Tuesday, March 31, 2009

multitasking at its finest

It must be "show the world great products" week. I have something else, thanks to the AMAZING show The Doctors! [It was a sex themed "Ask the doctors" show! YES!]

This one is just for the ladies!

If you travel a lot, but don't want the awkwardness of carrying your personal massager around, it's okay! Now it can look like something else. AND act as something else!

Check out the Tinge Razor Massager. Part razor, part vibe... With 32 different modes!

It looks almost identical to the Intuition razor with little buttons on it, and is pretty in pink! It even comes with cartridges!

Oh and don't worry about buying batteries all the time! There's a CHARGING PORT!

So, waterproof, looks like a razor, and can actually shave your legs, personal massager. I liiiikee.

Whoever I gave genius of the week to before, just lost. This wins. For the month, maybe. I just wish it were cheaper than 100$!! Or, a sugar daddy would be nice as previously mentioned.


PS: Funny: This girl thought it was a body massager and mentioned how it wasn't very powerful. She also tried it on her cat. Moron.

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