coaster a man would give me, so what's the point.

Sometimes, it even gives me a really good laugh. This happened during yesterday's Houston/Dallas game.

Because Mikey P is the sports guru here, I'll let him tell you all about it and show you the video.

Trust me.. You'll laugh too.

He shoulda grabbed a Twix.


the premiere of monday mojo with dj x

If you haven't been paying attention on Twitter, DJ X and I are planning to take over the world.

...the Entertainment world, anyway.

Step 1: Getting him to mix on my show.

Once a week he's going to produce the Monday Mojo Mix, which will give you something to look forward to every Monday instead of the typical "it's just another Manic Monday."

Some awesome 90's music. An awesome mix DJ. An awesome radio personality [I really don't want to say that, but I feel obligated]. It's basically the equation for greatness.

Enjoy it now. Download it. Enjoy it for years to come.


watch: this transformer costume trumps all

If you know anything about me, you know I'm real big on being original on Halloween. I'm not even going to lie- If you go to the store and just get a random costume off the racks with no thought put into it, I'm going to judge you.

If you get a costume that literally transforms into a little car when you crouch down, you will be my hero of this Halloween.

You're welcome if you needed an idea for a costume. Bonus points if someone is a heart transformer or something. ;)

So crazy awesome! Bravo, dude!


beyond the real world new orleans cameras: ashlee and eric speak out

The Real World: New Orleans may be over [after Wednesday's The Sh!t They Shoulda Shown], but some of the roommates still have quite a bit to say.

....Especially Ashlee and Eric.

During the Reunion, Eric was called a creeper, Ashlee was declared the drama queen, the pill thief was never determined, Sahar was a bitch calling out everyone, and the "consistent" relationship of Jemmye and Knight was revealed.

I think the show left me with a lot more questions than sighs of relief, so I called the two that seemed to have steam that needed to be let out.

Because it's probably the most answer-filled podcast I've done, I'll sum it up for ya... but make sure you listen to their words, of course. The length is worth it.

Eric may have been in the background of the show, but he's not quiet. He also doesn't hold back on his thoughts. Does he talk to his roommates anymore? Nope. Does he give a S about the way it turned out? Nope. He's speaking his [colorful] mind and doin' his thing. And if you think Sahar might have been right about him being a creeper, maybe you should ask her why they kissed on multiple occasions.

Sure, Ashlee was called the drama queen... but she doesn't care. She kept it real with her roommates and still does, even though they've turned into different people now that they're outside of the house and away from the cameras. The friend and brother she thought she could trust in the house turned out not to be so trustworthy.

Did you know there was a roommate who pulled "The Erika" and threatened to leave the house on multiple occasions? No, not Ryan. Someone else. The same someone who is in DC, happily in love with a boy who's "not as bad as he seemed."

Okay... Maybe that was more of a tease than a summary... Listen on-

I still want to get Preston on one more time, so maybe I can find someone to pair him up with over the phone... We shall see.

Stay tuned, and as always- thanks for your support and thanks to Eric and Ashlee! It's about damn time I got that fellow Mountaineer/NoVA guy on here.

Also- remember to subscribe on iTunes! I know I slacked on podcasts this season, but Cut Throat is coming up!!! *hinthint*


a 90s madness update

In case you've been voting/keeping track on Twitter with the daily 90s Madness polls, here's the updated bracket! We're officially halfway through the first round. Oy. [Click to make it bigger, silly!]

Remember- every day starting at 1p/12c it's the 90s Dance Party! Listen to 90s music and listen for the daily matchup!


Friday, September 24, 2010

the world series of beer pong is coming!

Every year I miss the sign-ups and say "Next year I'm going, damnit."

Well... I know it's time to sign-up, but I'm poor. So I want YOU to go for me!

I want my readers/friends/fam to go experience the World Series of Beer Pong, take lots of videos, send them to me, report on it for me, and maybe even tell the world about love, EB.

What I'll give ya to do it: A hug. And that's pretty freakin' valuable.

Here are the deets if you want in this amazing, once in a lifetime, pretty good deal:

ANYONE can sign up. Even if you suck. But please, don't suck.

It's in VEGAS from January 1-5 [Hello AWESOME start to the New Year!]

The rooms are pretty cheap and look HELLA nice! This is the cheapest room, which is $450 per teammate for a 4 night stay The Flamingo and entry into the tournament, which guarantees 12 games, and all the alcohol you'll need.

The winning team gets $50,000.

Do I need to say that again?! $50,000!!!!!

Oh man, I really wanna go. I've never been to Vegas! Hmph. I'll have to settle for living vicariously through others.

If you sign up- let me know! Seriously. I'll rep you HARD.


watch: west virginia girls

OMG. I've been in one of those "help me with some motivation please" moods, and this video just became my muse.

Lady Bunny, some famous drag queen, does a parody of California Gurls.... about the fine ladies of WV.

Oh, what a proud Mountaineer I am.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

raini and rico rodriguez visit me in the studio for truth or dare!

This was probably my biggest and most favorite interview to date.

The superstars of Bryan/College Station came in studio to co-host the 90s Dance Party with me!

Who are they?! None other than Raini and Rico Rodriguez!!

Oh, those names aren't ringing a bell?! Maybe this picture will:

Rico and Raini Rodriguez-5

YES! Maya from Paul Blart: Mall Cop and MANNY From Modern Family!

We hung out for an hour and talked about what they miss when they're in LA, how they can remember me when they're there, who Raini's first kiss was, their insane knowledge of 90s music and culture, and most importantly- how to get a girl from Mr. Suave himself [Manny, duh].

Also- find out why they call themselves "The Kardashians of Texas."

Three podcasts: One of the behind-the-scenes, too much for radio chatter; one of everything we talked about on-air; and the dare I gave to Manny: Prank call my BFF to talk about their upcoming date... that she obviously doesn't know about [or know who's calling].

After we got all of the talking out of the way, it was time to get down to business: Truth or Dare.

Rico completed his dare, so I dared Raini to put on a solo karaoke show throughout the studio. In response, they dared me to do my impersonation of Gloria/Sofia Vergara.

Done and done. BUT... then I pushed it a step further and dared them to eat some crickets that we had lying around the station.

Check out how it backfired, and how well everyone completed the challenges:

I still have that awful, gagging taste in my mouth, I'm not even joking. It was pretty bad.

Honestly- it couldn't have gone better today. These kids were a BLAST and I can't wait to have them back in a few months.

And now I'm all sorts of crazy-amped for the new episode and season of Modern Family in AN HOUR!

To make the time pass quicker- check out the pictures from today:

Thanks again to the Rodriguez family and my taxi driver Eddie for making this happen!


my interview with rico and raini rodriguez LIVE!

Because it's sometimes hard to get to my Ustream for whatever reason, I'm embedding the video AND chat here to make it easy for ya!

Today at 1p/12c I'll be talking to Rico and Raini Rodriguez! [AKA Manny from Modern Family and Maya from Paul Blart: Mall Cop!] We'll also be doing some trivia and... my favorite... TRUTH OR DARE!

I'll post everything later on, but I recommend catching the uncut version live today!

If you have any good dare ideas or questions, leave them below or tweet me!


live chatting real world new orleans: the reunion

It's a pretty crazy, awesome day for me! Got the biggest interview to date AND it's the reunion of Real World: New Orleans!

I'm expecting it to get pretty freakin' nuts. You ready for it?! Be here at quarter til, as usual!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tunes on tuesday 092110

I missed last week's new music, thought I slipped under the radar with it, but then got yelled at by Mikey P... so without further ado, here's the music you need to add to your collection ASAP.

Akon--> Angel

This is definitely the one everyone is talking about this week. At first listen, I was eh... It grows on ya, for sure.

Marianas Trench--> Cross My Heart

It's not my favorite kind of music, but it's a good song! Worth a listen, for sure.

Eminem ft. Lil Wayne--> No Love

Obviously I LOVE the 90s sampling in it! I think it's pretty crazy awesome that Weezy and Em are on a track together, too. Let's be honest- that alone should be the reason you listen to this.

Matisse ft. Akon--> Better Than Her

Akon on two tracks this week, watch out! I totally dig this song. I wish she wasn't auto-tuned... I feel like she doesn't need to be. It's a bit much, but it's still a song I enjoy.

Pitbull ft. T-Pain--> Hey Baby

I like the beat a lot. Actually, I like the whole song. It shall go on my "get ready to go out" playlist.

Afrojack ft. Eva Simons--> Take Over Control

My Florida DJ BF says this is going to be a huge club banger. Get to know it but more importantly- know the beat. :)

Jerrod Niemann--> What Do You Want?

He's the guy who sings "Lover, Lover" and this is a freakin' gorgeous song. It's not happy, but it's really pretty and you'll love it.

LoCash Cowboys--> Keep In Mind
The Country music peeps are comparing this to Lonestar's "Amazed." That's huge. I do like it, for sure. We shall see if it lives up to the hype, though.

Alright, that's all for now! Enjoy!


Monday, September 20, 2010

i spy: a couple that needs a room

I can't decide if this whole segment or whatever you want to call it on a blog should be called "I Spy" or "Don't be caught doing this" or "Where are your friends?!"

Again I went out to the same bar as the last time I saw a hoe-bag with no clothes on, and I was definitely not let down.

This couple, who probably just met, decided have quite the rendezvous in the middle of the dance floor... and they didn't stop.

Not for a flash.

Not for random people posing with them.

Not for 10+ flashes. Not even 10 minutes after that.

No, seriously... guys.... seriously... GET A FREAKIN' ROOM. GO HOME.

People get drunk and make out. I know that. It's not exactly an unknown habit of mine... But there's making out, and there's having tongue sex... For entirely too long.

Where were their friends?! Why in the H did no one EVER stop them?! They'd make out, hold each other, stare into their eyes, and keep going as if they were on some love movie that would never end.

I'm not even going to bother blurring their faces out in this one. They need to learn a freakin' lesson- Don't be THAT couple... or at least move over to the wall. Kthanks.


4 the win: redskins vs texans

First and foremost...I'm back! After a six month hiatus, I'm glad to be back into action and write about all the smart, boneheaded, and of course Redskins stories I can. Now without further ado, let's get it poppin.

...Starting with the Washington Redskins baby!

Welp, we took a loss this week. Obvious now, right? Some of us are probably blaming it on the kicker. Or maybe the secondary... AKA me. But as I think about it now, the Redskins were able to show a lot of positives in this game.

Click here to read more from the resident sports expert, Mikey P!

heidi-fy yourself!

Oh this is fantastic and just another great way to waste time during your workday.

Thanks to @dannielleor's tweet, I was able to turn myself into the hottest girl on the block by Heidifying me.

I mean... it's no wonder she got all the surgery. I bet you'd absolutely want EB #2 over #1.

Itook it upon myself to Heidify my brother, who's bringing back his blog 4 the Win! [See... plastic surgery is for boys, too!]

And yes, Heidify is absolutely a word now.

Please share your Heidified selves with me when you make them! I'll even post them if you want! E-mail them to elizabethanyy [at]!


best of the week 092010

Another week, another list of the most talked about posts!

5. Watch: Throw the girlfriend in the cart
4. Celebrating my 2 year anniversary!
3. I Spy: Granny sneaking a beer
2. Truth or Dare: Supporting the Redskins on a Texas street
1. What I think about the Real World: New Orleans

Also: A catch-up on the 90s Madness bracket:


Friday, September 17, 2010

daily podcast 091710

This is maybe one of the best days for podcasts thus far! SO many and all so good!

The call-in topic: How not to be THAT girl. I had to bleep something!
Hollywood Minute and Life Lessons as usual... a CRAZY story in Life Lessons.
My entire show in just 3 minutes.

Thanks for listening! You da bomb!


morning hangover 091710


Enjoy some procrastination.

  • 12 of the funniest tweets ever.
  • Weed flavored ice cream. Gross. Would you try it?!
  • Lady Gaga wasn't the first to wear a meat outfit.
  • What does your car say about you?! Apparently I'm personalityless. Fail.
  • Can you imagine killing your brother and then just... acting nonchalant about it?!
  • Don't stand around holding a drink. It'll make you seem dumb.
  • I can't tell if this is really sad, cute, or just unbelievable.
  • I'd say the celebs were pretty shocked by Gaga's meat outfit, too.
  • I fully enjoy this cover of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.

  • A scandalous Megan Fox ad... everyone's favorite.

  • AH HAHAHAHA dude! You should know where the objects on the football field are!

  • I thought this guy was gonna be dumb... but then I laughed.

  • This video is crazy intriguing. "Never Trust a Cute Girl."

  • Who knew guys dressed in drag would sound so good singing a parody of "Bad Romance"?!

  • And a parody of "Ridin' Solo"= No Homo.

Don't be surprised if I add more to this throughout the day, but wanted to clear out my links for now. Have an amazing weekend!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

animals are good dancers

When I asked which posts you like best, a lot of you responded with "the precious animal posts!"

Apparently these animals [mostly cats] knew it was my birthday [my being this here blog] because they're dancing in celebration! [Okay... I'm corny... I know.]

CELEBRATE TWO YEARS! Everyone and everything else is!


taylor and kanye mash-up: innocent d-bag

I gotta thank fellow TJ @imJmi for this because it's amazing.

Imagine if Taylor Swift and Kanye really did collabo on the VMA's. Can you see it?

Well, chances are it wouldn't be anywhere near as good as this cover of the two together:

It's amazing how much better of a song it becomes when T Swift isn't singing it, huh?! I love it.


daily podcast 091610

It's been a hectic few days here in the studio, but today we talked about white lies and which ones are okay to tell.

Thanks again! And if you're ever streaming my show from 11-3/10-2c, feel free to call in! 979-764-9595


celebrating my two year anniversary!

It's my 2 year anniversary of starting this blog! I can't believe it!

I've actually started doing something and kept it going for two years. That's a serious commitment! It's almost like my ADD has been cured! ...Kinda... but not really.

On this day last year I was headed to my first big-girl job interview and audition at WVAQ. I reflected on the year I had before which was a whole lot of learning and growth. I went from 20 views a day, to 200, to 2,000 that year.

This year has been all about making dreams happen. So many amazing things have happened to me solely because of this blog and what I do here... And you. You've played such a major role in getting me what I've gotten this year. Thank you.

Now let's take a look back on the year more in depth, shall we?

The major happenings

It was about this time that Real World DC was wrapping up their filming and I was freaking out with the question "What the H do I do now?!" My episodes came to an end, but not without the greatest finale ever- at the premiere of the show.

Then the podcasts and chats started, and I'll never forget the feeling I got after the first chat with a couple hundred people and the chat on MTV with over 900 of you chatting. It was incredible. I felt like I had achieved it all.

Once it was all said and done, I really didn't know what to do. The only answer I had was to really start applying to big-girl jobs again and start a second website to help promote my hard work. elizabethany IRL focuses on my life as a girl who is trying to make her dreams come true while still living the life of a 23 year old.

The fact that I got the first job that I really wanted is still unreal to me. It felt like I packed up and moved to Texas before I could even say goodbye.

And if I thought that was quick, within two days I was getting a call from MTV asking me to be in the running for the first ever MTV TJ.

We all know what happened after that. It's all history now... but it's history that I'll never forget and definitely never take for granted.

Now things are relatively normal, I'm trying to make myself better every day, play a lot of Truth or Dare, and I'm loving my job on the radio. There may not be anything huge going on in my life, but there's always something to be striving for, right?

Now that we've reminisced, I think it's important we take a look at the biggest, most popular, most visited, and most talked about posts from the past year. It's all based on comments, hits, etc. I'd make sure you've checked them all out.

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17. On the racks: LiLo does Maxim
16. The cutest wake up ever
15. An introduction to my new home at Candy95
14. The new MTV logo was missing something
13. Dare: Buying something with my undies on the outside
12. Watch: The Titanic 2 trailer
11. 8 questions and more with Fefe Dobson
10. The premiere of Real World: DC
9. Dare: Make a gangster rap
8. I'm practically an MTV superstar
7. MTV TJ Challenge 1: Who the H is elizabethany?!
6. The RWDC: As We Saw It, Meet Mike
5. How you can help me win MTV TJ
4. I Spy: A girl who needs more clothes
3. The RWDC: As We Saw It, Dating tips from the Pimpin' Panda
2. The RWDC: As We Saw It, Meet Pandrea
1. Greg Oden's junk is for the ladies' pleasure

I told you that it's obvious y'all like the X-rated stuff! That #1 post beat out the others by about 10x... Not joking. Ya nasties!

It's fun to look back at it all! Lots of other posts were close to making the top 25, especially considering this is post 2,344.

Thanks again for making this worthwhile, fun, and what it's become. I wouldn't still be doing this if it weren't for your feedback and support.

Here's to another year and seeing what surprises it brings!


morning hangover 091610

Good morning and Happy TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY to my baby- this blog.

It's been my life for the past two years, and I'm not slowin' down yet! Expect some reminiscing posts today and please eat a piece of cake or candy [or if you can- have a Slurpee] to celebrate.

Also: Check out these links-
That's all for now! Enjoy your day! I know I'll enjoy mine!

Have I thanked you for reading lately? Cuz I really appreciate it.