Saturday, March 28, 2009

it was amazing

I'm sure you've been sitting on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear about the Britney Spears concert that I went to last night in Pittsburgh. Have no fear... Your wait is over. ;)

It was every sort of great that I thought it would be.

No, she didn't sing. Not even one word. But everyone should know that going in. And no, she doesn't look as great as she did in her prime, but hey, everyone grows up a little, right?! Plus, given what she's been through, you have to give her a little leeway.

She put on one helluva good show.

The Pussycat Dolls opened, looking like 5 disco balls dancing around a stage... In a good way. They were so sparkly, you would be able to see them from a spaceship, had there not been a roof. They DID sing, and they danced, and it was all pretty good.. I was impressed.

My only issue: Nicole really runs the whole show. Not only is she the only one that got to talk a whole lot, but they literally put her in the middle of their prop/stage thing, and raised her SUPER high, WAY above everyone. I've heard the group is having issues because of her getting all of the attention, and I have to admit, I don't blame them.

She wasn't the most scantily dressed one, which was surprising, but she also wasn't the most talented, I don't think. Then again, it was hard to tell. But Kimberly did the crazy leg thing where she stands there, and all of a sudden her leg is well above her head. Crazy.

Then we had a little break of circus-acts. All of them were pretty cool. A flexible, balancing girl. Some flipping karate guys, a hula hooper, a juggler.. The usual. Then, the finale. A girl flipping on a flexible beam-type thing, that two men held. I called every skill she did, but I'm still impressed.

Now onto Britney. But first, Perez Hilton must open the show. It was probably the most creepy opening... Scratch that. The most creepy video I have ever seen. Just the way he was dressed and talking and everything. Woah.

The show was literally a circus. Throughout the entire thing, people are hanging from the ceiling, doing crazy stunts, and even MAGIC! It was super cool.

Britney did at least 2398072 wardrobe changes, but I'm not mad at her. In between we got to see different videos. One of some rockers singing "Sweet Dreams," and then her coming in and finishing it her way...

...And a montage of all of her videos ever, which was definitely cool. Ahh, I love her.

What I learned is that Britney is one extremely sexual being. She had men coming from the ceiling to her on top of a bed, then lifting her up in the hanky panky position, IN THE AIR! Plus, the booby tassels, and every lyric she sang added to that discovery.

Her p-word DEFINITELY hangs out during "Piece of Me." And I got a picture, sort of. No wonder she yelled it, though! It's because of they Beyonce-esque leotard she was wearing! Ugh.

Honestly, there's so much I could talk about, but I'm not. Just know that the show was awesome enough for me to say that everything was amazing, despite the fact that she didn't sing, and didn't do a WHOLE lot of dancing. She did, however, break it down numerous times, in which I definitely screamed "GET IT BRITBRIT!!!"

[Her dancers also broke it down during one wardrobe change, which may have been one of my favorite parts of the night. I wish I had that video.]

As for my favorite parts that I haven't mentioned... I loved the soldier skit/show, and when she sang "Everytime" on the umbrella. But really, I loved it all.

I can't believe that was the first time I have ever seen her. You can bet your bottom dollar that I'll never miss her show again, though. I'll also remember to budget at least $40 dollars and 30 minutes of my time to get a t-shirt, since I didn't last night. Wow.


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