Wednesday, February 16, 2011

watch: the tour of the real world las vegas house

The site is up, we have official pictures and bios, and the official countdown for Real World Las Vegas has begun!

Check out some of our new roommates pictures:

It's interesting.. For SOME REASON, Adam doesn't have a picture featured in the gallery... Hmmm... ;)

All of their bios are really just as we expected, but here are some of the highlights, for better or worse:
  • The constant attention on her brother [who had brain cancer] made Heather feel neglected and abandoned by her family. Her response was out of control drinking, which landed her in the hospital at 14 with alcohol poisoning.
  • Originally from a small town in Louisiana, Dustin grew up with a bi-polar, drug addicted mom and an abusive step-dad.
  • Adam was the kid who was never really good at anything. He didn't excel in sports, had trouble with academics and had few friends. But then he discovered his talent for dealing drugs...
  • Leroy was 10 years old when he and his sisters were suddenly taken away from their birth mother for her alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • At a first glance, he may seem like a typical small-town guy, however, Michael's background is anything but typical. As a child, Michael's parents were heavily involved in drugs and served jail time, leaving him to live with his grandparents, then his stepmom, then back to his dad after his stepmom's house burned down.
  • Nany's father was jailed on drug charges before she was born; and although she hopes one day to find him, they've never even met. Although Nany has a boyfriend she's been seeing on and off for 6 years, the relationship is rocky.
  • Naomi has successfully managed to drive her life in a new direction by graduating college, becoming the president of a nationally recognized sorority and interning for several successful entertainment companies.
Well damn. They were a bit harsh on Adam, huh?! I LOL'd when I read it. And Mike is reppin Nokesville as a small town, but I don't know if I'd consider him a "small town guy" if that's where he's from. Hmm....

And what the heck! They ALL have really rough family lives! GoodNESS. It's going to be an emotional, drunk house!

Speaking of the house, err... PENThouse, check it out!

Yeah, they went into that place knowing how to make a good show, and I'm sure they'll deliver. And DANG. It's a nice place, as usual. I love that their "work" is done at the bar. Perfect Vegas style, right?

The countdown is on! TWO WEEKS, peeps!


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