Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the fattest kid on the planet

This is disturbing.

Have you ever seen a kid so fat he couldn't open his eyes? That's something that can happen, and has to Lu Hao, a 3 year old who weighs over 140 pounds. Congratulations parents... You're the proud owners of the fattest kid ever, who is now BLIND because of it.

Yes. That's real. It's not the "make-me-fat" app. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS!!! THREE YEARS OLD!!!

His family says they're afraid of him and that causes them to feed him too much. Apparently he screams and throws a tantrum if he doesn't eat fourths and fifths.

Um... He's blind. Put him in a room and let him cry himself to sleep. And oh ya- Get his stomach stapled. That is unless, of course, you don't want a child anymore.

Idiot parents. This is disgusting.

And here I thought all Asians were skinny no matter what...


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