Monday, April 2, 2012

nifty place: this coffee shop puts amazing designs in their lattes!

One of my Facebook friends, Chris, put up a picture of his coffee yesterday morning, and it had a monkey face in it! Turns out- it was supposed to be there!

1541 pastries and coffee is a place in College Station that has clearly mastered the skill of latte-art, and it's freakin' neat. The owner Sam apparently makes most of the designs, but he's been trying to teach his wife and other employees how to do it, too. Here are some of their creations:

It's all made out of chocolate syrup and he says the frothing of the milk has to be done perfectly. But pause. DO YOU SEE THAT DRAGON?! Freakin' insane. And that cake is pretty sweet, too. Looks like they get some inspiration from Cake Boss.

I'm going back to BCS next week, and will absolutely be checking this place out. And no, they didn't pay me to do this.


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AVST said...

I love this place. Not only because those amazing designs in their lattes but also because the taste of their coffee and pastries is delightful.
The cake in the pictures was my boyfriend's B-day cake. We just told Anel Olmedo (the owner) what we wanted and she did this wonderful job.