Thursday, March 31, 2011

the best disney pick-up lines on twitter

I got this Storify app thing and have been waiting for a chance to use it to showcase a group of tweets, and now I got it!

A trending topic right now is #disneypickuplines and it's pretty freakin' hysterical. Disney + semi-X-rated = gold.

Here are just some of the ones I found that I thought were clever:

I can't even come up with any of my own, but if you have any, let me know! I could read them all day!


watch: real life batman in dc!

WHY IS BATMAN SO COOL?! He even knows the cool places to just drive around in broad daylight- Washington, DC!

There's really nothing more to say besides BATMAN IS REAL!!!! [And clever! ;)]


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

live chatting real world las vegas: episode 4!

Last week we had the DC Panda himself, Andrew Woods, join us for some chatter! After doing my first podcast of the season with Mike today, maybe they will come join us as well!

You know what to do. Sign in a little before showtime!


real world las vegas: beyond the real world cameras podcast with mike ross

They're bacckkkkk!! Say hello to the "Beyond the Real World Cameras" podcasts! FINALLY!

Introducing this season in Las Vegas is none other than the guy from NoVA- Mike Ross.

We talked first impressions of each cast member, who he'd bang, marry, and kill, who he thought would beat him up, and exactly how his grandmother feels about him on the show.

Plus- A little rivalry between two East Coast schools- UMD and WVU.

I think that's one of my favorites I've ever done, including RWDC! He's fun. I enjoy him. "Must be that VA in us!"

Don't forget! NEW EPISODE tonight! And we'll be live chatting it right here on! Be here at 10/9c!


watch: a video mash-up celebrating 25 years of pixar movies

I absolutely love EVERYTHING Pixar... but let's be honest, WHO DOESN'T?!

So, in order to celebrate them being around for 25 years now, take a look at this medley of their biggest movies and shorts.

When do you think they'll just have a PIXAR theme park instead of joining with Disney?! I'd totally love that. [/Random thought]


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

watch: twin babies talk in their own language... about teen mom

Earlier this morning I found a video and flipping LOVED IT, but luckily it made some sparks go off in my brain.

These two babies were talking gibberish in their own language... Clearly about something that we would never know.

...Until now, duh!

Turns out they were talking about the Teen Moms, their babies, and then decided to declare a war!

[BTW- Even if you don't watch Teen Mom, it'll be entertaining after 45 seconds, so watch!]

For once I set my mind to making a video BEFORE anyone REALLY got the chance to do it! Let me know what you think and PLEASE- spread this thing like wildfire if you love it and me. [I know- it's dumb to ask for such things, but what if I said I love you?]

Teen Mom 2 finale tonight! HOLLA!


the latest x-rated giveaway: the where's dildo poster

Oh this is quite possibly one of the best, most awkward, detailed, can't-stop-looking poster I've ever seen... And I get to give two of them away!

It's called "Where's Dildo?," and as you can imagine, you're going to need to holler at the XXX page to find out more!

Monday, March 28, 2011

exclusive interview: the reigning american idol lee dewyze

My first ever celeb interview was David Cook, two years ago, after he won American Idol [woah, I don't like listening to that again. Good thing I'm getting better!], and now I got the chance to interview THE American Idol again!

Lee DeWyze was in town for a free show as part of "The Big Event," which is when students help out all over town and just give back to the community.

I showed up an hour and a half ahead of show time, watched some soundcheck, watched the stampede of high school girls when they opened the doors into the arena, then headed to the green room to talk to the Idol himself.

He was exactly as I imagined him to be. He's not a huge BURST of energy, but he was really chill, nice, and honest... And was rather obsessed with making sure he looked okay before heading out on stage. [He kept changing shirts and everything! Apparently people actually comment on him wearing the same outfit multiple times... DANG!]

I expected him to not be able to tell me his favorite Idol, but it didn't take him long to spit it out: Casey Abrams. As for "having the pipes", he seems to think Pia has what it takes.

It's interesting to hear from him exactly how many changes have gone down on the show! It needed to happen, though... As much as I hate to say it, his season was pretty rough.

As for his show- I was a fan before, but he made me immediately get his full album. His voice is so easy to listen to and his lyrics talked to me big time. It was like he was reading my mind with his song choices! I've always loved "Sweet Serendipity," but I think "Live It Up," the title track for the album, is my new favorite.
"You've only got one life, one life to live
I wanna give it everything I got
Who knows this might be it for us
So why don't we
Live it up, Live it up darlin'
or Give it up
My heart is starvin'
Live it up, or Give it up"

Love, love, love!

So definitely give his songs/album a listen. I wouldn't steer you wrong. I never have, right?!
And thanks to Lee and all of his crazy amazing fans!


i want this as a pet: coatis

Buzzfeed posted 50 pictures of baby coatis, some animal that I had never heard of. When I checked out the pictures of these precious things that are related to the raccoon family but also resemble aardvarks, I DIED.

I want. Now. Seriously.

OBVIOUSLY I had to check out some videos on YouTube before I really declared my love and yearning for such a thing in my home.

They seem pretty rambunctious, and probably aren't the best thing to keep caged up, plus they get pretty big, but THEY'RE STILL AWESOME!

Tell me you're not in love right now, I dare you.


hollywood minute 032811


watch: angry birds- the action movie

Luckily I didn't catch on to the addiction that is Angry Birds. Yea, it's fun, but to me- it's no Solitaire.

BUT... I know 90% of this country has had some sort of Angry Bird attachment, and that's what makes this "movie" so hilarious.

What if the game was turned into a movie? A thriller/action/war movie...

SO INTENSE! And so, so real.

You're welcome, Angry Birds players. I'm sure you peed your pants in excitement and laughter.


best of the week 032811

Hello, Happy Monday, and Happy Weed Appreciation Day!

In case you were too busy throwing chairs through windows last week, here's what you missed:

58- Incredibly amazing pictures of the supermoon
60- The fattest kid on the planet
72- Best mom-text ever

And from my Candy blog:

3. 25 random facts about Britney Spears
2. The World's greatest extra
1. What I have to say about Chris Brown's actions

Our most popular video:

Here's to another week! Hugs and kisses! ;)


Friday, March 25, 2011

friday morning hangover 032511

MORGANTOWN!!! We're in the Final Four for best college town! VOTEVOTEVOTE!This week on my Candy blog:
As for this week's videos, we've been celebrating a lot of "Monthly holidays."

Enjoy the day and weekend!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

american idol top 11: you're watching the show with me

I didn't get to watch American Idol on time tonight, so instead of bugging you all with a million tweets, I figured I'd share all of my thoughts as I watch right here. PLUS! I can add all the performances in in case you missed it.

This season is amazing and if you haven't been watching, you're not smart. Get with it.

Now on with the show.
  • Woah. J.Lo... that's what I like to call Barbie make-up. I guess it matches the glitter sparkly dress, though.
  • It'd be nice if they got Casey's sound right. It really affected the ability to tell if he was good or not. I hope it doesn't affect the voting. His look was on point!

  • Thia really bothers me personality-wise. She's either really boring, or too soft, insecure, or something. But I don't like watching her. She's an amazing singer, and was good tonight, but... ugh. Definitely doesn't have that "spark."

  • Jacob was definitely becoming too much, and tonight was hella hard to judge with him because of the sound again, but he did a lot better than usual. I'm glad. He's definitely talented like woah. And YAY standing ovation! Yay for him!

  • Lauren killed it from the first note. Seriously. She's back, and she looked great!

  • Stefano was good, but like they said, there's definitely something more I want from him. He keeps reminding me of Bruno Mars for some reason. I want him to be special for something... besides his mom's food.

  • Haley definitely put on a show! You could tell she was feeling it and I really do love her sound, so I hope America kept her around.

  • Wow. Scotty found a way to legitimately turn Motown into Country. That's why I'm liking this season. People are being themselves no matter what. Scotty better be in the finale. There's no reason for him not to be. He's going to kill the country scene too, assuming they accept a youngin'.

  • I wish Pia had more personality. She's kinda like Carrie. Carrie was always blah to me, but damn, they can both sing. I'm thinking she needs to be joining Scotty in the finale. I'm sick of her and ballads, but at the same time- her Celine/Whitney voice works with that stuff.
  • I'm still more than obsessed with Paul's voice, and his personality is cute too, but all of his songs have really sounded the exact same week after week. I need something different.

  • Naima owned the stage tonight when it comes to performance. She sounded great, but she really strutted around, brought in the audience, and did a freakin' African dance breakdown in the middle! I like her originality, but I'm having a hard time imagining her as an artist.

  • Woah. Now I don't know if I can keep saying everything I've said about everyone else. James did AWESOME! Nothing bad to say. At all. Incredible.

Tonight's show was pretty incredible. Never have we been at the top 11 and I haven't known, with confidence, who I want gone. I'll be sad to see anyone go, really! BUT. If I have to pick one to go, it's definitely Thia. I don't think America will agree, but I hope they do. Joining her in the bottom three should be [unfortunately] Casey, Paul, or Haley.

Wow. Tomorrow night's show is going to be intense, I think.
Let me know your thoughts! I like hearing them as much as I do sharing!


hilarious mom text-alien face

There will never be a funnier text from mom/dad than this one:

Seriously. You can't top that. Wow. Awkward.


live chatting real world las vegas: episode 3!

TONIGHT! Episode 3, and it looks like it's going to get intense! Come join me for live polls, exclusive info, and fun chatter!

Feel free to say what you want! This is where honesty happens, without having to send out 324987 tweets!

See ya a little before the show!


the fattest kid on the planet

This is disturbing.

Have you ever seen a kid so fat he couldn't open his eyes? That's something that can happen, and has to Lu Hao, a 3 year old who weighs over 140 pounds. Congratulations parents... You're the proud owners of the fattest kid ever, who is now BLIND because of it.

Yes. That's real. It's not the "make-me-fat" app. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS!!! THREE YEARS OLD!!!

His family says they're afraid of him and that causes them to feed him too much. Apparently he screams and throws a tantrum if he doesn't eat fourths and fifths.

Um... He's blind. Put him in a room and let him cry himself to sleep. And oh ya- Get his stomach stapled. That is unless, of course, you don't want a child anymore.

Idiot parents. This is disgusting.

And here I thought all Asians were skinny no matter what...


watch: the one-man-band disney movie

Continuing on with my obsession of a-capella performances, this guy decides he wants to play ALL parts of your typical Disney movie.

Seriously. He can sing the female part, the prince, and even the scary bad guy! A lot of people are questioning the realness of this, but I believe! I ALWAYS believe! It's Disney, dangit!

Normally a video that long wouldn't keep me for so long, but he's entertaining! And SO good! He's been doing it for years, so check out his other stuff from before this kind of video was cool.


watch: the drunkest news interview ever

What do people do when it's March Madness? They go to the bars and turn themselves into pure madness, duh.

Then, if they're lucky, they'll be interviewed by the news and turn into a viral sensation.

OMG. I could NOT contain myself while watching that in the studio!

For such a short news story, you'd think they'd leave that living bobblehead out of it. Then again, in the days of viral videos, stuff like this is key in getting your news story talked about.

Awesome. Just awesome.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tunes on tuesday 032211

Happy Tuesday, dollfaces! Turn your speakers up and let's enjoy!

Justin Bieber ft. Rascal Flatts--> That Should Be Me

This video was released 2 weeks ago, but it's now an official single to be played on the radio. I LOVE IT! No surprise, though. Love them both. Or all, I guess.

Neon Trees--> Your Surrender

I think this is my favorite song of theirs yet. I don't know what else to say about it besides I'm more than okay with playing this.

Jessie and the Toy Boys--> Push It

Very robotic/catchy, almost like a wannabe Black Eyed Peas, but worse.

2am Club--> Let Me Down Easy

It's weird.. I LOVE the chorus, but the rest is just typical. I think it has the chance to really grow on me.

Mindless Behavior--> My Girl

OMG this is crazy. They're like mini rappers and R&B singers! 13 years old! And they're dressed like they're grown ass men! Why am I dancing?! Why is it catchy?! I don't think it'll blow up. They're no Biebs. Plus the lyrics are WAY too cheesy. BUT! They're dancing is on point! I wish they were older.

Owl City ft. Shawn Chrystopher--> Alligator Sky

For some reason I kinda like this Shawn guy, but why's he gotta be all complicated with his name? It's a decent song.

Snoop Dogg ft. T-Pain--> Boom

[You're going to want to go to 1:30ish to get to the song.] Someone asked me the other day "Geesh, what kind of songs is Snoop doing these days?" He's definitely turning to the "trends" more than he used to I think, but he stays pretty true to himself on this one, I think... For the most part.

Yellowcard--> Hang You Up

Nothing reminds me of high school spring break/sunny days more than Yellowcard. I'm SO pumped they're coming back! This isn't anything like the songs I used to love, but it's still good. Now I want to go crank up the Ocean's Avenue!

Ace of Base--> All 4 U

When someone comes back from the 90s, chances of their music sounding the same isn't very high. [Example: Robyn] Somehow, Ace of Base to

There's a LOT of new country music this week, so expect a separate post tomorrow. I mean it this time!



watch etv: it's like we're etrade babies!

I spent entirely too much time on this video NOT to share it! [Probably not something I'm supposed to admit, but whatevs.]

Today is "As Young as You Feel Day," and since we have no idea what that means, we decided we feel like babies half the time. Babies with dirty minds. Funny babies.

This is one of those times where I think I'm pretty darn clever and hilarious.


hollywood minute 032211


Monday, March 21, 2011

watch: break dancers knockin' people out... including themselves

I've changed my ways of finding "bloggable content" since being on the radio. I gotta make sure I get everything posted the day it leaks or else I'm behind. Sometimes that sucks. A lot.

Tonight I've been surfing around like the good ol' days and found some gold in the break-dancing department of videos.

First up: I know you feel invincible when you're drunk but like, you probably shouldn't think you're the best break-dancer in the whole world. Nor should you be throwing your body around.

Congrats, homeboy. You officially KO'd yourself.

And then there's the boy trying to impress the ladies....

Hmmmm.. Call me crazy, but I don't see that being the way to get the girl. Just sayin'.

Next time you think about break-dancing in front of people.... rethink it. Then rethink it again, cuz I know the first rethink probably told you to just go for it.


hollywood minute 032111

Someone's coming back to TV
A popular movie series is having another go at it
Someone broke a Michael Jackson record
Someone's breaking up
Someone's preggers
Someone is wanted, just like he said
Someone's got a trashy new girlfriend


20 incredibly amazing pictures of the 2011 supermoon

All day Saturday I was so excited about the Supermoon. I heard the best time to see it would be 3:36 EST, so I was on the lookout. Didn't see it. Didn't see it an hour later, or even a few hours later.

I must have been in the wrong spots at the wrong times, because never did I see a moon that looked as amazing as it does in these pictures.

Denver, CO

Orlando, FL

Columbus, OH

Toronto, Canada

London, England

Newport, RI

The Bronx, NY

Vina del Mar, Chile

Lillburn, Georgia

Miami, FL

Washington, DC

El Paso, TX

Mount St. Bruno, France


Seattle, WA

Essex, England


Athens, Greece

Boston, MA

Albuquerque, NM

There are 30 more pictures if you wanna keep looking at the amazingness. I'm in love, but mad and jealous. Hmph.


weekend hangover 032111

St. Patty's Day got the best of me on Friday morning, I won't even lie to ya. So today I shall share with you the Internet-
Here's to another week of greatness sans Charlie Sheen!