Monday, March 30, 2009

when cops take their authority too far

I'm sure just about everyone has had a time where they want to punch a cop in the face because they are acting like complete [fill in the blank]'s... Because they can.

Two guys recently had this happen to them at the absolute worst of times: When their mom was dying.

One guy you may have heard of if you're a football fan; Ryan Moats, Houston Texans running back. He was driving his wife to the hospital to see her mom, his mother-in-law, before she died. They knew she had only a couple of minutes to live, so they rushed through a red light.

WOO-WOOP! The cop tried to pull them over, but they kept going, with their hazards on, all the way to the hospital. The po-po then tried to hold them at GUN POINT saying they couldn't go inside. His wife made it in, but Ryan was held up outside while the cop took his time writing a ticket.

Here's the complete video of it happening:

It's absolutely crazy. Ryan was never disrespectful, nor did he ever throw out his "celebrity" to the officer. He kept telling him that his mother-in-law was dying, and the cop just didn't care. At all. He even said "shut your mouth" at least 20 times. So disrespectful.

Another guy, Wayne Able, was driving his 83 year old mother to the hospital while she was dying. He got pulled over for expired tags. When the officer came up to the window, this is what Wayne said happened:
"I said can I please get my mom to the hospital. Call an ambluance or something. So he called an ambulance. I said could you just let me get my mom to the hospital I can get her there a lot quicker and he said no."

His mom died a couple of hours later, in the hospital, but everyone is saying that during the time he waited on the side of the road, lots of medical help could have been given. Now it has turned into an investigation.

It just drives me crazy that they don't have a heart during these situations. If you need to write a ticket, fine. But follow them to the hospital or something. How dare you keep them while their MOTHER is dying.

Ugh. Both of those officers deserve to lose their badges. Period.


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