Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tunes on tuesday 032211

Happy Tuesday, dollfaces! Turn your speakers up and let's enjoy!

Justin Bieber ft. Rascal Flatts--> That Should Be Me

This video was released 2 weeks ago, but it's now an official single to be played on the radio. I LOVE IT! No surprise, though. Love them both. Or all, I guess.

Neon Trees--> Your Surrender

I think this is my favorite song of theirs yet. I don't know what else to say about it besides I'm more than okay with playing this.

Jessie and the Toy Boys--> Push It

Very robotic/catchy, almost like a wannabe Black Eyed Peas, but worse.

2am Club--> Let Me Down Easy

It's weird.. I LOVE the chorus, but the rest is just typical. I think it has the chance to really grow on me.

Mindless Behavior--> My Girl

OMG this is crazy. They're like mini rappers and R&B singers! 13 years old! And they're dressed like they're grown ass men! Why am I dancing?! Why is it catchy?! I don't think it'll blow up. They're no Biebs. Plus the lyrics are WAY too cheesy. BUT! They're dancing is on point! I wish they were older.

Owl City ft. Shawn Chrystopher--> Alligator Sky

For some reason I kinda like this Shawn guy, but why's he gotta be all complicated with his name? It's a decent song.

Snoop Dogg ft. T-Pain--> Boom

[You're going to want to go to 1:30ish to get to the song.] Someone asked me the other day "Geesh, what kind of songs is Snoop doing these days?" He's definitely turning to the "trends" more than he used to I think, but he stays pretty true to himself on this one, I think... For the most part.

Yellowcard--> Hang You Up

Nothing reminds me of high school spring break/sunny days more than Yellowcard. I'm SO pumped they're coming back! This isn't anything like the songs I used to love, but it's still good. Now I want to go crank up the Ocean's Avenue!

Ace of Base--> All 4 U

When someone comes back from the 90s, chances of their music sounding the same isn't very high. [Example: Robyn] Somehow, Ace of Base to

There's a LOT of new country music this week, so expect a separate post tomorrow. I mean it this time!



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