Wednesday, February 23, 2011

tunes on [wednesday] 022311

I apologize! I'm a day late again thanks to poor life decisions. Forgive me?

Far East Movement & Roger Sanchez ft. Kanobby--> 2gether

Part of me really likes sampling, the other part is annoyed and wants something new. These guys know how to come out with a catchy beat, though. It'll have ya dancing!

James Blunt--> Stay the Night

For some reason, I think I loved this song even before I heard it. I just knew it'd be good, and it is very chill, pretty, and very James Blunt.

Foster the People--> Pumped Up Kicks

Eh, not my kind of music at all, but doesn't mean you won't like it..... It gives me a very old-school, maybe 70s/80s vibe, which isn't bad.

JTX--> Love In America

The lyrics are fun! I don't see this being a huge song, but I like it. I wanna dance around like it's a Party In The USA.

Marianas Trench--> Beside You

I don't know how to describe this song, but it's definitely worth a listen. It's nice, and not what I'd normally go for!

Plan B--> She Said

I did not expect it to sound like this, but it's refreshing! I don't know that I'll love it after a bunch of listens, but we'll see! It's definitely "cool."

Adele--> Rolling In The Deep

People who love Adele, REALLY love her, and I've already been getting a decent amount of requests for this song. She's talented, it's a pretty song.

Kenny Chesney--> Live a Little

Holy crap, this is my theme song... especially this week. Thank you, Kenny Chesney.

Eric Church--> Homeboy

It starts out a little controversial, but the overall message of the song is pretty good- Get your life together and stop acting a fool before you regret it.

Eli Young Band--> Crazy Girl

It's totally cute. I definitely like these guys, and they put on a good show when I saw them over the summer. Plus, the Texas people won't yell at me and say I only like "Nashville country."

Toby Keith--> Somewhere Else

This is different from the usual Toby Keith that I'm used to, but I don't mind! It's a little more chill.

That's all for this week! Enjoy!


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