Wednesday, March 21, 2012

watch etv: the final day in new orleans for mardi gras

It's been exactly a month since we got back from New Orleans, and I have the final video of our adventures there.

This one is probably the biggest clusterf*** of nonsense of them all, and probably the most deliriously drunk you'll ever see me on public video. You wanna see me get more wild? Come to one of my club nights.

The story of Bobby's disappearance, parade footage, and how vuvuzelas can be used as vibrators are just some of the things in this here video.

Weird we got, that's for sure. Still can't believe people made out with the cowboy cheerleader dude. He was completely by himself all weekend, by the way. Never saw him with any friends. What a creeper.

Now the countdown begins for next year. Goal: Get a balcony. All I gotta do is prove to the boss that it's worth it....

I love my job.


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