Thursday, March 22, 2012

podcasts from the show: ask me anything, exes as movie titles, and more

I've been slacking on saving show pieces into show podcasts. The truth: I feel like posting minute long podcasts of the callers is a waste of both of our time. So do me a favor and tell me if it is or not, kthanks.

Here are some recent podcasts from shows that I liked:

It's fun to have people call in and ask me questions. I'm not sure if the general public really cares about anything I have to say, but it's interesting to see what they do call in to ask. Also interesting that it was only guys who called in. Hmm... my target demo is supposed to be females......

This was totally a fun topic! It was probably most fun on Facebook [click here to see everyone's responses]. Some people got much more creative than I could have imagined! And it was so interesting that the competition station's morning show just happened to do the same thing the next morning. [But I would NEVER assume they got the idea from me.......]

This one surprised me too. I expected people to say celebrities or things with high monetary value. Not the case. All I can really say is that I hope these girls' boyfriends weren't listening to the show.

I gotta say, when it comes to my podcasts, your best best is to subscribe and listen to them back to back on autoplay, or insert them into a playlist of some sort. Then it's like your very own EB radio! And if you get my iPhone app, it's even easier.

Or, of course, you could listen to my show live at night, duh.

Either way, thanks for listening. You da bomb.


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