Tuesday, February 22, 2011

youtube channel spotlight: epic meal time

**disclaimer: If you're a vegetarian, you should probably keep it moving past this post.**

Every Tuesday I watch these Epic videos, and now it's about time I post them.

I introduce you to Epic Meal Time, if you aren't already familiar.

This guy and his friends make the craziest of crazy meals [yes, WAY crazier than the Cherpumple], main ingredient being bacon, and then stuff their faces.

They do it all in under 4 minutes each time, once a week, always on Tuesdays, and have the dry humor that most of my generation fully appreciates.

By now they have posted 17 of these "meals," but I'm here to share my favorites. The rest is up to you.

We'll start out with something a little "light" like the Meat Salad.

Everyone loves a good can of Four Loko, right?! Why not Four Loko Chili for an appetizer?!

And I knew the Cherpumple had been outdone when they decided to do the TurBaconEpic- A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. Say hello to 79,000 calories.

But after Thanksgiving comes Christmas, in which they gave us the Slaughterhouse.

Finally, to satisfy your sweet tooth, a little dessert- The Black Legend.

How full do you feel after just WATCHING all of those? Or maybe you're hungry, who knows.

I think we could be looking at a fun future with these guys. This week they're apparently working on it in LA! I'm not sure how a "real show" would work, but it'd be Epic fo sho, right?

Let me know which meals are your faves! I would TOTALLY try some of these, not even joking. I would just fast for the rest of the week.


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