Tuesday, March 31, 2009

your animals of the day 033109

I bet you never thought you'd be able to relate to an elephant, huh?

Well, think back to last weekend, to either how you felt, or how you saw others feeling (I think I'll imagine my friend on her 21st birthday), and then watch this video.

She just... Wants... To Wave... But she can't... Stand up... Straight.... Legs... Weak. See what I mean?

Deer LOVE to trespass. It seems like they'll get into anything they so please. If you think your safe locking your door but not the mini cat door, you're wrong.

So who's going to invent the lockable cat/doggy door that they can unlock themselves?!

Alright, I know I always say that cats are SUPER smart. I still stand by that statement. But some of them, for some reason, think they can outsmart fish. They're wrong.

Talk about a head on collision. Holy cow. I'm SO glad this was caught on tape!

I've always heard "people love animals" in the journalism world, so there ya go. Aw away!


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