Friday, September 24, 2010

the world series of beer pong is coming!

Every year I miss the sign-ups and say "Next year I'm going, damnit."

Well... I know it's time to sign-up, but I'm poor. So I want YOU to go for me!

I want my readers/friends/fam to go experience the World Series of Beer Pong, take lots of videos, send them to me, report on it for me, and maybe even tell the world about love, EB.

What I'll give ya to do it: A hug. And that's pretty freakin' valuable.

Here are the deets if you want in this amazing, once in a lifetime, pretty good deal:

ANYONE can sign up. Even if you suck. But please, don't suck.

It's in VEGAS from January 1-5 [Hello AWESOME start to the New Year!]

The rooms are pretty cheap and look HELLA nice! This is the cheapest room, which is $450 per teammate for a 4 night stay The Flamingo and entry into the tournament, which guarantees 12 games, and all the alcohol you'll need.

The winning team gets $50,000.

Do I need to say that again?! $50,000!!!!!

Oh man, I really wanna go. I've never been to Vegas! Hmph. I'll have to settle for living vicariously through others.

If you sign up- let me know! Seriously. I'll rep you HARD.


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