Tuesday, March 31, 2009

way worse than riri

You've seen the commercial, and you probably love every second of it:

Sweet, sweet Vince Shlomi... The ShamWow guy!

He got in a fight with a hooker this weekend.

Yeah, he's pretty beaten up. It happened after he paid her $1000 for sex, but then she bit his tongue! So, he punched her until she let go. Apparently, he didn't want to stop.

Yeah, she's REALLY bad. They both ran down to the hotel lobby, and got arrested for battery. Neither was prosecuted, though.

Is it weird/bad that I find this sorta funny? The life that some people live, man. It's interesting. Maybe this story will calm down all of the Rihanna/Chris talk... Maybe???

Wow. Yeah. This slut is BADDD. I wonder what he would have done to Lorena Bobbitt?


PS: Leave it to TMZ to get these inappropriate pictures.

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