Monday, March 30, 2009

stink be gone

Farts are funny. It's a fact. When someone does it, you can't help but laugh.

That is, of course, until the smell comes and slaps you in the face. Then you're not laughing anymore.

Well, have no fear! Farts [even the word is funny] can be funny ALL the time with the Subtle Butt!!

Apparently you put this little patch in your undies, and it stops the smell from leaving the patch.

They say you just peel off the backing to the adhesive and attach it.. And then you're free to LET 'ER RIP!!!

That may be a little ballsy, and I'd probably try it at home before going out in public or a classroom to test it out, but hey... If it works, it works!

But when you take your undies off and someone's around... You may want to have a good explanation planned for why you have this patch in there. Talk about AWKWARD!

Genius of the week? If it works, it's probable!


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