Sunday, March 29, 2009

come on back!

Two HUGE shows, The Price Is Right and Saved By The Bell, are looking at comebacks.

No, they're not making more SBTB, and we're not getting rid of Drew Carey on TPIR.

Jimmy Fallon wants to reunite the entire cast of SBTB for its 20th anniversary, and Bob Barker is returning to his stage for his 6501st episode.

Unfortunately he won't be running the show or calling people down. He'll be there to promote his autobiography "Priceless Memories" and help out a little with the Showcase Showdown. It'll air on April 16th.

I think I would enjoy his autobiography to be honest. I may have to look into that.

As for Fallon and our favorite high schoolers, Mr. Belding is in! As for everyone else... Well, we'll have to wait.

Yikes, Mr. Belding looks rough!! And Fallon is really trying to make sure his show stays afloat. If he gets this though, it'll be HUGE! And I'll be pumped! Along with everyone else of this generation.

So here's to coming back and reliving the past! Or, at least kinda.


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