Thursday, March 29, 2012

nifty: the freedom flask needs to be in your pants

Well looky here! Some boys must have been jealous of the Wine Rack bra/flask, so they created one more acceptable for them! [Lucky for us, ladies, we can totally pull this one off too. Double hidden flasks!]

It's the Freedom Flask, and it goes into your pants to give you an all-liquor FUPA.

For guys, it's probably a double positive. You get liquor, and your junk looks bigger. Shoot, a triple positive, because you get to make it look like you're peeing into your drink which will TOTALLY make everyone freak.

Ladies, call me crazy, but I'd sacrifice looking like I have a FUPA for some extra alcohol. Plus, if a guy give me a nasty look, I'll show him the goods, and he'll totally love it.

It's only $25, and you can even get a little koozy for it to keep it cold, and your skin normal. GENIUS.

Is it a sign of an alcohol problem if I'm willing to sacrifice looks for alcohol? I say no. I think it's called saving money.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

then and now: supporting actors from the 90s

We've seen some pretty mind-blowing 90's actors' transformations, and now seeing some of the supporting actors who have really done nothing of note since their shows is pretty crazy.

Buzzfeed posted the list of 20, here are the ones that made me all "Oh my God, Becky!"

Kimmy freakin' Gibler, lookin' all normal now.

Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle, finally hiding those ears.

Gary from "Are You Afraid of the Dark," lookin' like boyfriend material.

Matt from "Lizzie McGuire," rockin' that Bieber hair for the ladies.

Hunter Reeves from "Alex Mack" needs to get in my bed right now.

Marc Summers from "Double Dare" is the one to prove it's been two decades since the 90s.

I would NEVER recognize Sam from "Clarissa Explains it All" on the streets.

How does Stevie from "Malcolm in the Middle" go from wheelchair to... that?!

Poor Olmec.

I guess times have changed, eh? Lame.


listen: my interview with JUSTIN BIEBER

I had to put his name in caps for the title; it's still unbelievable to me that not only did I talk to the Biebs, but he told me he loved my name. [I kinda put him in a category with Britney Spears labeled "impossible."]

ANYWAY, after I cleaned the pee out of my pants and wiped my tears, I put together what I think is a pretty good interview. I had a couple listener/belieber questions, then got into talking about growing up and telling his haters to suck it, Selena Gomez, and a local girl's proposal for him to go to prom with her. [Check out her website, she's adorable.]

I love that when I asked him what has changed the most, he was mostly excited about not being treated like a kid.
"I'm 18 now and as far as my personal life, I'm able to do a lot more, like to just stay out as late as I want..."
Obviously all the haters are like "he's a girl, his voice is going to suck when it changes, yadda yadda..." but I think "Boyfriend" proved all of you wrong. And he and Mike Posner planned for it to be that way.
"This song is basically hater-proof... because you can't not bob your head to it."
As for him and Selena, he said there won't be a ring anytime soon, so there's hope ladies! But I love his answer for his "celebrity relationship secret" on making it last. Very true.
"I don't think anyone has a secret, I think it's just about being honest with one another. I mean I'm young, you never know, but I'm happy right now."
Wow. That's me talking to JUSTIN BIEBER up there.

Never say never, kids. [/cheesiness.]


PS: If you haven't heard "Boyfriend" yet, now's the time to give in. It's very Justin Timberlakey. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

tim halperin and x factor's hayley orrantia cover justin bieber's "boyfriend"

Hott damn. Tim Halperin is on top of it. One day after the Biebs released "Boyfriend," which is a SMASH, by the way, he teamed up with the X Factor/Lakoda Rayne's Hayley Orrantia to cover it.

It's real good. Duh.

They've been teaming up quite a bit, along with Kidd Kraddick, and they just sound so good together! I love the match up a lot. They should probably make babies.

...musical babies, I mean... of course..........


watch: alicia silverstone is one gross mommy

Alicia Silverstone has a gross way of feeding her child, and it'll probably change the way you look at her forever...

She chomps up food then spits it into his mouth!

Seriously, I just vomited. Everywhere.

That poor kid is going to forever be known for that, too. No more "oohh, Alicia Silverstone's kid, Bear [who has the name of a dog]!" It's now "Alicia Silverstone's dog-named kid Bear who ate like a bird growing up... SICK DUDE YOU MADE OUT WITH YOUR MOM!"



Monday, March 26, 2012

our first looks at real world 27: st thomas cast and more

As you know, Real World 27 is happening right now in St. Thomas! As I'm very interested to see how this smaller location plays out, it looks like it might not be too hard to follow along! There's an awesome St. Thomas Blog that is keeping up with the cast and their happenings!

Also, an island photographer named Candace Hall also captured some action as the cast played with her son on the beach!

How adorable and hotttt is that guy playing with the kid? Yum.

The blog also has some of the first info on cast members. They said this man is Brandon Kane, from South Boston, Massachusetts.

Commenters are also saying there's a blonde named Marie.. and there are 4 guys, 3 girls.

Over at Vevmo, people are saying it seems to be a pretty rowdy bunch of people who can't hold their liquor. There's also already been an in-cast romance spotted. Sounds about right for Real World, no? Even though this picture doesn't really show it...

Based on tweets, it looks like they've been to a couple different bars. That one is at Starz, this was at Senor Frogs, I'm assuming for a pool party. [I am also suspicious on them working there... but that's just me running my brain and mouth.]

Dustin Zito family member? Is that you?

I found this to be pretty funny, too:

I'm going to need to make a list of tweets of people saying "I'm totally going to be on the Real World" throughout this filming. A lot of people really do say it.

And that's all I got right now! I'll keep my eyes on all the blogs, tweets, etc. for ya and keep you up to date! As always, if you have any info on this season, email me [elizabethanyy at gmail dot com] and it will be completely confidential.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

thirsty thursday: drinks i want in my mouth today

Pinterest might be the thing to finally broaden my horizons when it comes to drink choices. As of now you can call me queen of the screwdriver. Unless there's a cheap frozen margarita where I'm at, orange juice and vodka is all I've ordered for damn near 4 years straight.

Here is some deliciousness that I can't wait to make ASAP:

Blood orange margaritas [Grand marnier and orange juice added]

Birthday Cake shots

Lava Flow [Fruit with whipped cream and Malibu]

Lemonade pineapple sangria

Homemade Four Loko

Blueberry infused vodka lemonade

Tequila over lime sorbet

And of course:

I'm trying to help my Aggies who invented that delicious shot get spread around the country. Try it. You won't regret it.... until you're making bad decisions, anyway. But then you can just thank me for making your life interesting.

So... is it 5:00 yet? Or 10:00 when I get to host at Fahrenheit? Cool, let's drink!


podcasts from the show: ask me anything, exes as movie titles, and more

I've been slacking on saving show pieces into show podcasts. The truth: I feel like posting minute long podcasts of the callers is a waste of both of our time. So do me a favor and tell me if it is or not, kthanks.

Here are some recent podcasts from shows that I liked:

It's fun to have people call in and ask me questions. I'm not sure if the general public really cares about anything I have to say, but it's interesting to see what they do call in to ask. Also interesting that it was only guys who called in. Hmm... my target demo is supposed to be females......

This was totally a fun topic! It was probably most fun on Facebook [click here to see everyone's responses]. Some people got much more creative than I could have imagined! And it was so interesting that the competition station's morning show just happened to do the same thing the next morning. [But I would NEVER assume they got the idea from me.......]

This one surprised me too. I expected people to say celebrities or things with high monetary value. Not the case. All I can really say is that I hope these girls' boyfriends weren't listening to the show.

I gotta say, when it comes to my podcasts, your best best is to subscribe and listen to them back to back on autoplay, or insert them into a playlist of some sort. Then it's like your very own EB radio! And if you get my iPhone app, it's even easier.

Or, of course, you could listen to my show live at night, duh.

Either way, thanks for listening. You da bomb.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

song/video i'm loving: carrie underwood's "good girl"

A lot of times when I hear a song, it takes a couple listens to REALLY fall in love with it, but it is totally not the case with Carrie Underwood's latest.

Her latest song "Good Girl" is fun, girl-power, poppy-country and it's been on repeat for a couple days. Now that I've seen the video and her hottness along with it, it's game over for other songs in my car right now.

Here's a behind the scenes vid from the shoot:

How someone like T-Swift can beat her for entertainer of the year baffles me. And I don't think it's just because I'm a hater.


watch etv: the final day in new orleans for mardi gras

It's been exactly a month since we got back from New Orleans, and I have the final video of our adventures there.

This one is probably the biggest clusterf*** of nonsense of them all, and probably the most deliriously drunk you'll ever see me on public video. You wanna see me get more wild? Come to one of my club nights.

The story of Bobby's disappearance, parade footage, and how vuvuzelas can be used as vibrators are just some of the things in this here video.

Weird we got, that's for sure. Still can't believe people made out with the cowboy cheerleader dude. He was completely by himself all weekend, by the way. Never saw him with any friends. What a creeper.

Now the countdown begins for next year. Goal: Get a balcony. All I gotta do is prove to the boss that it's worth it....

I love my job.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pics: my st. patty's day shamrock bar crawl

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! By now we're all recovered and our pee is back to a normal color... or, hopefully that's true.

The people who organize Santacon organized another bar crawl at the oceanfront which some people called LepreCON, or officially titled the Shamrock Crawl. After making some green waffles, the boys and I headed down to the water.

All of the oceanfront bars were pretty crazy in general, but we brought the crazIER to ten of them. Here are some pics:

The first drink!

We drank by putting the cups on our biceps, and also holding the cups with just our pinky and thumb.

Note the photo bombing. Score!

This amazing couple let us eat some of their amazing food! And they were carrying a water bottle of alcohol. That will be me when I'm married.

Apparently it's the holiday where it's appropriate for boys to wear women's undergarments and skirts.

Guys in dresses. Bobby got SCREAMED at by the bartender of this bar for yelling "NICE TITS" to them. HUGE minus points for being LAME. We left immediately.

So much going on in this picture.

I accidentally stepped on those nachos. I didn't say sorry. But I do feel bad.

The organizer of the bar crawl!

A bar owner and the other organizer and his girlfriend. They live in DC, holla!

After the crawl I went home and crashed for about 2 hours before heading back out to the station event at 12:30am. My make-up was still on after the nap so it was easy!

Good ol' Americans. Making any drinking holiday way more alcoholic than the original country does.


PS: Thanks to William Brigham who took some of those photos, and many more throughout the day!

Monday, March 19, 2012

7 chocolate caramel recipes for chocolate caramel day!

Today is in fact National Chocolate Caramel Day, and I figure there's no better way to celebrate it than by eating as much of it as possible, and not feeling bad.

If you're looking for some ideas beyond the typical candy bars, here are some delicious ones I found:

You're welcome, ladies. I'm sure I'm making you want to head to the store now and satisfy that craving. Don't you worry... it's totally allowed and expected on a holiday like today.


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