Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tunes on tuesday 033109

Happy Tunes on Tuesday!!

This week I'm going to do a major focus on songs that are rumored to be on the edge of hitting the radio market BIG TIME. Basically, you might be hearing a lot of them. So might as well learn 'em now if you haven't yet, right!?

David Cook--> Come Back To Me

Love it, duh. I love him. [Hence the interview.. Check it out if you haven't yet.] When he performed it, I think I was a little unsure. The words are good, the sound is good, and it's not too Idol OR too Daughtry. Nice.

Kanye West ft. Mr. Hudson--> Paranoid

Hmmm. I'm not a fan. Not surprising either, though. I'm not a huge Kanye fan lately. Let me know what you think, though. Maybe you can sell me.

Pink--> Please Don't Leave Me

I've definitely already posted this, but it's good. So listen. Now.

Family Force 5--> How In The World

Never heard of these people or this song. I don't think it's anything amazing. I'm not sure what the "special" is in it. Hmm, I guess we'll see how it does.

Pitbull--> I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

Ohh, good dancing song. You'll definitely be getting down to this. I've heard it a couple of times, but I do think we'll be hearing a lot more of it.

Brooke Hogan ft. Stack$--> Falling

Another Brooke Hogan song? Interesting. Stack$ is definitely her ex, too. I like his raps in here, they're clever. A lot of name dropping. Her voice sounds pretty. I'm not sure I will hear it playing on the radio a WHOLE lot, but I could be wrong.

Lovesick Radio--> Boy's Don't Matter

I do like this kind of music when I'm in the mood for it, and I think I like this one. They remind me of someone... I don't know who? Maybe everyone? Or maybe I've just heard this song but never really listened. Who knows.

Paula DeAnda--> Roll the Credits

I love it. The lyrics are totally cute, but a little sad. Clever may be the word. And Paula's a great singer! I dig it.

Kelly Clarkson--> I Do Not Hook Up

She's still got it, my friends. I totally enjoy this song. Yay!

DAY26 ft. Yung Joc and Diddy--> Imma Put It On Her

Of course Diddy is going to jump on their single. Ugh. Didn't he see that he ruined Donnie by doing that?!? I hope this isn't the version they use for radio, but who knows. I still love DAY26 [But I'm gonna slap Que if he keeps effin' up the group...] so its a definite that I love this song. I just want Diddy out of it. Now.

Kenny Chesney--> Out Last Night

YES!!!! A country drinking song! Holy h I LOVE IT! Every bit of it. Yesyesyes!

Jack Ingram--> Barefoot and Crazy

As much as I hate to admit that summer is coming, it is. So, might as well get ready for the awesome summertime country songs! This is a good one! Sweet deal!

Alright, that's all I got for this week! I hope you enjoyed or else it might be a no-fun couple of months listening to these on the radio!


multitasking at its finest

It must be "show the world great products" week. I have something else, thanks to the AMAZING show The Doctors! [It was a sex themed "Ask the doctors" show! YES!]

This one is just for the ladies!

If you travel a lot, but don't want the awkwardness of carrying your personal massager around, it's okay! Now it can look like something else. AND act as something else!

Check out the Tinge Razor Massager. Part razor, part vibe... With 32 different modes!

It looks almost identical to the Intuition razor with little buttons on it, and is pretty in pink! It even comes with cartridges!

Oh and don't worry about buying batteries all the time! There's a CHARGING PORT!

So, waterproof, looks like a razor, and can actually shave your legs, personal massager. I liiiikee.

Whoever I gave genius of the week to before, just lost. This wins. For the month, maybe. I just wish it were cheaper than 100$!! Or, a sugar daddy would be nice as previously mentioned.


PS: Funny: This girl thought it was a body massager and mentioned how it wasn't very powerful. She also tried it on her cat. Moron.

woah. crazy.

Check this picture out.

It's the baby with only half of a head, and the hairiest man in the world. They're just hangin', ya know. No big thang.

No seriously though, that's crazy. He got the right-hand side of his skull and his right cerebral hemisphere removed after he was diagnosed with Rasmussen's encephalitis. [Whatever that is!]

He seems to be a cute, happy little guy, though! It almost just looks like they Photoshop'd some of him out of the picture. Weird.


halle berry's fine

Halle Berry was on Ellen today, and it was fabulous.

First of all, she's gorgeous. Second of all, Ellen pointed out the videos that are a "YouTube sensation" of people dancing to Hurricane Chris's "She Fine" song, which is about Mrs. Perfect.

Then, to add to the sensation, Ellen and Halle got down on the danceflo'!!

This is a clip from her celebration of 500,000 followers on Twitter.

This is them dancing to the actual song, imitating the videos:

For being over 50, Ellen has got some SERIOUS rhythm! [As if we didn't already know!] That's MY GIRL!!!

I need to find a way to meet you, Ellen. ASAP.


escape the desert

New invention/product alert!


This could be the next sensation! If you search for the "other, cooler side" of the pillow because the side you're on is warm, this is what you need!

Apparently you activate it one time, and then it stays cool forever! And it doesn't make any noise, and it's totally comfortable!

I kinda like the sound of this..... Maybe it even adds a little more thickness, fluff, firmness, etc to your pillow!

If only I were rich. Or had a sugar daddy. Dang.


fabulous one-liners

Demi Moore just tweeted about this site, and it's pretty good!

It's a bunch of one-liners that people are constantly submitting to.

And let's be honest. This generation LOVES its one-liners.


PS! Fellow Twitterers.. Yes, I've joined the cult. Ugh. ;) FOLLOW ME!

your animals of the day 033109

I bet you never thought you'd be able to relate to an elephant, huh?

Well, think back to last weekend, to either how you felt, or how you saw others feeling (I think I'll imagine my friend on her 21st birthday), and then watch this video.

She just... Wants... To Wave... But she can't... Stand up... Straight.... Legs... Weak. See what I mean?

Deer LOVE to trespass. It seems like they'll get into anything they so please. If you think your safe locking your door but not the mini cat door, you're wrong.

So who's going to invent the lockable cat/doggy door that they can unlock themselves?!

Alright, I know I always say that cats are SUPER smart. I still stand by that statement. But some of them, for some reason, think they can outsmart fish. They're wrong.

Talk about a head on collision. Holy cow. I'm SO glad this was caught on tape!

I've always heard "people love animals" in the journalism world, so there ya go. Aw away!


race car driver?

I heard about Andre3000 getting arrested for speeding and thought "C'mon, give him a break. He probably wasn't even going that fast."

Then 2 things happened. I realized we haven't heard anything about him in a while, and read that they called him an "accident waiting to happen."

He was going 109 mph in a 65 mph zone. Holy H.

“Traveling that fast along I-75, you’re passing vehicles almost like they’re standing still. And it’s an accident waiting to happen.”
--The officer

His excuse: He missed his exit and was late for a birthday party. Uhhh.....

His court date is April 29.. I'm interested to see what will happen. If it was a real person, in VA, their life would be over.

Good luck with that excuse though, moron.


what the h is gyt?!

There's a couple of videos floating around asking the same question: WTF is GYT?!

Hmmm... Get Your Things? Gyrating Young Teenagers? Greasy Yummy Turkey-burgers?!

I don't have any idea either, but apparently we'll find out on Thursday!!

What do YOU think it is?! Leave your ideas in the comments section!


new tv coming your way

There's two new shows coming up, and they're definitely worth mentioning.

Sick of the Bachelor? I believe that all hott guys are just a-holes, so I like the new idea that FOX has. It's the Bachelor for the "average sized woman" looking for the "Kevin James-type."

They're also calling it the "plus-size" version. Hmmm.

[The REAL name is "More to Love"]

I'm all about the average looking people. And I'd totally date Kevin James. He seems funny. But I don't know that "average" is plus size. And if it is, well, America, we have a problem.

They're in the casting stages right now, with no air date set. But yes, People Magazine, I will watch it. It'll probably even be better than stupid Jason Mesnick.

I Love New York is back, too. Well, New York is. And she's going to work... On VH1's "New York Goes to Work."

Yes, really. They're milking her for all she's worth... Which I'd like to say is nothing, but apparently not.

She'll try out a bunch of different jobs in which viewers can text in and vote on to see which job she has to keep. Then, if she keeps it for a week, she'll get $5,000. It starts May 4th.

Ugh. Really, VH1?! Do we REALLY need any more of this girl in our lives?! Sure, she's entertaining, but it got old at least 3 shows ago.

So count me in for MTL, but NYGTW... A big fat NEGATIVE.


way worse than riri

You've seen the commercial, and you probably love every second of it:

Sweet, sweet Vince Shlomi... The ShamWow guy!

He got in a fight with a hooker this weekend.

Yeah, he's pretty beaten up. It happened after he paid her $1000 for sex, but then she bit his tongue! So, he punched her until she let go. Apparently, he didn't want to stop.

Yeah, she's REALLY bad. They both ran down to the hotel lobby, and got arrested for battery. Neither was prosecuted, though.

Is it weird/bad that I find this sorta funny? The life that some people live, man. It's interesting. Maybe this story will calm down all of the Rihanna/Chris talk... Maybe???

Wow. Yeah. This slut is BADDD. I wonder what he would have done to Lorena Bobbitt?


PS: Leave it to TMZ to get these inappropriate pictures.

Monday, March 30, 2009

who is this little girl

I'm going to go ahead and say this little girl lives in a trailer... In the ghettoest, trashiest trailer park. Either that, or she goes to some wack "think you too cool" school.

This is her way of tellin' people off. The description is "Damn I'm mean."

[Be careful of the volume if you're around important people.]

Oh, she's really mad, huh? What the heck. Who is she?!

She needs a reality check. I hope some gangster slapped her in the face.


this weekend on the red carpet

Two "big events" happened this weekend... The Kids' Choice Awards, and Perez Hilton's 31st birthday party.

It's weird... You'd think the people at the Kids' Choice Awards would be a little less worried about how they look than those who attend the most famous celebrity blogger ever. I mean, he's going to talk about how they looked, obviously.

Still, the pictures I see from KCA show people looking overall fabulously. Everyone at the birthday bash is looking... Well.. Terrible, for the most part.

Take a look for yourself:

On the ORANGE Carpet at Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards:

Don't think you're a pedofile for checking some of these people out. Can I mention how hott Romeo has gotten? Woah. And Ashley Tisdale looks smokin' too!

And on the pink carpet before Perez Hilton's OMFB Party:

Ugh. Hooker O'Day is flashin' her goodies. Christina Aguilera thinks it's Halloween, Kim Kardashian seems to be hiding a belly bump, and Paris thinks she's the star of the Matrix. Aye yi yi.

Well done, kiddies! Perez, I think you need new friends. And a new stylist.


monkeys are smart

I've found more proof that monkeys are way smarter than humans!

Check out this commercial, it's great. And never drive your car into a land full of monkeys.

Ahh, they got a nice little get-up eh?! Those little smarty pants.


when cops take their authority too far

I'm sure just about everyone has had a time where they want to punch a cop in the face because they are acting like complete [fill in the blank]'s... Because they can.

Two guys recently had this happen to them at the absolute worst of times: When their mom was dying.

One guy you may have heard of if you're a football fan; Ryan Moats, Houston Texans running back. He was driving his wife to the hospital to see her mom, his mother-in-law, before she died. They knew she had only a couple of minutes to live, so they rushed through a red light.

WOO-WOOP! The cop tried to pull them over, but they kept going, with their hazards on, all the way to the hospital. The po-po then tried to hold them at GUN POINT saying they couldn't go inside. His wife made it in, but Ryan was held up outside while the cop took his time writing a ticket.

Here's the complete video of it happening:

It's absolutely crazy. Ryan was never disrespectful, nor did he ever throw out his "celebrity" to the officer. He kept telling him that his mother-in-law was dying, and the cop just didn't care. At all. He even said "shut your mouth" at least 20 times. So disrespectful.

Another guy, Wayne Able, was driving his 83 year old mother to the hospital while she was dying. He got pulled over for expired tags. When the officer came up to the window, this is what Wayne said happened:
"I said can I please get my mom to the hospital. Call an ambluance or something. So he called an ambulance. I said could you just let me get my mom to the hospital I can get her there a lot quicker and he said no."

His mom died a couple of hours later, in the hospital, but everyone is saying that during the time he waited on the side of the road, lots of medical help could have been given. Now it has turned into an investigation.

It just drives me crazy that they don't have a heart during these situations. If you need to write a ticket, fine. But follow them to the hospital or something. How dare you keep them while their MOTHER is dying.

Ugh. Both of those officers deserve to lose their badges. Period.


stink be gone

Farts are funny. It's a fact. When someone does it, you can't help but laugh.

That is, of course, until the smell comes and slaps you in the face. Then you're not laughing anymore.

Well, have no fear! Farts [even the word is funny] can be funny ALL the time with the Subtle Butt!!

Apparently you put this little patch in your undies, and it stops the smell from leaving the patch.

They say you just peel off the backing to the adhesive and attach it.. And then you're free to LET 'ER RIP!!!

That may be a little ballsy, and I'd probably try it at home before going out in public or a classroom to test it out, but hey... If it works, it works!

But when you take your undies off and someone's around... You may want to have a good explanation planned for why you have this patch in there. Talk about AWKWARD!

Genius of the week? If it works, it's probable!


i want her now

I'm obsessed with pets. I love cats. Duh.

I also love gymnastics.

This cat is the most amazing thing I have ever seen, and I wish I could adopt her right now.

Meet Lola. The kitten who has messed up legs, and gets around by HANDSTAND WALKING!!!

Oh my goodness. I'm in love. Whoever ended up getting her, officially has the best cat EVER. Ahh! SO great.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

the most amazing thing you'll ever hear

You HAVE to do this. Seriously.

You need to get some headphones, plug them in, and listen to this "Virtual Haircut."

It is the craziest thing I have ever heard, witnessed, whatever.

Close your eyes and listen. Even if you don't close them, though... You'll still see things, so either way, just do it.

Click here and do this now!!!
Click here and do this now!!!
Click here and do this now!!!
Click here and do this now!!!
Click here and do this now!!!
Click here and do this now!!!
Click here and do this now!!!

Seriously, I was moving around all crazy when I thought they were close. Wow. I'm so amazed right now. Absolutely incredible.


what was once impossible to see, is now on display

Remember when everyone was searching for Rihanna's "beaten picture"? No one had a way of getting it, everyone wanted it, and there were fake ones being made.

Well, obviously we've seen it. And they're making the "Rihanna Law" now that will protect such pictures from ever being released again.

In the meantime, Mr. Sham Ibrahim is turning into a famous piece of artwork. For no reason at all.

He says the shapes were fun to draw, and he liked making them pink and purple. That's all. It's not meant to bring awareness to domestic violence or anything. That'd be stupid.

The things people are doing with this issue is terrible. Ugh. I just wish it would go away. This is awful.


perfect impressions

The Osbournes have a new show, if you didn't know.

Yes, they're still alive and the exact same as we remember them from MTV.

In order to promote the show, they did this little Hills spoof... With help from LC!

How great is that?! It makes no sense, just like the real deal!

And Ozzy as Audrina?! Priceless!

Ohh, this could be good.


come on back!

Two HUGE shows, The Price Is Right and Saved By The Bell, are looking at comebacks.

No, they're not making more SBTB, and we're not getting rid of Drew Carey on TPIR.

Jimmy Fallon wants to reunite the entire cast of SBTB for its 20th anniversary, and Bob Barker is returning to his stage for his 6501st episode.

Unfortunately he won't be running the show or calling people down. He'll be there to promote his autobiography "Priceless Memories" and help out a little with the Showcase Showdown. It'll air on April 16th.

I think I would enjoy his autobiography to be honest. I may have to look into that.

As for Fallon and our favorite high schoolers, Mr. Belding is in! As for everyone else... Well, we'll have to wait.

Yikes, Mr. Belding looks rough!! And Fallon is really trying to make sure his show stays afloat. If he gets this though, it'll be HUGE! And I'll be pumped! Along with everyone else of this generation.

So here's to coming back and reliving the past! Or, at least kinda.


making a point

So did you participate in Earth Hour last night?

I did not. I honestly didn't even know about it until Mom told me, and I was at a party where a band was playing. We really conserved a lot of energy.

If you didn't know about it, it's an hour where the whole world is supposed to turn off all the lights in order to make a "Conserve energy" statement. I didn't notice any difference in Morgantown, but plenty of cities definitely went dark between 8:30 and 9:30.

Here are a couple of the cities around the world:


New Delhi, India






The Vatican




Some places didn't do it completely, but some definitely did, and it's pretty cool. If only I had known about it ahead of time.


she's doin' it again

When I see a preview that involves Ellen laughing like this, I know it's going to be good. And even if it's not, I'll laugh because of her laugh.

This time, it was just really funny. She did the "Starbucks Prank" with Dennis Quaid a couple of months ago, and now she's doin' it again, but with one of the employees.

"My sister is giving birth in my head." WHAT! Oh man. Can you just imagine being one of the people ordering from this girl?!

I'd never be able to keep my composure like that, either. So bravo, girl!

They did it again a couple of days later, and it was still funny, but not as good as that one.

Ahh, I love it. I still want more people going into the businesses and messin' with the workers, though.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

it was amazing

I'm sure you've been sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear about the Britney Spears concert that I went to last night in Pittsburgh. Have no fear... Your wait is over. ;)

It was every sort of great that I thought it would be.

No, she didn't sing. Not even one word. But everyone should know that going in. And no, she doesn't look as great as she did in her prime, but hey, everyone grows up a little, right?! Plus, given what she's been through, you have to give her a little leeway.

She put on one helluva good show.

The Pussycat Dolls opened, looking like 5 disco balls dancing around a stage... In a good way. They were so sparkly, you would be able to see them from a spaceship, had there not been a roof. They DID sing, and they danced, and it was all pretty good.. I was impressed.

My only issue: Nicole really runs the whole show. Not only is she the only one that got to talk a whole lot, but they literally put her in the middle of their prop/stage thing, and raised her SUPER high, WAY above everyone. I've heard the group is having issues because of her getting all of the attention, and I have to admit, I don't blame them.

She wasn't the most scantily dressed one, which was surprising, but she also wasn't the most talented, I don't think. Then again, it was hard to tell. But Kimberly did the crazy leg thing where she stands there, and all of a sudden her leg is well above her head. Crazy.

Then we had a little break of circus-acts. All of them were pretty cool. A flexible, balancing girl. Some flipping karate guys, a hula hooper, a juggler.. The usual. Then, the finale. A girl flipping on a flexible beam-type thing, that two men held. I called every skill she did, but I'm still impressed.

Now onto Britney. But first, Perez Hilton must open the show. It was probably the most creepy opening... Scratch that. The most creepy video I have ever seen. Just the way he was dressed and talking and everything. Woah.

The show was literally a circus. Throughout the entire thing, people are hanging from the ceiling, doing crazy stunts, and even MAGIC! It was super cool.

Britney did at least 2398072 wardrobe changes, but I'm not mad at her. In between we got to see different videos. One of some rockers singing "Sweet Dreams," and then her coming in and finishing it her way...

...And a montage of all of her videos ever, which was definitely cool. Ahh, I love her.

What I learned is that Britney is one extremely sexual being. She had men coming from the ceiling to her on top of a bed, then lifting her up in the hanky panky position, IN THE AIR! Plus, the booby tassels, and every lyric she sang added to that discovery.

Her p-word DEFINITELY hangs out during "Piece of Me." And I got a picture, sort of. No wonder she yelled it, though! It's because of they Beyonce-esque leotard she was wearing! Ugh.

Honestly, there's so much I could talk about, but I'm not. Just know that the show was awesome enough for me to say that everything was amazing, despite the fact that she didn't sing, and didn't do a WHOLE lot of dancing. She did, however, break it down numerous times, in which I definitely screamed "GET IT BRITBRIT!!!"

[Her dancers also broke it down during one wardrobe change, which may have been one of my favorite parts of the night. I wish I had that video.]

As for my favorite parts that I haven't mentioned... I loved the soldier skit/show, and when she sang "Everytime" on the umbrella. But really, I loved it all.

I can't believe that was the first time I have ever seen her. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll never miss her show again, though. I'll also remember to budget at least $40 dollars and 30 minutes of my time to get a t-shirt, since I didn't last night. Wow.


PS: Here are a majority of my pictures that are worth looking at. Click to make bigger.