Tuesday, March 29, 2011

watch: twin babies talk in their own language... about teen mom

Earlier this morning I found a video and flipping LOVED IT, but luckily it made some sparks go off in my brain.

These two babies were talking gibberish in their own language... Clearly about something that we would never know.

...Until now, duh!

Turns out they were talking about the Teen Moms, their babies, and then decided to declare a war!

[BTW- Even if you don't watch Teen Mom, it'll be entertaining after 45 seconds, so watch!]

For once I set my mind to making a video BEFORE anyone REALLY got the chance to do it! Let me know what you think and PLEASE- spread this thing like wildfire if you love it and me. [I know- it's dumb to ask for such things, but what if I said I love you?]

Teen Mom 2 finale tonight! HOLLA!


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