Wednesday, September 29, 2010

watch: seal and heidi practically have sex for 3 minutes

I bet that title caught your eye, eh!?

Seal's got a new album coming out. He was on Dancing with the Stars last night, and now he's got a super hott and heavy music video that is going to have the WORLD talking about him at the perfect time.

I always tried to imagine him and Heidi doin' the dirty, but couldn't. Well... Now I don't have to imagine it, because I can watch it in his new music video for "Secret."
[Sorry about the auto-start. As soon as I find another version to embed, I'll change it!]

Seriously... How beautiful is Heidi?! Goodness. No makeup and still flawless. And Seal... dang boy.

I don't think I listened to the song, but boy did I watch every second of that. Don't judge me.


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