Friday, September 17, 2010

morning hangover 091710


Enjoy some procrastination.

  • 12 of the funniest tweets ever.
  • Weed flavored ice cream. Gross. Would you try it?!
  • Lady Gaga wasn't the first to wear a meat outfit.
  • What does your car say about you?! Apparently I'm personalityless. Fail.
  • Can you imagine killing your brother and then just... acting nonchalant about it?!
  • Don't stand around holding a drink. It'll make you seem dumb.
  • I can't tell if this is really sad, cute, or just unbelievable.
  • I'd say the celebs were pretty shocked by Gaga's meat outfit, too.
  • I fully enjoy this cover of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream.

  • A scandalous Megan Fox ad... everyone's favorite.

  • AH HAHAHAHA dude! You should know where the objects on the football field are!

  • I thought this guy was gonna be dumb... but then I laughed.

  • This video is crazy intriguing. "Never Trust a Cute Girl."

  • Who knew guys dressed in drag would sound so good singing a parody of "Bad Romance"?!

  • And a parody of "Ridin' Solo"= No Homo.

Don't be surprised if I add more to this throughout the day, but wanted to clear out my links for now. Have an amazing weekend!


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