Monday, February 28, 2011

i spy: the ice princess in austin

I went to Austin a few weeks ago for the first time and learned why Texas has a lot of the stereotypes it does. People were riding around on horses in the middle of the city. It was a completely different style than what I'm used to. People were certainly "weird," wearing Britney-styled colorful wigs. Oh, and it was a sausage fest, as far as I could tell.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the city. I think I love just about every city I go to... but it certainly gave me quite the sight.

My favorite outfit of the evening had to be "the ice princess." Homegirl either thought it was Halloween, or once again needs better friends in her life to tell her it's the middle of winter. [Yes, it was actually really cold this night.]

Yes- That's a pair of gloves, a sparkly belt, a furry vest, silver purse, white makeup to her eyebrows, and what you can't see- white platform shoes. What a beauty, right?!

I understand everyone's entitled to their own style but like... I'm entitled to my opinion, and I'm tryin' to let snow-chic know that this is freakin' ridiculous.


hollywood minute 022811

Someone's demanding more money.
Someone dipped out early.
Someone's going to be Dancing.
Someone's got a new song.
BONUS: Oh dear. Abram from the Challenges got arrested.


watch: jimmy kimmel's hottie body hump club

Jimmy Kimmel FOR THE WIN on this one! Holy moly.

Jimmy K gathered some of the hottest gals in Hollywood and had them demonstrate the new way to get fit: Humping.

By hottest gals, I mean Jessica Alba. Jessica Biel. Sofia Vergara. ScarJo... to name a few. And oh yeah, Lindsay Lohan.

Normally I hate Jessica Biel, but I think she was the funniest for me in this. Something about her intensity was just outrageous!

And OH HEY LiLo. Is this your big comeback before going back to jail?!

Pure gold. I don't normally love Late Night stuff, but this one is freakin' fantastic.


best of the week 022811

Good morning and Happy National Toothfairy Day! Can you believe it's already the end of February? Woah. [Yes, I'll probably say that for every month.]

In case you were too busy checking out Teen Mom's Amber's naked pics last week, here's what you missed:

3. Watch: Fake gorilla makes the football players poop their pants
2. EBudget- Turning one into three
1. What if ads were made by bullies?

My Candy blog:

3. Previews of Britney's new album
2. The world is obsessed with Facebook
1. My Facebook/sexting creeper

And the biggest 90s flashback-

Figure It Out!

Thanks for all the input and comments on Facebook!


Sunday, February 27, 2011

because you want to know: my thoughts on american idol season 10 top 24

I was trying to figure out when the perfect time to jump into covering this new season would be, and I've picked right now.

I had very low expectations for this season of American Idol. Without Simon, what show do they have?

Fortunately, they still have a great one, and I am very pleasantly surprised with how everything is going! Even though I wanted to punch the judges in the face for seeming to let everyone through to Hollywood, Steven Tyler is hella entertaining, and I don't think I've ever been happier with a top 24.

Up until the very last decision between Brett, Colton, and Jaycee, I agreed with everything. The judges' reactions weren't always as entertaining as they used to be, but I think they made better decisions.

So, in case you missed it, here are the top 24 contestants:

Ashton Jones, Brett Loewenstern, Casey Abrams, Clint Jun Gamboa, Haley Reinhart, Jacob Lusk, James Durbin, Jordan Dorsey, Jovany Barreto, Robbie Rosen, Scotty McCreery, Stefano Langone, Julie Zorrilla, Karen Rodriguez, Kendra Chantelle, Lauren Alaina, Lauren Turner, Naima Adedapo, Paul McDonald, Pia Toscano, Rachel Zevita, Tatynisa Wilson, Thia Megia, and Tim Halperin.

I color coded them all based on my wishes/predictions for the top 12. I picked 6 that I have to have in the top 12 in green, 6 that I hope don't make it there, and 12 that could go either way or I can't decide on.

As for my early predictions; Lauren Alaina is probably the front-runner. She's young which makes me a little hesitant, but she's likable and has a powerful voice.

BUT! HELLOOOO! My favorite is obviously my boo, Tim.

I've always loved introducing people who I think have a lot of potential or need to make it big, and thanks to Buzzfeed and Twitter, I was able to do that with Tim. You all have listened to his stuff for months, now it's time to catapult him to the top!

Starting Tuesday, I'll make sure to tweet and Facebook his number so we can all become an army of support, but watch the show! And tell all your friends "OMG I KNOW HIM!" cuz you totally do.

I'm really excited for this season. They're changing it up, and the talent is incredible. The people I picked to make it/not make it was mostly based on personality because all of them are honestly incredible.

*Sigh of relief.* Didn't wanna have to hate on my favorite show.


Friday, February 25, 2011

morning hangover 022511

Good morning and Happy Mend A Broken Heart month!

Let's holler at the weekend!

Stuff on my Candy blog:

Have a fanTABULOUS weekend everyone!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

watch: first look at the hangover 2

Are y'all ready for another Hangover?!
Well, the good kind, obviously.

We have our first look at Part 2 of "The Hangover" and it looks INTENSE.

Oh, sweet Baby Jesus they lost Doug again. BUT THEY HAVE A MONKEY! Monkeys make everything better.

This shows little to nothing about the movie, besides the fact that it shouldn't disappoint.

...or so we hope.


what if ads were made by bullies?

Advertisements are always a whole lot of positivity. The company has to look good, and it has to make you feel good.

But what if they were straight up honest made by bullies?

They'd be a lot more comical.

Hey, I'm against the bullying thing but like... sometimes it's just really funny.

This made me LOL loudly in the morning, so thank you to LiLu for tweeting it, and College Humor for making it happen.

I wonder if any company will ever really have the balls to make such ads. They'd get a lot of attention, which is the goal, right?


life lessons 022411

You don't always have to kill the witnesses. Keep your hands outta the cookie jar. Say no to drugs. Your lessons for today.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

watch: tim halperin's las vegas idol beatles performance

As you know, I'm HELLA pumped that my friend Tim Halperin is still in it to win it on American Idol! Tonight they finally showed him again as everyone sang Beatles songs in Las Vegas.

You all have seen and heard the proof that he's an amazing singer and artist, and hella creative, so now we need to hope that he makes it through to the top 24 tomorrow night.

Don't ya just wanna be like "Oh hey, I knew about him wayyy before you did!"?! I do.


watch: the myspace movie

Poor Tom. He just can't catch a break from the failure that MySpace became after Facebook stepped on the scene.

Now someone is making this about the movie that he's probably trying his damnedest to get.

Like my dad says, "Keep on truckin'" Tom... One day you'll be cool again. Maybe.

Sorry for unfriending you. I'm sure that made you upset, too.


tunes on [wednesday] 022311

I apologize! I'm a day late again thanks to poor life decisions. Forgive me?

Far East Movement & Roger Sanchez ft. Kanobby--> 2gether

Part of me really likes sampling, the other part is annoyed and wants something new. These guys know how to come out with a catchy beat, though. It'll have ya dancing!

James Blunt--> Stay the Night

For some reason, I think I loved this song even before I heard it. I just knew it'd be good, and it is very chill, pretty, and very James Blunt.

Foster the People--> Pumped Up Kicks

Eh, not my kind of music at all, but doesn't mean you won't like it..... It gives me a very old-school, maybe 70s/80s vibe, which isn't bad.

JTX--> Love In America

The lyrics are fun! I don't see this being a huge song, but I like it. I wanna dance around like it's a Party In The USA.

Marianas Trench--> Beside You

I don't know how to describe this song, but it's definitely worth a listen. It's nice, and not what I'd normally go for!

Plan B--> She Said

I did not expect it to sound like this, but it's refreshing! I don't know that I'll love it after a bunch of listens, but we'll see! It's definitely "cool."

Adele--> Rolling In The Deep

People who love Adele, REALLY love her, and I've already been getting a decent amount of requests for this song. She's talented, it's a pretty song.

Kenny Chesney--> Live a Little

Holy crap, this is my theme song... especially this week. Thank you, Kenny Chesney.

Eric Church--> Homeboy

It starts out a little controversial, but the overall message of the song is pretty good- Get your life together and stop acting a fool before you regret it.

Eli Young Band--> Crazy Girl

It's totally cute. I definitely like these guys, and they put on a good show when I saw them over the summer. Plus, the Texas people won't yell at me and say I only like "Nashville country."

Toby Keith--> Somewhere Else

This is different from the usual Toby Keith that I'm used to, but I don't mind! It's a little more chill.

That's all for this week! Enjoy!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

watch: 5 year old lays down the laws of marriage

This little girl has her head on right and she's only 5!

What do you need before you get married? A job. Homegirl already knows it!


Yeah, you and me both homegirl. Which is why we'll probably be getting married the same year. Unless of course, I marry work.


youtube channel spotlight: epic meal time

**disclaimer: If you're a vegetarian, you should probably keep it moving past this post.**

Every Tuesday I watch these Epic videos, and now it's about time I post them.

I introduce you to Epic Meal Time, if you aren't already familiar.

This guy and his friends make the craziest of crazy meals [yes, WAY crazier than the Cherpumple], main ingredient being bacon, and then stuff their faces.

They do it all in under 4 minutes each time, once a week, always on Tuesdays, and have the dry humor that most of my generation fully appreciates.

By now they have posted 17 of these "meals," but I'm here to share my favorites. The rest is up to you.

We'll start out with something a little "light" like the Meat Salad.

Everyone loves a good can of Four Loko, right?! Why not Four Loko Chili for an appetizer?!

And I knew the Cherpumple had been outdone when they decided to do the TurBaconEpic- A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. Say hello to 79,000 calories.

But after Thanksgiving comes Christmas, in which they gave us the Slaughterhouse.

Finally, to satisfy your sweet tooth, a little dessert- The Black Legend.

How full do you feel after just WATCHING all of those? Or maybe you're hungry, who knows.

I think we could be looking at a fun future with these guys. This week they're apparently working on it in LA! I'm not sure how a "real show" would work, but it'd be Epic fo sho, right?

Let me know which meals are your faves! I would TOTALLY try some of these, not even joking. I would just fast for the rest of the week.


watch: little girl covers "born this way"

I've been meaning to post this since Friday, but.. well, I have no real excuse.

For the stragglers or slackers who may have somehow missed this, check out this little 10 year old girl sing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." [Pretty sure she's been on Ellen before, BTW. I'll look into it.]

INCREDIBLE, right?! It's amazing how different people can make a song sound so much more real. Maybe this means the future of music will be talented again.


PS: I'm NOT saying Gaga's not talented, because she is... But you'd never know it unless you watched her acoustic or old stuff.

Monday, February 21, 2011

ebudget: turning one into three

I'm so excited about this dress I bought this weekend that I have to post it ASAP for my new EBudget column.

I went to Kohl's to check out Lauren Conrad's new line and started with the Clearance rack, as usual. I know every Kohl's is different, but the one here in College Station always has a PACKED Clearance rack. Whatever you do- Never go to a store without checking out the super sales!

There were a few things of LC's there, but for some reason this rather fancy dress from Apt. 9 had me pumped.

It's longer than I normally buy. It's much fancier than what I normally wear, but I have a fancy event coming up... The best part: Once I got into the fitting room to try it on, I realized I could totally wear it inside out!

The dress is not supposed to be worn inside out. It has pockets in the front, and the zipper is not reversible, but the lining is clean, and with a few quick and simple alterations/adjustments, it becomes a little black dress!
THEN! If I really want to get creative, with a few pins, I can make it an itsy bitsy LBD.

So BAM! I paid $17 for this dress that's definitely not cheaply made, and I could get two or three dresses out of it! And it has POCKETS!

There are a lot of things that can be worn a million different ways, so always be on the lookout for those pieces! It'd be silly to buy a bunch of things that you can really only wear one way. [I know that with a Meijer promo code you can find a variety of add-ons that will make any wardrobe have a different look.]


watch: steve kardynal does songs in real life

Remember when I kicked off my YouTube Channel of the week bit? Steve Kardynal is hysterical, and his latest video is great, as always.

What happens when you mix some of the biggest songs into regular conversation?

So simple. The concept is easy, anyone could do it, yet this is hysterical.

Thank you, Steve.


best of the week 022111

In case you were too busy staring at Taylor Swift's awkward bikini body, here's what you missed:

3. Watch: Sam Tsui's cover of "Hold It Against Me"
2. What I think about the Grammys and who was Best Dressed
1. Why you should see "Never Say Never"

Big on my Candy blog:
- Justin Bieber makes anything sexy
- Miley Channels her inner J-Woww at the Grammys.

The most talked about 90s flashback: Stick Stickly

And our most popular Party video-

Thanks for all that you do to keep me going!


watch: fake gorilla makes football players poop their pants

Okay, the title might be false. BUT. When seniors arrived in Florida for the combine, they were told a gorilla was set loose from the Animal Kingdom...

You'd think football players would be all manly and not afraid, but everyone gets scared sometimes, right?

If only I could identify any of those guys assuming there's SOMEONE from WVU.

It's okay, boys... No one will ever know you got so scared.......


Friday, February 18, 2011

morning hangover 021811

Good morning and Happy Battery Day!

Let's run to the weekend, shall we?

Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

watch etv: happy my way day!

If you haven't heard, I've been making DAILY videos here at the station. We tell you a holiday and a reason to party EVERY DAY! It's a LOT of work, but it's fun and totally worth it!

Today's reason to party: My Way Day.

Local rapper Big Hush recorded a quick rap for us and we made a music video to it!

All the videos are super short, and entertaining!, so if you've missed any, check em out!

Enjoy YOUR day!



hollywood minute 021711

Someone's got a new show
Someone's playing Wonder Woman
RIP to someone
Someone's a mommy
Jersey Shore in Playboy?


PS: I've added a bunch of podcasts lately from my show, and my show with Niblett, so check em out here!

life lessons 021711

Learn yo lessons, peeps! ;)


lauren conrad's spring line!

YAY! More clothes from Lauren Conrad hitting all the Kohl's stores! I think it's time to put my gift card to good use. [Or, at least some use... considering it'll only cover a portion of anything from this line. Hmph.]

Check out some of the looks she has to offer:

I LOVE these, and need them in my closet now. [Sugar Daddy, WHERE YOU AT?!]

True life: I had a dream about those jackets last night. I started working on this post yesterday, then had a dream I went to buy them and they weren't there and I had to settle for something else. Issues.

I also dig these, but unlike LC, I can't make everything look good.

As for these, I think she coulda done without em, but it's just my opinion:

Seriously, though... HOW IS SHE SO PRETTY!?

Some stuff is really girly, but that's the Spring-time vibe, for ya! I can't handle anything too girly, people will give me the o_O. BUT... I absolutely adore the whole line, as usual.

Every time I go in to Kohls, there seems to be a lot of stuff still on the rack or on Clearance. this is good and bad. Good for the bargain shoppers [make sure you're always checking!], but I really hope it's not a bad sign for the line.