Thursday, February 17, 2011

lauren conrad's spring line!

YAY! More clothes from Lauren Conrad hitting all the Kohl's stores! I think it's time to put my gift card to good use. [Or, at least some use... considering it'll only cover a portion of anything from this line. Hmph.]

Check out some of the looks she has to offer:

I LOVE these, and need them in my closet now. [Sugar Daddy, WHERE YOU AT?!]

True life: I had a dream about those jackets last night. I started working on this post yesterday, then had a dream I went to buy them and they weren't there and I had to settle for something else. Issues.

I also dig these, but unlike LC, I can't make everything look good.

As for these, I think she coulda done without em, but it's just my opinion:

Seriously, though... HOW IS SHE SO PRETTY!?

Some stuff is really girly, but that's the Spring-time vibe, for ya! I can't handle anything too girly, people will give me the o_O. BUT... I absolutely adore the whole line, as usual.

Every time I go in to Kohls, there seems to be a lot of stuff still on the rack or on Clearance. this is good and bad. Good for the bargain shoppers [make sure you're always checking!], but I really hope it's not a bad sign for the line.


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