Monday, April 2, 2012

watch: 86 year old gymnast competes on floor and p-bars

I'll never forget doing a handstand/headstand contest with my great-grandfather when he was in his 80s and I was in my gymnastics-prime, and he beat me! Some people grow old with numbers, but they stay strong!

This 86 year old German gymnast is the same way. She's been doing gymnastics for over 60 years. [SIXTY!!!] She stepped out onto the floor and on the p-bars [which is not a female event these days..] and killed it! Cartwheels, planches.. I'm impressed!

She's amazing! Her name is Johanna Quass and she's officially one of my heroes. I always had the goal of being 50 or 60 and doing cartwheels and handstands with my best friend, but now that has been upped. I better be doing them until the day I die.


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