Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tunes on tuesday 092810

Thank you, Tuesday night TV for making it so I'm literally posting this in the nick of time. Goodness.

B.o.B.--> Don't Let Me Fall

Do you like B.o.B.? You'll like this. It's not the most talented song you'll ever hear, but I definitely dig it.

Katy Perry--> Firework

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's actually a little bit of a different sound for Katy! I almost didn't think it was really her for a little while. I like it. I won't even be mad if we play it a ton... Especially if it throws "California Gurls" in the trash.

La Roux--> In For The Kill

Eh... I'm not a fan. I think this is the one I want to hear from you about, though. Do YOU like it? Yay or nay?!

Nicki Minaj--> Right Through Me

I still can't fathom the fact that she's raunchy in duets, but normal and relatively cute as a solo artist. This is a good song. I enjoy.

Chris Brown--> Yeah 3x

Take a couple listens to that, let it sink in, and love it. It's the song that all the DJ's are talking about this week. I feel like it could be the next "Forever"... I'll absolutely be loving it when I hear it in the club.

Tim McGraw--> Felt Good on my Lips

Is that auto-tune?! It's typical Tim McGraw. It's good, but his songs never blow me away anymore.

Billy Currington--> Let Me Down Easy
I'm really starting to fall for this man's music. It's slow, but I really like it. The lyrics, the melody, everything.

Lady Antebellum--> Hello World
I get really freakin' pumped when they come out with new songs now. It's slow and different for them. It's mostly Charles singing. It's a pretty song. Definitely worth a listen.

Leah Seawright--> Country Girl 101

It's a girl power kinda rock-country song, and I'm diggin' it. It gets me pumped! It's these kinda songs that make me wanna be a full-fledged country girl.

And my favorite new discovery of the week that I can't stop listening to-
Rascal Flatts--> Why Wait

It's no surprise. I'm a huge Rascal fan. This song has been on repeat all week. L.O.V.E.

That's all for now! Enjoy!


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