Monday, March 21, 2011

watch: break dancers knockin' people out... including themselves

I've changed my ways of finding "bloggable content" since being on the radio. I gotta make sure I get everything posted the day it leaks or else I'm behind. Sometimes that sucks. A lot.

Tonight I've been surfing around like the good ol' days and found some gold in the break-dancing department of videos.

First up: I know you feel invincible when you're drunk but like, you probably shouldn't think you're the best break-dancer in the whole world. Nor should you be throwing your body around.

Congrats, homeboy. You officially KO'd yourself.

And then there's the boy trying to impress the ladies....

Hmmmm.. Call me crazy, but I don't see that being the way to get the girl. Just sayin'.

Next time you think about break-dancing in front of people.... rethink it. Then rethink it again, cuz I know the first rethink probably told you to just go for it.


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