Tuesday, March 20, 2012

pics: my st. patty's day shamrock bar crawl

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! By now we're all recovered and our pee is back to a normal color... or, hopefully that's true.

The people who organize Santacon organized another bar crawl at the oceanfront which some people called LepreCON, or officially titled the Shamrock Crawl. After making some green waffles, the boys and I headed down to the water.

All of the oceanfront bars were pretty crazy in general, but we brought the crazIER to ten of them. Here are some pics:

The first drink!

We drank by putting the cups on our biceps, and also holding the cups with just our pinky and thumb.

Note the photo bombing. Score!

This amazing couple let us eat some of their amazing food! And they were carrying a water bottle of alcohol. That will be me when I'm married.

Apparently it's the holiday where it's appropriate for boys to wear women's undergarments and skirts.

Guys in dresses. Bobby got SCREAMED at by the bartender of this bar for yelling "NICE TITS" to them. HUGE minus points for being LAME. We left immediately.

So much going on in this picture.

I accidentally stepped on those nachos. I didn't say sorry. But I do feel bad.

The organizer of the bar crawl!

A bar owner and the other organizer and his girlfriend. They live in DC, holla!

After the crawl I went home and crashed for about 2 hours before heading back out to the station event at 12:30am. My make-up was still on after the nap so it was easy!

Good ol' Americans. Making any drinking holiday way more alcoholic than the original country does.


PS: Thanks to William Brigham who took some of those photos, and many more throughout the day!

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