Wednesday, March 28, 2012

listen: my interview with JUSTIN BIEBER

I had to put his name in caps for the title; it's still unbelievable to me that not only did I talk to the Biebs, but he told me he loved my name. [I kinda put him in a category with Britney Spears labeled "impossible."]

ANYWAY, after I cleaned the pee out of my pants and wiped my tears, I put together what I think is a pretty good interview. I had a couple listener/belieber questions, then got into talking about growing up and telling his haters to suck it, Selena Gomez, and a local girl's proposal for him to go to prom with her. [Check out her website, she's adorable.]

I love that when I asked him what has changed the most, he was mostly excited about not being treated like a kid.
"I'm 18 now and as far as my personal life, I'm able to do a lot more, like to just stay out as late as I want..."
Obviously all the haters are like "he's a girl, his voice is going to suck when it changes, yadda yadda..." but I think "Boyfriend" proved all of you wrong. And he and Mike Posner planned for it to be that way.
"This song is basically hater-proof... because you can't not bob your head to it."
As for him and Selena, he said there won't be a ring anytime soon, so there's hope ladies! But I love his answer for his "celebrity relationship secret" on making it last. Very true.
"I don't think anyone has a secret, I think it's just about being honest with one another. I mean I'm young, you never know, but I'm happy right now."
Wow. That's me talking to JUSTIN BIEBER up there.

Never say never, kids. [/cheesiness.]


PS: If you haven't heard "Boyfriend" yet, now's the time to give in. It's very Justin Timberlakey. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

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