Thursday, March 29, 2012

nifty: the freedom flask needs to be in your pants

Well looky here! Some boys must have been jealous of the Wine Rack bra/flask, so they created one more acceptable for them! [Lucky for us, ladies, we can totally pull this one off too. Double hidden flasks!]

It's the Freedom Flask, and it goes into your pants to give you an all-liquor FUPA.

For guys, it's probably a double positive. You get liquor, and your junk looks bigger. Shoot, a triple positive, because you get to make it look like you're peeing into your drink which will TOTALLY make everyone freak.

Ladies, call me crazy, but I'd sacrifice looking like I have a FUPA for some extra alcohol. Plus, if a guy give me a nasty look, I'll show him the goods, and he'll totally love it.

It's only $25, and you can even get a little koozy for it to keep it cold, and your skin normal. GENIUS.

Is it a sign of an alcohol problem if I'm willing to sacrifice looks for alcohol? I say no. I think it's called saving money.


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