Tuesday, March 31, 2009

new tv coming your way

There's two new shows coming up, and they're definitely worth mentioning.

Sick of the Bachelor? I believe that all hott guys are just a-holes, so I like the new idea that FOX has. It's the Bachelor for the "average sized woman" looking for the "Kevin James-type."

They're also calling it the "plus-size" version. Hmmm.

[The REAL name is "More to Love"]

I'm all about the average looking people. And I'd totally date Kevin James. He seems funny. But I don't know that "average" is plus size. And if it is, well, America, we have a problem.

They're in the casting stages right now, with no air date set. But yes, People Magazine, I will watch it. It'll probably even be better than stupid Jason Mesnick.

I Love New York is back, too. Well, New York is. And she's going to work... On VH1's "New York Goes to Work."

Yes, really. They're milking her for all she's worth... Which I'd like to say is nothing, but apparently not.

She'll try out a bunch of different jobs in which viewers can text in and vote on to see which job she has to keep. Then, if she keeps it for a week, she'll get $5,000. It starts May 4th.

Ugh. Really, VH1?! Do we REALLY need any more of this girl in our lives?! Sure, she's entertaining, but it got old at least 3 shows ago.

So count me in for MTL, but NYGTW... A big fat NEGATIVE.


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